Instagram Stories has been a competing force against Snapchat’s on “story” feature. It has been a wonderful addition to its features, providing a way for users to post content that, due to its nature, won’t stick around forever thereby leaving behind a cleaner profile. If you didn’t already know, Instagram Stories don’t stick around for long; after 24 hours are up, it disappears into the ether, to never be seen again.

Unfortunately, Instagram can and has dropped the ball on a few occasions and one such occasion is teaching its users how features work or, if they do, teaching in a poor manner. For example, did you know you could zoom in and out whilst using Instagram Stories? You didn’t? Well, now you do, and it’s really easy to do, too.

Below you’ll find instructions on how to zoom in and zoom out on Instagram Stories.

Zooming In & Out on Instagram Stories

1. Tap the camera icon in the top left corner of the screen, to the very left of “Instagram.” Doing so will open the camera screen.

Now, zooming in and out with Instagram Stories can be a bit of a learning curve. You see, you’re already focused on making the video and once you understand how zooming in and out works, it adds another layer to your video that can take some time getting used to.

When you start the video, you have to be quick because you don’t have a lot of time, even less so if you decide to create a Boomerang video on Instagram Stories. However, you can completely avoid the gesture juggling by using the HANDS-FREE tool located at the bottom of the screen.

camera lenses

2. So, to start zooming you’ll want to choose the kind of video you want to take. You can switch between the different kinds of camera lenses by tapping on each one at the bottom of the screen. Scroll back and forth to reveal more. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose because the gesture is the same for all.

shutter button

3. Press the shutter button to start the Instagram Story, but once you do, immediately slide your finger away from the shutter button and up your screen WITHOUT taking your finger off of the screen. Doing so will zoom in.

slide your finger down the screen

4. To zoom out, slide your finger down the screen, towards the shutter button. You’ll notice that if you go back and forth, you can zoom in and out gracefully.

As you may have noticed when trying to create a video, it can be a bit of a juggling act. You’re creating an Instagram story and zooming in and out for a specific effect while on a time limit.

The best way to utilize zooming in and out is to create an outline of your Instagram story before you start recording, being mindful of when to zoom. Try a few practice videos before you make the jump to posting it.