Billions of active users log in to Tinder everyday, looking to have lots of fun! However, logging on to an app with so many other people, though your even more popular Facebook account can be a major deal breaker in terms of privacy and account security. You may be a bit ‘embarrassed’ by the fact that you are using a ‘dating’ site.

Others may work in professions which discourage social media accounts. Using Tinder without Facebook provides that extra privacy that so many users seek. Although you must log in to Facebook to use Tinder, there is a way to keep your Tinder activity separate from your Facebook content. This tutorial will show you how to use Tinder independently without Facebook.

Sign Up For Tinder Account Using Facebook

You can sign up for Tinder using Facebook or your phone number. As strange as it may seem, to use Tinder separate from Facebook, you must create your Tinder account with the Facebook option. Make sure your Facebook account is activated. Create an account using Facebook first.

You can use a ‘temporary’ or ‘burner’ Facebook account with a ‘disposable ’ email that have much less personal information. Use a throw away email account to create the Facebook account. ProtonMail is a good provider to get a free, private email account for these types of situations. (You will use the email account with just your first name and any Facebook Likes you want to share on Tinder.)

1. Download Tinder. Use only the latest version of Tinder.

2. Select the Log In with Facebook option.

3. After you have a Facebook account up and ready to go and Tinder has been installed, log in to get access to Tinder.

4. At the prompt, sign in to your Facebook account.

5. Give Tinder the right to access any required permissions (Agree to the Account Kit)

6. Begin using Tinder

7. Tinder now asks for your phone number when you create the Facebook account. This means that an Account Reset is simpler and won’t require a new Facebook account. However, some users have been subject to Shadowbans for Tinder resets.

Note: You don’t have to use the new browser version of Tinder on desktop computers. The option is also on mobile.

Change the Tinder Visibility Setting in Facebook

If you don’t want to create an additional Facebook account, change the settings in your original account to achieve more privacy in Tinder. When you log in to Tinder, Facebook gets only your first name and phone number. Change your visibility settings in Tinder to prevent your Facebook friends from being able to view your Tinder content. Follow these steps to change your Tinder settings in Facebook:

1. Log in to your Facebook Home page.

2. Check the Menu bar and find the downward triangle icon.

3. Click the triangle to get to your profile settings

4. Choose Account Preferences

5. Go to Apps Preferences (These apps have access to your profile-related information)

6. Look for Tinder on the Apps list. (If you haven’t logged on to Tinder, it may not be in your Apps list.)

7. Select the See All button and use the search box to find Tinder and select it. View the Account Settings information for your Tinder account.

8. Select Tinder and then change the App Visibility option to Only Me

9. Under INFO YOU PROVIDE TO THIS APP, choose whether you want to share information like your Friends list, Email address, Relationship interests, Education history, or your Birthday by enabling or disabling the buttons. You must revoke the option to share your Friends list if you want to keep your Tinder account content private. Choose who can see you:

10. When you complete your settings, click on Save

11. Even though you signed in using Facebook, Tinder won’t post anything to your Facebook account. Your Tinder account won’t be visible to your Facebook friends. However, changing these settings is not as secure as the first method of using a burner Facebook account.

Use Your Phone Number to Log In To Tinder

You can also use a phone number to log in to Tinder instead of logging in with Facebook. This method is not 100% secure; however, it does separate the two accounts in a sense. To use the phone number method, use these steps:

1. Launch the Tinder app

2. Choose the Log in with Phone Number option (faded out on the first screenshot)

3. Enter your mobile phone number. (Make sure you use a phone number that you can access that can accept texts.):

4. Tinder should now text a code to your mobile phone

5. Enter the code from the text message. If you choose to use a landline phone number instead of a mobile phone, choose Next, as you will not receive the code text. Press I didn’t get a code and select the option to receive voice call to get the code. An automated voice call will be used to read the code to you. (Obviously, you have to be at the landline phone when you subscribe.) Using a landline can be a great alternative to Facebook for some users.

6. Now enter your new email address.

7. Create a new password for your account

8. Enter your first name and gender

9. At this point, you will have to choose whether or not to grant Tinder access to your Photo Gallery. (You must accept this by default to continue on in Tinder.)

Note: Tinder chooses which ‘Smart Photos’ you display based upon the popularity algorithms. The photos are extracted from your Facebook account. By using a new, ‘side’ Facebook account

to log in to Tinder, you have more control over which photos are used in your Tinder profile. Also, be aware that there have been problems with photos being unencrypted on Tinder, causing security flaws.

10. Next you will be asked for permission to access your Location data. You will have to have Location Services enabled while you use Tinder.

There are pros and cons to using the phone number instead of Facebook to use Tinder. Using this method, you don’t have to use your Facebook account or create burner Facebook and email accounts. It just depends on how far you are willing to go to use Tinder. Thus, the sign up and management using the phone number method is less complicated.

Note: Each time you log in to Tinder, you will have to use an SMS code to get in. If you log in frequently, this process can become irritating.

Note: A security research group (Appsecure) discovered how to access any Tinder account using the phone number! This vulnerability has supposedly been fixed.

What to Expect

The decision to use Tinder without Facebook could be for many reasons. The outcome is the same, Tinder and your Facebook Friends ultimately have less access to your Facebook information. Other considerations for taking this approach are as follows:

  • Separating your Tinder and Facebook accounts means that you no longer have all of your interests to share with potential matches. No more Facebook likes and less photos means you may have to work harder to socialize, get a match, and meet the right people. Tinder uses the ELO score which is basically based upon your popularity on the site. Swipes with popular people will help to build your points. Also, new Tinder accounts generally receive high scores to start out.
  • Users who log in to Tinder using the phone number have reported that your matches in Tinder will not appear in your New Matches part of your account immediately.

Contact Apple Support

If you were not able to create your Tinder account using any of these methods, contact Facebook or Tinder.