As television entertainment diversifies, it gets more and more convenient to bring your favorite sources of entertainment with you where you go. As new technology has been created, so has the media server software that gives you the ability of using your computer or storage device as an entertainment center.

A popular media server is Plex. Plex is one that you can set up on your computer or network area storage device and you can use it to stream movies, photos, music, and most over forms of video and audio content. This content can show on your smart TV, laptop, phone, or tablet. Most devices that can connect to your internet at your house will let you use Plex on it. Any Roku streaming device that you have will work very well with Plex.

Plex is one of the main rivals of Kodi, which you’ll know if you’re familiar with media suites. You can stream any media while you’re connected to your home Internet wherever you are. Plex works well if you have a large collection of media that you want to stream on your devices. It’s a simple program, and you’ll be able to stream local content to any of your devices that have Plex enabled. If you’re willing to take all the steps that you need to build the server, then it’s worth using it and giving it a try.

First, you’ll have to download Plex Media Server for the device that you’re going to be using. You can get it for Windows, Linux, and several network area storage devices. You’ll need to make a Plex account after you download it. You’ll also have to select a free or paid plan, but the free one works fine for most users.

If you do select the payment plan, which costs 4.99 U.S. dollars, then you’ll have access to having multiple users on Plex and cloud storage for all of your digital media content on it.

Once you download it, you’ll be able to stream all of your digital content to your Roku and on any of the other devices that you own. Before you start streaming all of your digital content, you need to connect Plex and Roku together.

1. First put the Plex channel on your Roku device. Scroll down the options on the left side of the home screen of your Roku. Once you hit the channel store, you have to choose “Search channels” so that you can type in Plex and be taken to the channel. Once you see the channel pop up, select it and choose to add it to your television.

The channel will now show up with all the other ones on your Roku home screen. It will let you know that it’s been added to your home screen and you’ll see a notification.

2. Navigate back to your Home screen and launch the Plex channel. You’ll have to sign into your Plex account since it’s the first time that you’re opening it.

3. Once you click sign in, you’ll have to visit the link that they put on the screen with your phone or laptop.

4. On your phone or laptop, you have to enter the number that you see on your screen so that you can link your Roku with your Plex account.

Now you can use Plex here any time that you want to so long as your Roku device is connected to the internet.

You may want to consider adding Plex channels so that you can get the most out of connecting Plex and your Roku. These channels are plug- ins so that you can access channels that you like, such as Comedy Central, BBC, or MTV. These channels aren’t included when you first download Plex on your device.

To install these channels, on your computer, go to Select Plugins on the screen. Then, you have to navigate to the Install Plug- ins section so that you can be taken to a new menu. You will now be able to browse through a lot of channels that you can add to your device. Select the channel that you want to add once you find what you’re interested in. Repeat these steps over and over until you’ve installed all the channels that you want. Now, on your Roku device, navigate to the Plex channel and launch it.

Once you launch it, you can navigate to “Plug-in” where you’ll be able to see all the channels that you just added. Keep in mind that some channels that you’re interested in may not be available in specific countries.