LinkedIn is a social networking site for professional people who want to know more people in their industry. Other social networking sites are made so that you can connect with friends and family and interact with them socially. Whereas linkedIn is for people who want to find people they’ve worked with and people who they want to network with.

With the platform, you can find people in a certain company, sell services to people, find new jobs, make yourself more desirable to employers or just find business professionals like you. It’s a platform for people who want to take their professional life more seriously. Like other platforms, you’re able to connect with people and have a list of connections.

Before you connect with someone, you can see what they do, message them, look at their skills, and their previous job. LinkedIn notifies people when their profile has been viewed and you may not like this feature so luckily there’s a way you can go around it.

Changing Privacy Settings

If you don’t want a user to be notified when you view their profile, you can change your Privacy settings on LinkedIn. Luckily, there are different stages of anonymity you can give yourself so that the person you’re viewing won’t know it’s you.


1. Go to LinkedIn in your web browser and log in.

Settings & Privacy

2. Tap on your profile and select Settings & Privacy.

How others see your LinkedIn activity

3. Select How others see your LinkedIn activity.

profile viewing options

4. Next to profile viewing options, select Change.

Private profile characteristics

5. Select Private profile characteristics or Private mode. This is how your profile will show up when you view someone on linkedIn.

Browsing Anonymously

Another way to view someone’s profile without showing up is to use LinkedIn in an anonymous browser. When you view someone in an anonymous browser, you don’t have to sign in which means they can’t see who viewed their profile. This method is good is you’re only viewing a few profiles, but if you’re constantly doing this trying to be anonymous, I’s better that you change your profile viewing options.

LinkedIn in incognito mode

Just visit LinkedIn in incognito mode in Chrome, and search for the people’s name in People. You can then select their profile and view it like you would when you’re logged in.