Facebook has had a feature since it started where you could Poke someone. It seemed to originally be a way to flirt with someone or let them know that you were interested in them. Over the years the view people had about Poking someone has changed though. It has become just a way to say hi to an old friend or relative you haven’t seen or talked to in a while.

Facebook is starting to phase the Poke feature out though and has started a new way to say hello. It is called the Hello Button and acts like you are Waving Hello instead of Poking someone. You can do this on your mobile device and your computer.

On App

1. Open your Messenger App.

active people

2. Once you have it open, tap on the active people icon in the middle of the bottom of your screen

3. Next to each active persons’ name is the Hello Button. This button looks like a Waving Hand. That’s why people call this Waving

4. Tap on the Hello Button to Wave at whoever you want.


5. You can also search for the person you want to Wave at and open a Chat with them. when you open the chat there will be a Button towards the bottom in the middle of the Chat screen. This looks like a Waving Hand as well. It will say “Say hi to … with a Wave and will have the hand and a button below it that says Wave.

You can press the Hand Icon or the Wave Button and it will send a wave to the friend you chose. They will have the option to Wave Back. If they Wave Back, you will get a Notification saying that they did

On Computer

Waving at someone on your computer is very similar to Waving at someone on your Android Device.

1. Open Facebook on your choice of web browser. If you aren’t already logged into your profile, you will need to do so now. To login just use your Email Address or Phone Number and your Password

2. Your Chat section is in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Tap on the Chat section and it will pop up with your Active Friends

Direct Wave

3. If you take your mouse and move it over a persons’ name it will display the Direct Wave Button which looks like a Gray Waving Hand to the right of the persons’ name

4. To send the wave tap on the Direct Wave Button. The person will receive the Wave and will have the option to Wave Back. If they Wave Back, you will get a Notification saying they did

A person must be active for you to Wave at them. If they are not Active the Hello Button will not be there and you will not be able to Wave at them.