How to Use Shein Points

How to Use Shein Points

If you are a user of Shein, you may have come across Points on your account and wondered what they are or how you could make use of them. Some users even confuse Points with coupons, but this is far from accurate.

In this article, I will be explaining to you all you need to know about Shein Points, how to use them, and how to get them in the first place.

What Are Shein Points?

Shein Points are bonus Points that are given to you by Shein which you can convert to money when making payments for a product on the platform.

This means that you can apply your Shein Points to your purchase in order to enjoy a discount that is equivalent to the value of the Point.

How To Receive Shein Points

1. By Verifying Your Email

The first and easiest way to earn huge points on Shein is to verify the email that you used to create your Shein account. Once you open the verification email sent to you from Shein, 100 points are added to your Shein account immediately and automatically.

2. By Making A Purchase On Shein

You earn one Point for every dollar you spend on your purchase. The Points will be credited to your account once you confirm delivery of your order. To confirm delivery of your order, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your chase account and click on My Orders
  2. Select the order you have received and the click on Confirm Delivery

3. By Reviewing Shein Products

Another easy way to receive Points from Shein is to review their products on the website or app. Please note that this does not apply to reviewing the Shein app itself on your phone’s app store.

To review a Shein product, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Shein account
  2. Click on My Orders
  3. Go to View Details of the order you want to review
  4. Then click on write a review
  5. One thing I have found that helps is to upload an accompanying photo of the product
  6. Finally submit your review

Your review will be verified by Shein and you will receive the Points once verification is complete.

Also, please note that the review will only appear on the product page after the verification has been done by Shein staff.

You get:

  • 10 points for posting a comment on the purchase
  • 20 points if the comment is accompanied by a photo(s)
  • 5 points if the comment includes size information

You can only receive up to 2,000 Points through comments of any form daily.

4. Participate In Shein Campaigns

To participate in Shein campaigns you need to download and use the Shein app. Once you are signed into your account on the app, you can participate in the following campaigns or activities to earn Points.

1. Daily check-in

This is when you check in every day consecutively for up to seven days. On the 8th day, the cycle will restart and will count as your first check in of the cycle.

Please note that if you miss a day within the seven-day cycle, the count will restart to 1.

Also note that checking in simply means opening the Shein app daily, with your account signed in on the app, and then tapping on Daily Access. You can also tap on Check In in your Points page.

2. Joining The Outfit Contests

There are Shein outfit contests that you can participate in within the Shein app. At the end of the contest, the top 12 of the leaderboard will receive Points rewards. If your outfit is chosen as an Editor’s Pick or Editors Fave, you receive extra Points.

3. Participate In Show Contacts

If you participate in the Shein show contests and posts based on the given theme, you will receive five Points for each post you make. You can only receive a maximum of 10 Points per day. Also, if your post is selected as a featured piece by Shein editors, you receive a bonus of 50 Points.

You can also receive Points by participating in the daily marketing activities and by tuning into Shein live stream. However, for live stream, Points are given out randomly. You can also earn points by clicking on the box that appears on the screen during the live stream. Live streams are held on Wednesdays.

How To Use Shein Points

Here are a few important things you should know about using Shein Points:

  • Points are independent on each of the Shein sites. This means that the Points you have for each Shein site can only be used on that Shein site. So, the balance displayed to you on your Points page is the Points balance available to you on that current site.
  • 1 Shein Point equals 1 cent. So, 100 Points equal $1
  • No matter how many Shein Points you have, you can only use them to apply a maximum of 70% discount of the total cost of the products for a purchase.
  • You can only apply Points to the cost of the products, and not to postage, insurance, or taxes. For these, you would have to pay the full price.
  • Points will be used based on how soon they expire.
  • You can use your Points to redeem coupons during special events and games.

Now that you understand how Shein Points work, let’s see how you can use them below:

  1. Open your Shein app and make sure you are logged into your account
  2. Click on Points at the corner of the screen to check how many Points you have available on the current Shein site
  3. Now, search for products and add them to your bag
  4. When done, click on Check Out to proceed to check out and complete the order placement
  5. On the checkout page, scroll down to Payment and click on Points
  6. On the page that opens, you will see the max available Points that you can use for the purchase
  7. Enter any figure within the range. If you want to use all the available Points, tap on All at the right corner
  8. You will then be returned to the check out page to complete the purchase
  9. If you change your mind about the number of Points applied, simply tap on Points again to edit it

Shein Point Validity Period

Your Shein Points won’t be available to you for use, forever. They do expire after a period.

Different Shein Points have different expiration dates based on their categories. It ranges from 7 days to 3 months. Some have longer validity periods than that, though. But i don’t think you would want to wait to find out. Or would you?

Whatever the case, once the Point expires, it is permanently deleted from your account.

Shein Points Receivable Daily Limits

No matter how many rewardable actions you perform, there is a limit to how many Points you can receive daily.

Once the daily limit is reached, you simply can’t get any more Points until the next day.

Daily limits are:

  • 8000 Points max daily
  • 2000 Points max daily from comments
  • 500 Points max from daily events
  • 200 Points max daily for surveys

How Shein Points Can Be Returned

  1. If an unpaid/incomplete order is canceled, the Points you applied to the order will be returned immediately and automatically to your Points account
  2. If you successfully request for an order return, the Points applied to that order will also automatically be returned to your Points account. You will also be refunded the money spent.
  3. If the return is a partial one, that is, for only some of the products in the order, then the Points returned to you will be calculated based on the percentage of the product’s price
  4. But, if the cancellation of the order or the return of the order is done after the validity of the Point has expired, you will get no refund of your Points.
  5. If the return happens after you have confirmed receipt, then the Points that you applied to the order will be returned to your account. But the Point that you got from placing that order will be deducted anyway.

The Points deduction will be done starting from the Points that are expiring the soonest. If your Points account does not have enough balance for the deductions, the entire Points balance will be deducted and leave you at 0.

Finally, Points are not our entitlement as Shein users and are not part of the legally binding services offered by Shein. Shein award Points at their discretion so it’s best to take advantage of them when you get them!

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