In Chrome, you automatically fill out your forms with information Chrome has of you. This can be information such as your address, number, name, and payment info. Each time you enter a new form in Chrome, you’ll see a pop-up in the upper-right corner of the screen asking if you’d like Chrome to save it.

If you don’t get this pop-up when you fill out forms in Chrome, then you can manually set this up yourself. When you manually set this up, you can enter all the details that you want Chrome to save about you – in the future when you’re filling in a fill, you’ll have details pop up for your ready to be auto-filled.

If you already have Autofill enabled, but your details are wrong, you have the option to change and update any information that could be wrong. You can also delete information that Chrome has already saved automatically. Once deleted, this information won’t come up when you’re filling in a form.

On your PC

1. Open Chrome.

2. In the upper-right corner, select the three-vertical line and select Settings.

3. Under Autofill, select Passwords, Payment method or Addresses and more.

4. Make sure the toggle is On Save and fill addresses. This includes information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and delivery addresses.

5. If you want to add an address, select Add.

6. Here, you can add your Name, Organization, Street address, Postal town, Postcode, Country/Region, and Phone and Email.

7. Select Save when done.

8. If you want to edit an entry, select three-vertical lines on the right of the entry and select Edit.

9. You can change details and once you’re done, select Save.

10. If you want to remove an entry, you can select the three vertical lines on the right and select Remove.

Note: If you’re signed into Chrome, and you have Google Pay set up, you can ask it to make your payment information available across all of your devices so that you can fill in forms quickly. After entering a payment method into a form, Chrome may ask if you want the info saved to Google Pay. Make sure to accept.