When you’re taking screenshots on your Android device, it makes an audible confirmation sound. All Android devices make such a sound when taking screenshots, but not all have the option to turn it off. For those of you running with a Redmi or OnePlus Android device, you have the option, as well as Samsung Android devices.

Unfortunately, not all are so lucky. This can be a bit annoying, especially to a stranger because it sounds a lot like the sound your Camera makes when you take a picture. If you heard that sound nearby, you might mistaken it for someone taking a picture. While that may be an extreme example, it’s still a possibility.

Turning off the screenshot sound in Android is not that difficult, even for Android devices that don’t have it natively. Let’s first start with Android devices that can turn off the screenshot sound.

You’re Using a Redmi or OnePlus Android Device

If you’re lucky to be using a Redmi Android and or OnePlus Android device, you get a setting dedicated to removing the screenshot confirmation sound.

You can find the menu option in your Settings, like so:

1. Locate and open the Settings app.

Sounds & Vibration

2. In the Settings menu, scroll down until you come to Sounds & Vibration. Select it by tapping the menu option with your finger.

Screenshot Sound

3. Next, you’re going to want to scroll down the Sound & Vibration menu until you come to Screenshot Sound. There’s a slider to the right. To turn the screenshot sound off, move the slider to the left. It will turn grey, indicating that it has been disabled.

You’re Using a Samsung Device

Samsung Android users don’t have a dedicated option like OnePlus Androids or Redmi Android devices. Instead, disabling the screenshot sound on a Samsung Android device is a bit more tedious, done through the use of the Volume buttons.

If you want to disable the screenshot sound, you’ll have to put your device on Silent Mode. As to why it was tied to your Volume is anyone’s guess, but there it is.

Volume Down

1. Press the Volume Down button until your volume has been reduced to zero, you aren’t done yet.

Silent Mode

2. To place your Samsung Android device on Silent Mode, once you’ve reduced the volume to zero, press the Volume Down button one more time. Now you’re in Silent Mode.

3. Take a screenshot like you normally would using the Bixby button or by pressing the Volume Down button and the Power button together and you won’t hear the confirmation tone any longer.

Use Google Assistant

Most, if not all, Android devices are equipped with Google Assistant. If you have Android Lollipop and beyond, you have Google Assistant already pre-installed and ready to go. This “helpful” little assistant can, when activated, snap a screenshot if you ask it to. And the best part? It doesn’t make an audible sound when doing so.

There is one caveat to this method though. Normally, you take a screenshot and it gets saved immediately to your phone. You can then view it by firing up the Gallery app. However, if you use Google Assistant to take your screenshots for you, you’ll have to share them to Google Photos or Google Drive or other equally viable choices.

With that being said, here’s what you do:

Start by visiting the program or website or what have you that you want to take a screenshot of.

1. You can activate Google Assist by saying “Hey, Google,” or by pressing the Home button and repeating the same phrase.

2. Once Google Assistant chimes back that it’s waiting and listening, tell Google Assistant “Hey, Google, take a screenshot.

3. If it hears your command, it will respond accordingly and snap a screenshot of your screen.

opportunity to share

4. When given the opportunity to share, do so to a location that you can reach easily.

Use Screenshot Touch

Show overlay icon

Google Assistant isn’t the best choice for taking screenshots, especially so if you feel as if Google Assistant is listening in on your conversations (it’s not, but that doesn’t stop others from believing so).

In that case, you’ll want a third party application. It’s the best method if you have an Android device that doesn’t come equipped with the option natively, nor does it require you to root your Android device. It’s called “Screenshot Touch.”

This wonderfully light application is a great alternative. Not only does it provide a button-free way of taking screenshots, it has options to remove the screenshot sound. Rather than sound, it uses a bit of vibration, which you can also disable in its Settings. Highly recommended.

Download Screenshot Touch