If your laptop or computer doesn’t have a webcam, but you do have a digital camera, you can use the camera as a webcam rather than having to buy a new computer with a webcam. Recording on a webcam can be useful when you’re trying to record a performance, a speech, or just a video log. Whether you have a Mac or PC, recording from a webcam using your digital camera is easy.

Before you can do this, you need to be aware that not all digital cameras have this capability and will be shipped with the right webcam software. You’ll need to check your manufacturer’s documentation to see if you’ll be able to use your camera as a webcam. You’ll also need to use some specific software that will allow you to do this – if you use a Nikon, Canon, or EOS camera, you can download SparkoCam and this software will allow you to configure your camera as a webcam.

Note: You’ll also need a USB to connect your DSLR to your PC. Make sure that your camera is charged as well so that it has enough power to be used fully.

Using Digital Camera as a Webcam

1. Download and run the software that you want to use. If this is a .exe then you’ll have to go through some steps after you’ve downloaded it to install it. If you have a CD that comes with your camera, you can install the program with your CD.

2. Connect your camera to your PC using your USB cable. If your USB drivers aren’t installed onto your PC, this isn’t going to work. If you usually connect your phone to your PC and it gets recognized, then your drivers should already be installed and updated.

3. Turn on your camera and Windows will notify you when it recognizes the new device. You’ll see a notification pop up about the new device.

4. Open the software that you’ve installed.

5. Go to the device tab and select your camera.

6. Check Webcam to transform your camera into a webcam.

Note: If you have multiple cameras connected, you’ll need to select the camera you want to use from the list provided.

7. Go to the application you want to use the webcam in and select the software you installed to be used as a video source for your webcam. If this is Skype, go to Options > select the webcam in the list next to Select webcams > select Save.

8. You can now use your camera as a webcam in your chosen application.