AMC stands for American Movie Classics which provides theatrically released films, but as time goes by, it is now showing different kinds of movies in different eras or generations. AMC is not only offering movies, but it also provides TV shows most popularly The Walking Dead Series which gives you chills and keep you updated from time to time after the release.

If you want to watch AMC without a cable connector, of course for you to avoid hassle and for you to watch conveniently, there are ways that you can do to watch AMC without you connecting a cable on your TV and for you to watch Series and movies in an unlimited way. For you to lessen your expenses in buying cables, you must know the ways to watch AMC without a cable and enjoy watching different movies and series at every time of the day. In this guide, you’ll find the means to



Philo is a great streaming application alternative to AMC if you want to watch movies or series without connecting a cable in your television. Philo gives you 40 types of channels in which you can enjoy browsing and watching your favorite TV shows and channels. It comes with two (2) kinds of version that you can choose in having this application, you can have 40 channels if you’re going have the in-app purchase for this alternative for $16 per month and you’re going to have the premium version, which costs $20 per month and with additional eight (8) channels included like Logo, MTV, NickJr., ViceLand, and cooking channel.

If you’re hesitant and afraid to take the $20 per month, you can have a trial for this alternative for seven (7) days and decide if you want to continue with this alternative. This alternative to AMC channel offers a lot of channels that you can have, and you can just scan and know what channel is indicated. If you’re fond of watching AMC and looking for ways on how to watch AMC without connecting a cable is, you can have the $16 per month version, but if you want to have another level of watching, you can purchase the $20 per month and discover what are the channels included in the premium version.



Sling TV gives you an AMC feels and experience if you have this alternative in watching AMC without using or without a cable on your TV. You can have this alternative by having an in-app purchase which costs $25 per month and choose whether you choose the Sling Blue and Sling Orange version. Sling Blue offers 42 channels, and without a sports channel, and for Sling Orange, you have 30 channels which are working, and it offers sports channels like ESPN.

For you to access the AMC channel in your personal computers, you need to create an account for your sling TV, and you can stream unlimited channels if you want to. Sling TV is the best way to watch AMC channel because you won’t need a cable subscription. This alternative is one of the most popular ways to watch AMC and for you to be updated in the release of new movies or videos.



This method requires a paid subscription to get AMC but the upside is you don’t need to install a cable subscription. For only $44.99 per month, you can now watch AMC Channel without connecting a cable on your television. FuboTV‘s price is less than the cable subscription that you’re using to watch AMC Channel. The channels that are included in this way are, HGTV, Nat Geo Wild, Travel Channel, and also sports channel that is being watched after a series on AMC.

You can try this way in watching AMC without connecting a cable and for you to avoid a pricey subscription in buying a cable. FuboTV does not only give you AMC channel, but it also gives you different channels, especially sports channel which are streamed by the people around you who like sports. With FuboTV, you can select channels that are a good fit for you, not only to watch AMC channel for your favorite TV Series and movies but also FuboTV gives you the most convenient way to watch different channels.



AT&T TV now offers you a lot of channels that can be streamed at a different genre and kind. If you want to watch AMC without paying the subscription cable or without paying a high amount to purchase AMC subscription, DirecTV Now is the best choice for you. You will pay $50 per month to subscribe to the service, and this will give you access to watch series or movie in AMC, upon paying the amount being mentioned, it will also give you a good deal. DirecTV Now includes a lot of channels that can be your option when you’re done watching AMC like Disney Channel, E!, ESPN, FOX, FOX SPORTS, and others.

You need to have AT&T TV Now and sign in to your account to access the full version of this way, but if you do not have an account, you may create an account and start accessing the whole experience of the service. There is also worth $70 per month, and all the channels are included together with AMC, HBO and its other versions are also included. So what are you waiting for? You should try this way and have a good experience in watching TV Series in AMC without cable.


PLAYSTATION VUE PlayStation Vue gets very popular because of this feature that it offers, and it is not just for games but also streaming. You can watch sports events and sports games with PlayStation Vue. But what other people see are, this is just stuck here, you can remove the stereotype of people if you’re going to introduce to them that AMC watching without cable is here in PlayStation Vue, there is also some channels that are included for you to watch at some other time like, Disney Jr., ESPN, HGTV, and USA Network.

If you want to watch or stream AMC in an unlimited manner, you can pay $44.99 per month, and it includes not only the AMC channel, of course, it also includes sports and any other genre of movies, channels, and other TV Series. You may look so shocked but you can download and insert your account in PlayStation Vue to your mobile device, personal computer, or laptop.

Bottom Line

Watching AMC shows needn’t be difficult anymore. Sometimes, one can forego the cable subscription if you just plan on watching specific shows from AMC. If you’re keen on getting AMC whenever it’s convenient, it’d be a good idea to bookmark this page.

Try out any of the listed ways to get AMC with a cable subscription. You may be surprised at how easy it is to gain access to your all-time favorite AMC shows.