How to Find Part 2 on TikTok

How to View Part 2 Of A TikTok Video

Some users like to space out their posts in a story format, with different parts like one and two, etc. Some users have reported confusion when trying to view part two of a multi-post video. This guide will explain in detail all of the different ways that you can locate and watch part two of a TikTok video.

How to Find Part 2 on TikTok

1. Use The Just Watched Menu

You can use the Just Watched menu on the For You Page of TikTok to automatically navigate you to the location of a video that has a part two. To do this, you will need to watch the video on your For You Page and then navigate to the profile of the user who posted the video.

From there, you should click Just Watched in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will automatically scroll you to the video that you just watched on your For You Page. The user’s post immediately after that one will typically be part two of the video series.

2. Use The Video Highlight Menu

You can also use the Video Highlight menu to automatically be suggested part two of a TikTok video that you have recently watched. To do this, you will need to watch the video on your For You Page and then access your Video Highlight menu.

In the Video Highlight menu, select the Just Watched option. This will automatically load up any part two to the video you have just watched if it is available.

3. Look For Part Two In The Comments

Many users of the TikTok application post the second part of their video series in the comment section of part one. You should check the comments and see if the original poster has posted part two in the comments for users to view.

Part two of a TikTok video will typically be pinned to the top of the comments by the original poster.

4. Check Their Playlist For Part 2

It is likely that the original poster of the video has added all parts of their series to a playlist. You can access the user’s public playlists by navigating to their account and entering into their playlist menu.

There, you will be able to view all parts of the TikTok video series that the user has added to the playlist. This is a great way to view all parts of a TikTok video series in one place, without having to navigate through the Just Watched feature.

Keep in mind that you will only be able to view TikTok videos that the user has added to the playlist. If part two is not available there, you will have to use another method on this list to view it.

5. Ask The Creator To Upload Part 2

If it has been a while since part one of a TikTok video series was uploaded by the original poster, you could consider reaching out to them and asking them to post the follow-up video.

This can help you get a better estimate of the timeframe that you can expect part two to be uploaded. For larger TikTok profiles, it might take longer to get a response due to the number of messages and user interactions the profile receives.

6. Part 2 Is Not Available On TikTok

It is not uncommon for posters on TikTok to neglect to upload part two of their video series to the app. This is usually done in an effort to drive traffic to another video platform or social media platform.

The original poster will typically notify users that part two of the video will be located elsewhere and encourage them to leave the TikTok application to view it in its entirety. Content creators on TikTok use the web traffic generated by releasing videos like this to build their brand and app recognition.

Can’t View Part 2 Of A TikTok Video? Try This

If you are experiencing some type of error that is causing you to not be able to view part 2 of TikTok videos properly, you should consider using some of the troubleshooting methods below to help resolve your issue.

1. Wait For Part Two To Be Released

It could take some time for the user to post the second part of their TikTok video series. If this is the case, the only thing that you can do in the meantime is waiting for the video to be released.

You should consider following the user for updates on the posting status. This will alert you as soon as part two has been posted. Keep in mind that part two of some TikTok videos might not be uploaded to the app, and instead be uploaded on another platform like YouTube.

2. Wait For TikTok Servers To Resolve

If the TikTok servers are currently down, the only thing you will be able to do is to wait for the issue to be resolved. TikTok server outages are rare and typically only happen during short periods of required maintenance.

That being said, server overloads and crashes are still possible. Keep an eye out on TikTok’s website or social pages for more information regarding any ongoing server outages or scheduled maintenance.

3. Fix Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is not stable, you will likely experience issues trying to access the network features on TikTok like posting and viewing videos. To fix internet issues, consider restarting your router or contacting your internet service provider for more information regarding your outage.

4. Restart the TikTok App

Most common issues can be solved by simply restarting the TikTok application. While the application is running it can sometimes encounter run-time errors or bugs and glitches that can temporarily cause errors in functionality.

When this happens, a restart can help encourage the resolution of these errors and restart the application running fresh. This is a good solution for many problems people encounter on the TikTok app, including not being able to view or upload videos.

5. Log In And Out

Logging in and out of the TikTok application can help encourage your story feed to update to reflect more accurate information. Like any application, the TikTok app can get hung up due to bugs and glitches. These could cause your story feed to not update correctly.

Logging in and out of your account will refresh your story feed and make any glitches resolve. This will reveal any hidden stories that were not visible due to some error the application had encountered.

6. Contact TikTok Support

If you are experiencing persistent issues with your TikTok application or ability to view or upload videos, you should consider contacting TikTok support so they can investigate your issue further.

You should only consider this once you have attempted all of the troubleshooting methods listed here, as Samsung support will likely suggest many of the methods on this list.

You can contact TikTok Support on their website or through the app. There you will find detailed instructions on how to report your issue. First, you will need to provide a detailed account of your problem which will then be investigated by someone at TikTok Technical Support.

TikTok Support will walk you through any troubleshooting methods that you might have missed and offer detailed suggestions on how to successfully solve your issue.

This method requires some patience, as dealing with customer service on the phone can be frustrating. Rest assured that TikTok Support will do all they can to get your application functioning properly.

Final Thoughts

This guide has provided you with all of the information you need to successfully locate and view part two of a TikTok story. If you are experiencing issues viewing stories due to a bug or application error, you can consult the troubleshooting methods contained in this guide to help resolve your issue.

It can be frustrating to find a video series you enjoy on TikTok and not be able to find part two. This guide can help ensure that you are always able to locate and view all the parts of a video series that you are interested in on the TikTok app.

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