With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, it comes as no surprise that consumers these days possess a wide array of devices, whether that be phones, laptops, smart televisions, smart watches, and the like. While such technology provides our lives with a comfort that could once only be imagined, it can be quite a headache when our various devices, usually those from contrasting companies, have trouble working together compatibly.

A perfect example of this is trying to use Airplay, an Apple suite that allows wireless streaming between video and audio devices, with Chromecast, a Google developed media player. Since the two devices were designed by different companies, they can’t organically connect with one another.

We all know that if you possess a Mac, iPad and iPhone, or any other mix of Apple devices, they all connect with one another very seamlessly. Usually these connections are also wireless, which is an added benefit of ease. While you won’t have this same ease with the Google Chromecast and AirPlay, it’s still not impossible to get these two technologies to work together.


All you have to do is use a third-party application known as AirParrot 2 and you’ll be able to simplify the process of using Airplay through your Chromecast device. Don’t worry, you won’t have to download anything else, besides the initial download of AirParrot 2, which as you’ll see based on the instructions below, is a must have piece of software that will make your life much easier.

Under normal circumstances, you won’t be able to mirror your whole Mac desktop or a Google Chrome tab with a Chromecast. This is where the aforementioned AirParrot 2 comes in handy. AirParrot 2 is a screen mirroring app developed by Squirrels LLC, a company that started in a basement and is now one of the lead forces in wireless collaboration and presentation technology.

Using AirParrot you can wirelessly mirror screens or open media files on to a variety of receivers. Using Quick Connect, AirParrot will automatically be able to detect available receiving devices, and will connect accordingly. This makes using Airplay through Chromecast a breeze, with the only caveat being that AirParrot 2 costs $12.99. However, if you want to test out the software before shelling out any money, you can use AirParrot 2 for free for seven days. To get started using AirParrot, in order to use Airplay with Chromecast, follow the instructions below.

For Your Mac,

1. Head over to the AirParrot 2 website, and download AirParrot 2 for Mac.

2. Run the dmg after the download has completed

3. Drag and drop the AirParrot 2 application into your Applications folder.

4. Open AirParrot 2 from your Applications folder. The icon for the application will be a green parrot with a yellow beak.

5. Make sure that your Chromecast and your Mac are connected to the same network.

6. Open the AirParrot 2 menu by clicking the AirParrot 2 icon on the top menu bar.

7. AirParrot 2 will then list all available receivers. Select your desired Chromecast.

8. Your screen will now begin mirroring to Chromecast.

Despite the fact that you may be using a trial version of AIrParrot 2, you will be able to access all of its features. The application is relatively up-to-date, with its last update taking place in September of 2017. AirParrot 2 will also allow you to cast media files on to your Chromecast.

The versatile application is able to work with not only Chromecast but also Smart TV’s, speakers, and any other computer in your house. Though, there may be other ways to use Airplay with Chromecast, AirParrot 2 is without a doubt, the most effective and simple method out there. If you don’t want to purchase AirParrot 2, be sure to cancel the free trial before the seven days pass.

Windows and AirParrot 2

While the ability to extend your Windows desktop using AirParrot 2 is still under construction, so to speak, you can still accomplish quite a lot if you’re a Windows user. You’ll be able to mirror your display to Chromecast, share an application through your Chromecast, play audio, and share files to where your Chromecast is hooked up.

In order to get started using AirParrot 2 with Windows, you must follow the same basic steps as stated above for Mac computers. Just make sure that you choose the Windows ersion when downloading the product. Also, be sure to select either 32 bit or 64 bit, depending on your current device. However, please note that in order for AirParrot 2 to work with your device, your operating system must be either Vista, 7, 8 or 10.

In order to use hands-free control of AirParrot 2 with your Windows computer and Apple TV, you must possess an iOS handheld device, such as an iPod, iPhone or iPad, with iOS 8 or higher. Unfortunately, there’s no other way around this. You’ll also need to buy and install the remote application for AirParrot.

This will cost you $7.99. However, once you have met all the requirements you’ll be able to use the remote application and control AirParrot 2 on your computer, with ease. This will allow you control of your computer without having to be directly in front of it.

Once you’be installed AirParrot 2 you won’t need to download anything else for your Mac or Windows device in order to get the job done. AirParrot 2 will take care of everything for you. It’s, without a doubt the ideal companion application to use with your Apple Tv, Google Chromecast, Mac, and Windows computer.

Even though the application has a price attached to it, the purchase is clearly worth what you’ll be paying. However, if you’re still not convinced of the powers this application can offer, be sure to cancel your free trial before time runs out. Remember, your free trial will last seven days. Cancel within that timeframe to make sure you’re not charged for AirParrot 2.