Hyundai Radio Not Working? (i20, Santa Fe, iLoad, Accent, Elantra, i40)

Hyundai Radio Not Working

One of the most common issues that Hyundai i20, Santa Fe, iLoad, Accent, Elantra and i40 owners experience is radio issues. If your Hyundai vehicle is experiencing radio issues, you should use the information provided in this guide to help you identify and resolve these issues.

It is important that you resolve any radio issues with your vehicle as soon as possible. Some problems that could be causing your radio not to function correctly could inadvertently cause issues with other aspects of your vehicle.

Why Is My Hyundai Radio Not Working

The next part of this guide will detail the different symptoms, causes, and resolutions for Hyundai radio issues. You should use this information to identify your issue so that you can resolve it appropriately. As previously mentioned, it is important to resolve these types of issues as soon as possible.

There are several different symptoms and causes of radio issues. All of the most common issues will be detailed in the list below.

The Problems You Could Have

This section of the guide will focus on the different issues that you could experience that will indicate a serious issue with your Hyundai’s radio system. If you are experiencing any of the issues in this list, you should consider trying some of the troubleshooting methods provided later in this guide.

1. The Radio Doesn’t Work, But the CD/AUX Does

If the radio doesn’t work but your CD/AUX player does, you are likely experiencing some type of software issue. The radio functions of your Hyundai should always be fully functional. You will need to resolve this issue before you will be able to regain the full functionality of your Hyundai’s radio system.

2. Poor Sound Quality

Poor sound quality is another major indicator of Hyundai radio issues. If you notice a significant decrease in sound clarity and quality, you are likely experiencing some type of electrical or hardware issue in your radio system.

Keep in mind that poor sound quality can also be attributed to busted speakers in your vehicle. If you have determined that your speakers are not the issue, then you likely are experiencing some type of internal issues with your Hyundai’s radio software.

You will need to resolve this issue before you will be able to restore the proper sound quality that you expect out of your vehicle’s radio system. Examples of poor sound quality include hissing, blown-out bass, or missing frequencies.

3. The Radio Doesn’t Work Entirely

If your Hyundai radio doesn’t work entirely, this is an obvious indication of some type of electrical or software issue. You will need to use this guide to try and troubleshoot your issue if this is the case. You should try all of the possible inputs for your radio to determine if any components are operational.

This includes trying out a CD, attempting to listen through an AUX cable, or connecting through Bluetooth. If none of these components are currently functional in your vehicle, you likely have some kind of serious internal issue that you will need to resolve.

4. The Radio Starts and Stops

If the radio starts and stops frequently, you likely have some type of software or electrical issues that is causing your radio to go out intermittently. You should use the troubleshooting methods contained in this guide regarding software and electrical issues.

If you find that you have an electrical issue, you should take your vehicle to a certified mechanic to have it repaired. It is not advised that you attempt to resolve electrical issues with your Hyundai’s radio system yourself.

Attempting to resolve these types of issues without the proper experience can result in damage to your vehicle’s internal as well as risk of injury to yourself. Because of this, you should leave the electrical work to the certified mechanics.

1. Bug

Bugs and glitches are another common cause of Hyundai radio issues. These types of errors are typically caused by some type of internal run-time issue that the software has encountered. All software applications are subject to the occasional bug or glitch that causes errors with functionality.

When you encounter bugs and glitches, they quite often resolve themselves. Because of the random nature and ambiguity of the causes of these types of errors, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of your issues.

That being said, persistent issues that are attributed to bugs or glitches can be solved using the troubleshooting methods listed below. All of the methods in this list have been proven to resolve touchscreen issues that are being caused by bugs or glitches.

Fix – Perform Cycle Key

A cycle key is the best way to fix your Hyundai radio software when you are experiencing issues. To do this, you will first need to turn your vehicle all the way off. This includes accessory mode and the engine. If your vehicle does not turn off until you exit the vehicle you should open and shut your door to simulate this.

Once you have ensured that the vehicle has shut down completely, including all radio and touchscreen functions, you should leave the car off for at least 2 minutes before starting it back up. After you have done this, you will have successfully key cycled your Hyundai vehicle. This is the best way to encourage the resolution of radio issues caused by bugs and glitches.

Fix 2 – Perform a Soft reset

A soft reset is another way that you can help encourage your Hyundai radio software to resolve any internal issues that could be causing your issues. To perform a soft reset on your vehicle, you will first need to press and hold the Reset button found on the center console.

You should continue to hold down this button until the screen goes black. This will usually take around thirty seconds. After the soft reset process is complete, your display issues should be resolved. All of your user settings will remain intact after you complete the soft reset process.

Fix 3 – Perform Master Reset

If you are experiencing persistent errors with your Hyundai radio system, you should consider doing a master reset of your Hyundai vehicle’s software.

The process to do this is extremely simple. All you need to do to perform a master reset of your Hyundai’s radio system is to enter into the settings menu and select the factory reset option.

Once you have selected the option to factory reset your Hyundai, you will see the system reset notification on your touchscreen console. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the Master Reset process.

This will perform a complete reformatting and refresh all of the files associated with your Hyundai radio software. This can usually resolve most issues that you are having with your Hyundai.

You will only be able to perform a master reset of your Hyundai radio system while your vehicle is stationary. This is a safety feature that helps keep drivers from editing software settings while driving.

Fix 4 – Wait For A Few Days

You could simply attempt to wait out your issue. Bugs and glitches usually resolve themselves without any additional action from the user. If you simply wait for a few days, there is a possibility that your issue will resolve itself.

This may not be an ideal solution but it can save you time and a headache when trying to resolve your Hyundai radio issues. If you are able to wait for the problem to resolve itself then this could be your best option for dealing with bugs and glitches.

Fix 5 – Contact Dealership or Hyundai

If you are still experiencing problems with your Hyundai’s radio software after resetting and updating your software, you should consider contacting Hyundai to get additional support for your issue. Hyundai, or your licensed Hyundai dealer, can offer additional troubleshooting methods and suggestions for resolutions to the issue that you are experiencing.

You can contact Hyundai by phone or on their website. You can also take your vehicle to the Hyundai dealership to have them take a look at your Hyundai’s radio system. If you choose to contact Hyundai online or by phone, then you will need to provide a detailed account of your issue.

A Hyundai technician will be assigned to your case and they will help walk you through any potential troubleshooting methods that you may have overlooked. This is often the best course of action when you are having Hyundai radio software issues.

Having to take your vehicle in for repairs or dealing with customer support remotely can be frustrating. Rest assured that Hyundai is the highest authority on your vehicle and the software that controls the radio software. They can offer you the best advice for resolving your particular issue.

2. Short Circuit in the System

If there is a short circuit in your vehicle’s electrical system, this could cause you to encounter issues with your vehicle’s touchscreen. A short circuit is generally caused by faulty wiring. You should use the troubleshooting method below to help you resolve this issue.

Fix – Check the Connectors and Take The Help of a Car Electrician

You should check the connectors for your Hyundai’s radio and get the car to an electrician for inspection if you notice there is an issue. It is not advised that you attempt to deal with connector issues yourself unless you have extensive experience dealing with wiring and electrical components.

Bad Cables

The cables associated with your Hyundai vehicle’s radio could be causing your issues. Cable issues could result in your radio not receiving the proper amount of power to be used properly. Cables are an important aspect of your vehicle and should be maintained and checked regularly to ensure that they are functioning correctly.

Fix – Disconnect, Then Reconnect Cables

You should consider disconnecting and reconnecting all of the cables associated with your vehicle’s radio. This will help reestablish a connection that might have been faulty in your touchscreen wiring.

You should be cautious while disconnecting and reconnecting these wires and only do so when the vehicle is powered all the way off. It is also not advised that you attempt to fix your touchscreen’s cable unless you have some degree of prior electrical and mechanical knowledge.

If you notice connection issues with your radio you should take your car to a licensed technician before trying to remedy the issue yourself. A Hyundai technician will be able to help you with your issue.

3. There’s No Power Going to Radio

If your battery is running low on power or there is some kind of power transfer issue, it could cause your radio to not work correctly. If your radio is not receiving the proper amount of power, you will experience black screen issues.

There are also fuses associated with your radio console that could have been blown and need replacing. Since your Hyundai radio uses a significant amount of power to use when it does not receive the proper amount of power it will not function properly.

Fix – Check Fuse Box

You should check the fuse box to ensure that any blown fuses are identified and replaced. This will ensure that your center console display has the proper power to function.

The fuse box for your radio console will be located in varying positions depending on the model of Hyundai that you own.

You should consult your vehicle’s user manual for the exact location of the fuse box or take it to a mechanic and have them examine it for you.

Since there are electrical components involved, it is very important that you access the fuse box carefully and only when the car is completely powered off.

4. Hyundai BlueLink Out of Date

The most common cause of Hyundai radio issues is out-of-date software. Like any software-based application, your Hyundai depends on regularly scheduled updates to maintain optimal performance.

Without these updates, the Hyundai BlueLink software that is used to control your radio will likely encounter more frequent errors, including the radio being unresponsive.

Updates that are released for your Hyundai will generally include many bug fixes and patches that will serve to remove these errors. Because of this, it is important that you always stay up to date with your software updates.

You will need to manually download and install any updates that are available for your vehicle. The process to correctly do this will be outlined in the suggested troubleshooting method below.

Fix – Update Hyundai BlueLink

To start the update process for your Hyundai BlueLink software, you will first need to start the engine of your vehicle.

Once your vehicle and the audio unit have completely powered on, enter into the Settings menu on your vehicle’s touchscreen.

Once in the Settings menu of your vehicle, select the General tab. In the General tab, you will see the System Information tab. Enter into the System Information tab and you be able to see if your current software version matches the most recent version released by Hyundai.

If it does not match the most recent version of the software release for your vehicle, then you will need to connect your Hyundai to an internet connection using Wi-Fi. To do this, enter back into your vehicle’s Settings menu using the touchscreen.

Enter into the General tab found there and you will see the Wi-Fi menu.

In the Wi-Fi menu, ensure that it is turned on and enabled. You will also be able to choose what connection you wish to use in the Wi-Fi menu. Once you have selected the appropriate internet connection, enter back into the Settings menu and General tab.

In the General menu, you will see the Check For Updates option located at the bottom of the screen. Select the Check For Updates option and your Hyundai will automatically detect any available updates for your vehicle.

Once the update files have been located, you will be prompted to download and install the update files.

Confirm this, and the vehicle will automatically begin the update process. Once the update has been completed, the system will restart and you will be using the most current version of the Hyundai BlueLink Software.

Final Thoughts

This guide has provided you with all of the information that you need to resolve your Hyundai radio issues. This issue causes the radio to not work correctly and can be extremely frustrating.

You can use the information provided in this guide to help you accurately identify and resolve any types of issues that could be causing your radio issues.

Common causes of the radio issues include bugs and glitches, out-of-date software, faulty cables, and components, or out-of-date firmware.

All of these issues have been discussed in detail in this guide along with detailed troubleshooting methods that you can consider for solving these issues.

This guide has been tailored specifically for owners of the Hyundai Tucson, Elantra, and i20, which have been reported to frequently experience radio issues. That being said, this guide can contain valuable troubleshooting information regarding all models of Hyundai.

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