You probably have a Facebook or know someone who has a Facebook. With over 2 billion active users, Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world. People post their photos and videos, whether it be of them or their family. You can find someone’s job, hometown, or the place they graduated, depending on how in depth they filled out their account.

Because everyone else has that data on their account, if wouldn’t even be out of place to see someone’s birthday. Facebook is one of the first places that people go to find information on someone for this reason. You might be wondering how much can you find out about someone on Facebook, and for example, can you go so far as to read their messages?

Facebook Security

Facebook is a secure platform and, for the most part, the breaks in security are for reasons that have nothing to do with its security. When you hear about Facebook accounts being hacked, it’s usually because that person didn’t have a strong password. To have a strong password, it must be different from what you use on other sites. You should have some capitalized letters, numbers, and symbols so that you have a password that isn’t easy to guess.

enable two- factor authentication

Besides having a strong password, you should also enable two- factor authentication and be aware that people might message you random links. You can enable two- factor authentication by navigating to your Settings section and entering the Security and Login section. This will make it so that, if someone has your password, they’ll need the code that’s sent to your device.

Because of these aspects, Facebook security is actually pretty secure. So, can you read the messages of other people?

Checking Messages of Others

You’re unable to check the messages of someone else, and they’re also unable to check yours. There are ways that they can compromise your account by obtaining your password to check your messages, but if you have two- factor authentication, then they wont be able to do this. There are high tech ways for them to access your account by using spy technology, but no one who’s a normal person will have access to this technology. They’d have to install this on your device but having an antivirus program in place will prevent this from happening.

Even if you entered someone’s account, when they got their account back, they’d see that their messages were open. This means that you can’t really read someone’s message sneakily since Facebook Messenger has read receipts, so they’ll see the time that the message was opened also.

Keeping your Account Secure

Besides enabling two- factor authentication and using a unique password, your account should be rather secure. If you want to be a little more cautious, then there are a few things that you can do. Be careful who you accept friend requests from. You should only be friends with people who you know since your friends will have access to all of the information that you place on Facebook. They can collect the information that you post and use it to try to guess your password. This is why you shouldn’t have a password that has part of your name or a reference to your birthday.

remove all payment methods

You should also clear out certain aspects of your account whenever you can. You can go into the Settings section of Facebook to look through all the Apps and websites, games, and payment sections to remove what you don’t use. You should most certainly remove all payment methods just in case your account ever is breached so that you don’t have to worry about money being taken from you. Keep only what you need on your account because your friends don’t need to know everything about you from your Facebook.

All in all, it’s quite impossible to read someone’s messages, even if you trick them out of their passwords. This is good news for everyone who wants to make sure their account is secure and bad news for everyone who might want to snoop on an unsuspecting person.