Amazon has a line of devices that allow you to integrate their voice assistant, Amazon Alexa, into your home environment. There are a range of Alexa devices that you can choose from, and all of them will respond to your voice. Depending on which one you purchase, you’ll be able to stream music from different streaming services, control smart home technology, look up the weather, and even order food.

Although these devices can do a lot of useful things, one of the most used features is the speaker feature. You can hook this speaker up to anything that has Bluetooth capabilities, including your television. Your television must have Bluetooth capabilities to do this.

Connecting Television to Bluetooth

1. Open the Settings Menu of your television. There’s usually a button on your remote that you can use to open the menu. If there isn’t a button specifically for the Settings menu of your television, then you might want to try the asterisk button or open the input and see if there’s a settings option there.

2. In the Settings menu, go to the Bluetooth option. You have to make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. It should tell you that your television is discoverable for other devices.

3. Once your Bluetooth for your television is on, wake up your Alexa device that you want the sound to come out of by saying, “Alexa.” Then, ask your Alexa device to pair.

4. On your television in the Bluetooth section of the Settings menu, look for your Alexa device. Select it when it shows up.

Now, the sound of your television should come out of that Alexa device. Put on a show on your television to test it out. If you can’t hear it come out of the Alexa device, then you might have selected the wrong one. You can find the one that it’s connected to or you can redo the steps above to connect it to the right one.

Reasons to Connect Your Television to your Alexa Device

If you’re wondering why you’d need to do this or how it would benefit you, look no further. There are more than a few reasons why you’d find this useful. First, if you’re watching television and you don’t want it to wake up anyone, hook it up to your Alexa device and make your Alexa go on low volume so that only you can hear the television. Next, you can move your Alexa device as you do chores or cook so that you can still hear your television while it’s playing.

You can even move it and increase the volume to have you hear it while you’re far from your living room. If you want to hear the television, but still want to drift to sleep, the Alexa device is good for being low volume and close enough for you to sleep through it comfortably. You might even find that the Alexa device has better sound quality than your television.

Although you might now want your television connected to the Alexa device all the time, this is still worth a try, especially if you move around or want the television to be low. You can always just tell your Alexa device to unpair whenever you don’t want to use this anymore.