Nowadays, people buy smartphones for everything other than calling. You would see people taking pictures, making videos, listening to songs and whatnot all on their phones. it is hardly that you see them actually talking on their smartphones.

When it comes to the iPhone, the primitive reason why many people prefer it is its camera quality. Buying an iPhone means that you have got yourself an excellent camera, an amazing music player, and a screen to stream HD videos. Ever since the arrival of WhatsApp, video watching and sharing on phones has gained huge popularity.

In fact, the iPhone is an amazing device for streaming applications like Netflix and Amazon. It is more like a second TV for most users. However, if you are new to iPhones, then you might need some time to get used to it. There are two ways to watch videos on your iPhone and all of them are mentioned below:

Through Photos:

The videos which you have recorded by yourself through the camera will directly go to the Photos App. Here is how you will be able to watch them.

1. Tap on the Photos App.
All Photos

2. Now look for the folder/Album Videos. You can also see your videos in the album All Photos.

3. Locate the video you want to play and tap on it.

4. Now, tap on the Play Button on the middle of your screen to play it.

Downloaded or Synced Videos:

iPhone users can download videos from iTunes App. Additionally, you can also sync your iPhone with iTunes via the charging cable to transfer any videos on your iPhone. You can also sync your iTunes with iPhone over the Wi-Fi too. Anyway, once you have downloaded your videos, you need to follow these steps in order to view them.

1. Go to the TV App on your iPhone.

2. Now locate the option Library on the bottom of your screen. It would be sandwiched between Watch Now and Search.

3. Upon tapping the option Library, you will be able to see all the videos (downloaded or transferred via iTunes) on your screen.

4. Locate the video you want to play, tap on it and then tap the Play Button on the middle of your screen.
You don’t have any videos

5. Remember, if you do not have any downloaded or synced videos then your screen will tell you that “You don’t have any videos”. This library is only for synced and downloaded videos, and therefore you cannot access the videos which you have filmed via the iPhone Camera App.

The TV App also allows you to search TV Shows, Movies and Videos streamed on different forums. You will have to buy them in order to watch them on your phone.

Watching videos on iPhone is as simple as that. However, make sure that you do not record/ download/sync too many videos as they consume a lot of space and your iPhone’ storage may not be able to accommodate them.