If you have music stored on your PC and you want to have it on your iPhone, you can transfer them over to your iPhone using iTunes. If you have Apple Music and you don’t want to pay for a subscription, you can add music from your PC into iTunes via iPhone. This is a free method of getting music onto your iPhone without having to pay for subscription services such as Spotify or Apple Music.

If you’ve never synced music from your PC to your iPhone, you can find out how below. Before you do this, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Make sure to keep iTunes Up to date because old versions always seem to have issues. If you’re on an old version of iTunes, then you may experience issues when trying to sync music from iTunes to your iPhone. When you open iTunes, the software is automatically checked for updates, so you’ll be notified if there is one. If not, select Help > Check for Updates. Mac: Select iTunes > Check for Updates.

Automatically Sync iTunes Music

Note: If you have songs on your iPhone, they won’t be synced to your PC. iTunes only does a one way sync which means that only songs on your PC will be synced to iTunes.

1. Open iTunes and select your device in the upper-left corner.

2. Select Music and make sure Sync Music is checked. If not, check it and select Remove and Sync.

3. To allow all of your music to transfer, select the Entire Music option.

4. If you want to certain songs in your iTunes library to be synced, then you need to select the Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres option. You can choose specific playlists, artists, albums, and genres you want.

5. To start the sync of your music to your iPhone, select Apply in the lower-right corner.

6. It will take some time to sync your music from iTunes to your PC.

Transferring Music Manually from PC to iPhone

Setting Up Manual Transfer

If you don’t want to automatically sync your music to your iPhone, you can use another method that gives you more control but can take longer. You can configure iTunes so that you can manually sync your music. Before you can do this, you need to switch from the default mode.

1. Select your device in the upper-left corner of the screen.

2. Select Summary in the left column. Make sure there’s a checkbox next to Manually manage music. Once done, select Done to save the changes.

Transferring Music to iPhone Manually

Go to File > Add file to Library or Add folder to Library if you have loads of mp3 files > Look for the music you downloaded in your Downloads folder > Click on the download mp3 file and click open > Recently added iTunes > Go to Recently Added and you should see the file in iTunes.

Right click on the MP3 and click Song Info

6. Your files may be out of order, so you may want to sort them:

7. Highlight all the files you imported (if they aren’t next to each other, hold shift and select the songs you want to sort)

8. Right click on the MP3 and click Song Info.

change album info on iTunes

9. You can change the Song, Artist and Album etc

10. After you’ve done this, all of the songs will be sorted out based on the artist and the album name – this will make it a lot easier to locate songs if you have a huge library.

11. Connect your iPhone to your PC and wait for it to show up in iTunes.

drag the downloaded MP3 song from the library into your iPhone

12. Once your iPhone available in iTunes, drag the downloaded MP3 song from the library into your iPhone on the left column. This will put the song into Apple Music.

Note: If you’ve got loads of songs you want to manually transfer, then hold down the Ctrl key or Command key for Mac users and highlight all your songs or some. To deselect some, hold Ctrl and deselect the songs you don’t want to transfer.

As an alternative to dragging songs into your iPhone, you can use iTunes playlists. You can easily set this up and this will save you time when syncing. If you’ve created an iTunes playlist before and you want to sync music to your iPhone, just drag them into your iPhone the same way you did for individual songs.

13. Go to Apple Music on your iPhone.

14. Go to Library in the lower-left corner and in Recently Added you should all the new songs that you’ve added. To find all your songs, you can select Songs and they’ll be listed in alphabetical order.