How to Watch TikTok Without an Account

Does TikTok Count Your Own Views?

TikTok offers enjoyment to anyone of any age and can quickly create a mind numbing addiction to scrolling away for hours on end. You can watch a baby watch a lemon for the first time, as well as donate to a variety of different movements anywhere in the world. The options that TikTok offers to everyone are endless.

This platform also allows for accounts to interact with each other and offers a small, or large,  view into the lives of your followers, friends, and even celebrities. However, some people may want to keep their private lives just that, private, but still enjoy the laughs and lessons that TikTok has to offer.

Additionally, creating a profile can potentially share even more information than you have with other social media sites as TikTok relies so heavily on crafting an experience that perfectly fits the content you want to be consuming.

Thankfully, there are a variety of different ways that you can utilize the app to its full power without offering up who you are for everyone to see. 

Can You Search TikTok Without an Account

Accounts can be tedious to make and often lead to spam emails of all kinds. It also allows for other users to learn about what videos you like and the content you like to share.

Any reason to avoid making an account is understandable and many desire to be able to enjoy the app without needing to sign up.

There are a lot of options that you can try to use and avoid creating an account while still being able to search for a variety of different things on TikTok. This app offers up an experience through looking through hashtags, users, videos, and sounds.

You truly do not need an account to be able to explore all of these aspects just as a TikTok user would be able to. There are different sites that you can work with to try and find exactly which one best suits what you are trying to do. You can also still experience the trends that are dominating the TikTok world. 

How to View TikTok Without An Account

1. Go to

One of the simplest and quickest ways that you can watch Tiktok without creating a personal account is through the website, This is available on any device you use including a phone, tablet, computer, or anything else you have that you can use to access the internet through.

To gain access to, all you have to do is type it into the search bar of any internet browser like Safari and Google Chrome. Once you have gotten to the website, you will have access to the app just as anyone who has an account would have. 

2. Search Username on TikTok

If you have a specific account in mind that you want to view on TikTok, but do not want to make an account, you can just search for certain usernames or individuals on TikTok itself. This will allow you to view specific accounts and even watch their videos, so you will be able to function on TikTok as if you did have an account, even though you do not.

Unless an account is private, you will be able to do anything on Tiktok that an account would be able to do. This is another great option to be able to scour TikTok while remaining anonymous.

3. Search For People in Search Bar

If you want to be able to see a variety of different accounts, such as your friends profiles, famous influencers, or watch a day in the life of a specific occupation, you are also able to do that without creating an account of your own.

Once you are able to get to, just utilize the search bar right at the top of the page. You can look for people, hashtags, sounds, and anything else you would like to. This can all be done directly on the website, there is absolutely no need to log in or create an account. 

4. Use Your Friends TikTok Account

If you have access to your friend’s device that they use for Tiktok, you can just go ahead and borrow their device to scroll away on the app.

This is a very easy way for you to quickly gain access into Tiktok when you do not have an account of your own. If your friend does not want to share their device or is not near enough to you be able to, you can also ask for their login information.

From there, using the app or the website, you can then just log into your friends account and see Tiktok from the lens of an account, but you do not need to make one of your own. 

5. Make A Burner TikTok Account

If fear of having to give out your personal information is holding you back from creating a TikTok account, you can just make a burner one instead. A burner account is an account that has no information associated with it.

While you will need some sort of attachment to create the account, like a phone number or email, you do not have to include a bio, profile picture, nor a username that is something that can be used to identify you.

Tiktok will generate a random username and it will often just be random numbers and letters.  You can do one in a variety of different ways. If you are okay with having some personal information shared to Tiktok but not other accounts, you can use your phone number, email, or another form of social media.

To use your phone number, all you have to do is access TikTok through the app or the website, select log in and then at the bottom you will see an option for sign up. Select sign up, then choose email or phone number, now you will just have to enter your number and birthday.

Then you will be sent an access code and that is all the information you have to add. To use your email, follow the same steps but instead of typing in your number, select email and use whatever email you are most comfortable with.

You will have to enter your birthday, same as the number, but that is all the information you are required to add. Finally, using another form of social media is also an option.

When you go to sign up, select either Continue with Facebook, Continue with Google, Continue with Instagram, or Continue with Twitter.

TikTok will then ask you to continue to sign into your existing account that you have selected. Then once you select continue, you will be able to create a burner account.

These accounts are great for being able to watch, post, and interact with other people while keeping your identity out of public view. Various stars on the platform even have burner accounts of their own so they can post away from their millions of followers. 

6. Use A VPN to Access TikTok

Another way to use TikTok without creating a personal account is to access the site through a VPN. To do this, you will need to search for a VPN website through any search engine.

Make sure to select a free one and you will most likely need to make a quick and easy account on the VPN website using only your email. Once you have that done, you can then download the VPN app if you are trying to access the TikTok app or stay on the website if you are using

Now that you are on the VPN site or app, just search for TikTok in the search bar and you will be able to access TikTok completely anonymously and without having created an account.   

Browse TikTok Anonymously

Can You Browse TikTok Anonymously?

For those of you who have to experience TikTok, creep on profiles, download videos secretly, and be able to actually interact with videos while still remaining completely anonymous, there are still quite a few options available to you.

There are a lot of different websites that will allow you to be just these things while not even being on the TikTok app itself. The app relies on being able to learn your personal information in order to offer up the most curated and personal videos and ads as possible.

They believe this betters the experience for all as it is more niche to the TikTok’s you would want to interact with. Each site also has different offerings from the other, so there are a variety of options to find out which one makes you feel the most secure and offers the best experience to you. 

1. Use TikyToky

1. TikyToky is a website where you can use and enjoy some of the features on TikTok just as anyone would, but there is no need to make any sort of an account. From this website, you can look at Discover, Influencers, and Search, just as you would be able to through an account.

However, this way, you get to stay totally anonymous. The Discover feature allows for you to see what is trending and popular on TikTok. Influencers is how you can see the top accounts on the actual site.

Search gives you the options to gain access to other peoples profiles through looking them up as well as search up and see any hashtags you may be interested in. There is a catch though, as you cannot see any of the videos posted but can do everything else. 

2. Use Brainans

Brainans offers you the unique experience of being able to download TikTok’s without needing any sort of account so no one will know it was you that downloaded their video.

These downloads are free and you can browse all aspects of the app without needing the actual app or revealing who you are. To download, all you have to do is select the video, click on the three dots, and then choose download.

Another fascinating feature of this option is the analytics it offers. Through Brainans, you can analyze the users, comments, and even see statistics. This site also makes it so that you can see trending profiles, videos, hashtags, and sounds. 

3. Urlebird

Urlebird is a very unique alternate TikTok experience as it has a few more features available than the other options. Using this site, you can choose from the categories of Hashtags, Music, Trending, I am Feeling Lucky, Videos, and Users.

While the names are fairly self-explanatory, Hashtags allows you to see videos that are associated with whichever hashtag you are looking into. Music takes you to a place where you can listen to all of the popular sounds and songs on TikTok.

Trending shows you which videos are making it big on the app. I am Feeling Lucky is a fun idea that just shows you videos at random. Videos will let you  watch newly posted videos on TikTok. Finally, Users lets you look and search for any users on the app. 

4. Vidnice

Vidnice is a way to sort and organize different TikTok videos and remain private. If you do have an account on TikTok, you can also see and analyze the growth of your personal profile. This site makes it super easy to sort what you are watching and customize the experience to perfectly fit your tastes.

You also have the option of seeing what is happening in each country in terms of trending and popular, instead of just seeing everything on TikTok as a whole. Vidnice can also give you tips and advice on how to boost your own account, if you have one, to gain more interactions and followers as well. 

5. Onlinetik

Onlinetik also lets you download TikToks, similar to Brainans. This is also different from some of the services above as you can watch the TikToks in addition to downloading them.

This website allows you to see different accounts, trending hashtags, and watch viral videos. It is a great and free option where you can feel like you are experiencing the true TikTok app, but avoid giving out any personal information to the app at all. 

Why Can’t I Watch TikTok Without An Account?

1. Private Account

There are certain limitations that will exist when attempting to fully use TikTok without an account. One of the main ones is that an account is private. Users can choose their own security levels on the app, creating either a public or private profile.

In order to view private profiles, the account owner has to accept your follow request and then you can see the content that they have created. Therefore, by not having an account, they cannot accept you as a follower and you will be unable to see anything their profile has until you make a profile of your own. 

2. TikTok Is Down

TikTok is vastly used and there is a heavy demand for the content that is shared. Due to this and the billion users that the app has compiled in just three years, there are bound to be some kinks along the road.

If you are unable to access TikTok even when you do not have an account, this may be because the app is just not functioning or experiencing a bug.

While TikTok has remained relatively stable and consistent over the years it has existed, there is still a possibility that the system is having issues and TikTok personnel are most likely trying to solve the problem as fast as they can so that people can continue to enjoy their content. 

3. You’re In A Location That Can’t Use TikTok

Another problem that you may be encountering while not being able to access TikTok is that you are located in a region where TikTok is banned. Multiple countries have made it so that their citizens can not use TikTok at all.

These places include India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. The main reason that these countries have taken to banning the app is out of fear for the security of the country and its people. TikTok requires personal data and information so many believe said information may be available to governments across the world. 

Why is TikTok Making Me Sign Up

TikTok may be forcing you to sign up still, even though you can browse the app for free without needing an account. Sometimes the app will require you to put in your information in order to properly form a uniquely crafted experience for you.

By having you sign up and gaining access to your information, they are able to take in even more from other sites and apps that your email, phone number, or social media accounts interact with. This will give you a very intimate experience through your For You Page and through your ads. TikTok also gets more from you creating an actual account.

Through these personalized ads, you are more likely to interact with them and potentially even purchase something through TikTok. This increases their revenue as they can charge more for ads and the app continues to monopolize the video sharing world.


A TikTok account can genuinely be avoided in multiple different ways for you to be able to enjoy the app just as another would. While the demand from their company may still exist, that does not mean that you have to give in and finally create one.

There are so many sites that you can work with to find which one perfectly fits the experience you are trying to  have, and a variety of different ways to avoid creating an account while even using the TikTok app itself.

From using another’s log in, creating a burner account, or even just using the website instead, you can totally avoid making an account of any kind. You can still enjoy watching a cat attempt to jump from a couch and totally fail, or even the newest dance craze that is generating billions of views and allowing creators to become even more influential.

TikTok can even educate you on how to use your new Air Fryer, as well as walk a college student through their homework for free that they have been attempting to figure out for hours on end.

Anytime you want to remain private and unseen while seeing what is influencing millions of people across the globe, remember all of these options you have at your finger tips. 

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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