Google Assistant, also known as Ok Google is an Android voice feature. It allows you to ask questions or give a command in the hopes that you’ll get the answer you’re looking for. You can also use it to get directions to the place you’re going or perform searches on your browser with your voice.

To use Ok Google, you’ll have to have the feature enabled on your device. If the feature is disabled, saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” isn’t going to affect your device in anyway. The best thing about Ok Google is that once enabled, whether your phone is locked or you’re browsing through the web, you can just say a command and it will take over your device.

Turning On Ok Google Android

Google app

1. Open the Google app on your Android.

2. Click More. This is demonstrated by three dots.

Settings > Voice

3. Click on Settings > Voice.

Voice Match

4. Under Access with Voice Match, Select Voice Match.

Access with Voice Match

5. Toggle on Access with Voice Match. The toggle should turn from gray to blue.

Ok Google 3 times

6. Once this is done, you’re be prompted to say Ok Google 3 times so Google can learn your voice and how you say it. Once this is done, you’re able to use Ok Google commands to start telling the Google assistant what to do.

Android Smartwatch

1. Tap on the Settings Cog.

2. Choose Personalisation.

3. Toggle On Access with Voice Match.

On iPhone or iPad

Google Assistant

If you want Google to respond when you say Ok Google, then you’ll need to download the Google Assistant app onto your device. Once your microphone is enabled, then you should be able to start using the app after configuring it.