How to Use Omegle on Phone

How to Use Omegle on Phone

Can You Use Omegle on a Phone?

If you are interested in using Omegle, but wish to do so on your phone, you will find that there is not a simple way to access the platform from a phone. While Omegle did create an app for iOS, it only included the ability to communicate through the text chat feature.

The video chatting option is possible to use on a phone, but it will require additional effort from you before you are able to speak with Omegle users.

There are ways to access Omegle from your Apple or Android device, but it will involve third-party access.

One thing to keep in mind is that Omegle was designed to be used on the internet and not necessarily on a phone. If you find that you are struggling to use Omegle’s video chat feature on your phone, it could be due to the security settings on your Apple or Android device.

Android devices will occasionally prevent Omegle from gaining access to your phone’s camera or microphone, rendering the video chatting feature impossible to use.

Since the video chatting offered by Omegle is one of the more popular features, this presents a large problem. Further, depending on where you are, you do not always have access your computer; however, most people have their phones with them, no matter where they are.

The trick to being able to use Omegle on a phone is using an internet browser that is compatible with Omegle, and they are not necessarily the most obvious or used browsers.

How to Use Omegle on a Phone

Being able to use Omegle on your phone will depend on a few different factors, including which type of phone you use.

Though there has been an Omegle app available for download for Android’s Google Play Store, there is currently not an up-to-date app compatible with iOS and Android devices.

An Omegle app is also available to iPhone users; however, it has been a significant amount of time since the app was updated, and is only available through Apple’s App Store if your iOS is an older device.

Provided that you are able to find the app, it has low ratings and frequently does not cooperate with an iPhone. As a result, both Android and iOS users to have to find creative ways to access Omegle on their device.

Many device users wishing to use Omegle’s video chat feature on their phone have discovered that using a third-party internet browser allows them to do so, and it is easier to approve access to a phone’s microphone and camera if the site is accessed through a browser rather than an app.

Below are a few options you can consider if you wish to access Omegle and utilize its video chat feature from your device:

1. If you use an iOS device, you can try using Safari to install Omegle onto your phone. Open Safari on your iPhone and go to Omegle’s site.

2. Once the homepage has been accessed, select the “Share” button that can be found on the bottom of the screen.

3. Numerous possible options will appear, but you will need to scroll to the right until you find the “Add to Home Screen” option.

4. Once you select this option, you will be taken to a new screen that will require you to provide a name for the icon that will appear on your phone.

5. After you have assigned a name, a shortcut to the site will be present on your phone’s home screen, and the video chatting features, including the access to your phone’s microphone and camera, should function and allow you to video chat with Omegle’s users.

6. Once upon a time, Google Chrome allowed for there to be access to Omegle; however, in recent years that success rate has dwindled.

This has left both Apple and Android users having to discover creative ways around this popular browser. Fortuanately, there is a lesser known option available to you.

To gain access to Omegle, you can do so by using the Puffin Browser. This browser version provides similar features to the other browsers and allows access to Omegle as well as the ability to use the various chat features.

The Puffin browser does offer a free version, but there is also a paid version of the program. Regardless of which option you choose, both the free and paid versions support Omegle and its features on an Android or iOS device.

To use the Puffin browser on your device, you will first need to download the platform onto your phone. First, locate the Puffin Browser with the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store by searching for “Puffin Browser” in the search bar.

Once you locate it, you may find that it is not recently updated; however, do not be alarmed because the browser will still allow you to use Omegle on your device.

Once you have the Puffin browser installed on your phone, follow these steps to allow yourself access to Omegle:

1. Locate Puffin on your phone and open it.

2. Search for Omegle by typing in either “Omegle” in the search bar or entering the URL, which is

3. Once you have accessed Omegle’s website, look for the three vertical dots in the right corner at the top of your browser. Tap on them.

4. Select the “Request Desktop Site” option and refresh your page.

5. Search for the option to “Video Chat” on the page. Once located, tap on the “Vide Chat” button.

6. After selecting the “Video Chat” button, a screen will appear that requires you to allow Omegle access to both your microphone as well as your phone’s camera. Remember that these components are required for video chats, so you will need to approve access to these components for the video chat option to work.

7. The website will automatically reload, but you are not finished yet. You will now see a captcha code as well as a box for you to enter in the code. This proves that you are a human, so it is a required step if you want to use Omegle’s video chat option on your phone.

8. With the captcha solved, you will now have access the video chat option, and can being chatting with other Omegle users.

If your device is neither and iOS nor an Android, there are other available browsers that you can use to potentially use Omegle from your phone; however, it will require some research on your phone to identify which one will work.

Other Apps You Can Use Instead

Something to keep in mind, regardless of what method you use to access Omegle, is that the program is specifically designed to introduce you to strangers that you can converse with.

Be sure that you do not disclose any personal information, including where you work or attend school. Also be sure that you do not have anything hanging up in the background that allows for someone to determine your specific location, like a pendent or family pictures.

The purpose is to meet people in an anonymous setting, and you do not want to give away any information to someone, even on accident.

There are numerous social video chatting options available to you. They are not necessarily any “safer” than Omegle, but if you are not interested in going through all of the steps to access Omegle from your Android or iOS device, these options could provide you with a similar experience:

Option 1: Camsea

Originally targeted towards iOS users but now also available for Android users, Camsea is a popular platform that also allows you socialize with people by being matched randomly.

If you consider the ratings they have been published for Camsea, you will find that is fairly highly rated and thus a popular alternative to Omegle.

Unlike Omegle users, a Camsea user will first have to create a user profile before they are able to access the app’s features.

Though not all of the information that you provide will be shared with the person you are matched with, there is a less anonymous aspect to this app, meaning connections will have access to some information, like your name.

Similar to popular social media outlets, users have the ability to learn more about the person they are chatting with through the ability to view their profile.

If the anonymous aspect on Omegle was not appealing to you, Camsea may offer a quality substitute. Camsea is available for download on both iOS systems.

Option 2: OmeTV

OmeTV is a popular alternative to Omegle and its platform is already designed to worth with your device.

It features many of the same features that Omegle offers, including the ability to communicate with people randomly as well as the capability of remaining anonymous while using the app.

Available to both Android users when the access this link or Apple users when they access this link, OmeTV provides users with a similar experience to Omegle, though it does have limitations due to it being free to use.

Due to OmeTV’s accessibility for both iOS systems and Android systems, the platform has become fairly popular and allows for users to not be limited to potential connections dependent upon what type of device another user chooses to use.

Since the limitations of other options requires all users to only have access through certain devices, OmeTV’s available users is larger than others, allowing for there to be more possible connections and the availability of meeting more people.

Option 3: Chatrandom

Chatrandom appeals to many users as an Omegle alternative because its interface is incredibly easy to navigate and it is simple to use. It boasts one of the highest ratings to the many video chat options and provides similar capabilities to Omegle.

Though it is free to use, there is the option to upgrade to a subscription; however, users are still able to chat without paying for anything.

Remember that, because this option is completely free unless you choose to upgrade, the available features are somewhat limited; however, this does not prevent you from still being able to connect with people and conduct video chats.

Apple users can install Chatrandom here, and Android users can access Chatrandom here. Like other options that appeal to both iOS and Android users, the pool of people that you can be connected to is larger than an option that merely caters to only one type of device, meaning that you can connect to different people and will not be limited to only users who use the same type of device as you.

Option 4: Chat Alternative

Like other options on this list, Chat Alternative is said to be available to both Android and iOS users. While Chat Alternative is found when you search for it within the Google Play Store, it does not show up in Apple’s app store.

Apple users still have the capability of accessing this Omegle alternative through their Safari browser. Overall, the user base is fairly extensive, and it, like other options is also free to users.

A perk of Chat Alternative to Omegle is that you have the option to be anonymous, but do not necessarily have to be anonymous or remain anonymous if you change your mind. You also have the capability of meeting and talking to someone who lives within a certain proximity of you, or expanding your potential conversations to users around the world.

There is also a dating feature included, which is something that some of the other options on this list do not include.

If you are interested in using the dating feature, you can possibly speak with other single people in your area to form a connection without hiding behind a profile or waiting for someone else to respond to a message in an inbox.

Instead, you have the capability to have an actual conversation with someone, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on what you are looking for.

Option 5: Nowchat

Unfortunately for Android users, Nowchat is designed for an iOS platform, which limits the potential for meeting different people to only other Apple users. Like Omegle, your matches are also anonymous and it is free to use, but matches are truly random, and interests are not taken into consideration.

A component of Nowchat’s interface that makes it less popular than some of the other alternatives is that the ability to use it, at least in the free version, is dependent upon gems.

These gems are considered a form of currency that are used within the app that allow users to initiate conversations with others, and there only a certain number of free gems provided to its users per day.

In the event that you do not have any gems left, you will either have to wait until the following day when you receive more or you will have to purchase additional gems to continue meeting new people.

Option 6: Shagle

This particular platform is available for the both the Android users out there and the Apple users, though searching for it within the App Store or Google play may not yield the results you were expecting.

To get it on your Android, you can go to the Play Store, or it can be accessed through Shagle’s website inside a web browser, like Safari or Google Chrome.

It is free to use and contains many of the same features as Omegle and other options provided on this list. The platform still randomly gives you people to talk to, and there are in-app purchases that are available to enhance your experience.

Option 7: Holla

Introduced in 2017, Holla is an available alternative to Omegle for Android users, though iOS users could also access it if they choose to use the same methods discussed previously in this article.

This option has gained popularity because it is incredibly simplistic in its design as well as its usability, which allows it to remain an affordable option for people who are seeking the same video chat options found on Omegle.

Further, Holla features a fairly extensive bank of users, so the ability to meet and speak with new people is not limited to a particular time frame.

Some of the other options available do not offer quite as many possibilities for matches, and you may find yourself matching with people that you have already encountered depending on when, exactly, you are using the platform.

If you think that these options are not quite what you are looking for, you also have the option to go into either the App Store or the Google Play Store.

In the search bar, type in Omegle and consider the options with which you are provided.

Though we have already covered why you might not want to download the Omegle app, if it is even available to you, both stores will still provide you with similar options as well as the ability to consider the ratings and user comments to help you make a more informed decision.

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