How to Turn Off Subtitles on Netflix Permanently

Netflix comes equipped with subtitles, helpful like lines of text that appear when someone speaks in a movie or TV show. Individuals that suffer from some form of audio condition can and do find them very helpful, allowing those people to enjoy movies without having to necessarily hear them. Even so, people sometimes like to read them as they listen. But of course, subtitles don’t always have to be on.

If you want to turn off subtitles on Netflix permanently, you can! The option is right at your fingertips no matter how you’re watching Netflix.

Turn Off Subtitles in Netflix in a Browser

If you’re watching Netflix with a browser, the option to turn off subtitles is right there on the playback options while you’re streaming media.

1. Move your cursor so that playback options appear along the bottom. Do you see the speech bubble icon? That’s your Audio & Subtitles options, housing both language and subtitles. Go ahead and click on it.

2. In the menu, under the Subtitles menu, click Off. The subtitles will disappear from your current movie and or TV show, as well as disappear from all subsequent viewing.

When you boot up a different movie and or TV show, the subtitles should stay disabled.

Turn Off Subtitles in Netflix on Mobile

Turning off subtitles in Netflix on a mobile device, whether it’s on an Android or iOS device, is as straightforward as the browser. The big difference is the playback options are tailored for a mobile environment.

1. While enjoying a flick, tap anywhere on the screen to reveal your playback options. You can pause it, too.

2. Along the bottom, tap Audio & Subtitles.

3. Under the Subtitles menu, tap Off and then Apply.

Turn Off Subtitles in Netflix on Other Devices

As far as other devices are concerned—consoles, streaming sticks, Blu-ray, and TV boxes—these steps apply to all of the above. This is mainly due to how similar the platform is across those handful of devices. Netflix may appear slightly different from each device, but the steps are all the same.

1. Press a directional button on your remote or controller. This will reveal the playback options around the screen.

2. Navigate over to Audio & Subtitles, which is the speech bubble icon. Select it with whatever default ‘Confirm’ button is available on your controller and or remote, like X, A, OK, Select, Enter.

3. Under the Subtitles menu, select Off.

What If Subtitles Still Won’t Go Away?

A few people will try the steps above and still see subtitles. It might be a bug, perhaps Netflix is aware about, but it’s surely annoying nonetheless. You’ll shut them off, stream another movie and they come back again. Fortunately, there’s a fix for that.

First, you should check for an update. It may be a known bug that Netflix had to fix and an update could have been rolled out to do so. All you need to do is connect whatever device you’re using to a network and check with the necessary channels, like the Google Play Store or the console application.

If an update didn’t help, then you should uninstall Netflix. Once uninstalled, reinstall it. This will reset any settings that may have been altered while also purging the device of any corrupted files.

Bottom Line

Subtitles can be very helpful in the event that audio needs to be low, you are hard of hearing or when actors don’t know how to control the volume of their voice. However, they aren’t always necessary and these steps will help you disable them for the time being. You can always follow the same steps to re-enable them if the need arises. Thanks for reading.