A broken screen is the clearest indication that your iPhone is broken and may need repairing. However, some other indications may not be apparent, but certainly, tell that the iPhone is broken and needs replacing. Understandably, replacing an iPhone isn’t easy or cheap, but if you are seeing the signs that your iPhone is broken then you should consider replacing it before it goes dead. Here are some of the indications that your iPhone may be broken.

Slow Charging/Irregular Charging:

Your iPhone will not charge properly if it is broken from the inside. For instance, if you are putting your iPhone on charging and it is not turning on then it must have some internal issues. You can try changing a charging cable to see if the issue is with the iPhone or the cable. More often than not, it is the iPhone that has issues and hence it fails to charge at regular speed. Another indication of a broken iPhone is when it is consuming battery way faster than expected.

Broken or Burnt Screen:

As said earlier, a broken screen is a clear indication that the iPhone is broken. Sometimes, you may not see the cracks on the screen, but there will be either patches or patterns that will appear on the screen. This is another form of broken screen that indicates a broken iPhone. The appearance of these black spots and patterns indicate screen burn and you might have to replace the screen to fix this issue. Alternatively, you can download apps that can help with screen burn issues, but they aren’t reliable, to say the least.

Frozen Screen and Frequent Restarts:

Another straightforward indication that your iPhone is broken is frequent restarts and frozen screen. You may have encountered an issue where you launch an app and screen gets frozen. If it happens once or twice then it is not that worrying. However, if it keeps happening repeatedly then your iPhone is either broken or about to go dysfunctional. Frequent restarts of the device without any reasons also suggest that the iPhone has lived its life and should be replaced sooner rather than later.

Slowed Down Processor:

iPhones, unlike the Android phones, do not get slowed down for no apparent reason. Some people mistake their phone being really slow for just a problem with Apple, but a very slow reacting phone can be a sign that you have damaged your motherboard. If your iPhone is not responding to your commands or taking longer than usual to respond then it may have been broken. You wouldn’t get to know how the processor got damaged, but unfortunately, a slowed iPhone is more of a broken iPhone that needs replacing.

Not Connecting to iTunes:

Another clear indication of a broken iPhone is its inability to connect with the iTunes. No iPhone won’t connect to iTunes for no reason. Sure, it could be down to a broken/damaged charging cable, but if the cable seems alright and your iPhone doesn’t connect to iTunes then you may be in trouble. You can try force restarting your iPhone and then connect it to iTunes. If it still doesn’t work then you are using a broken iPhone.

Lack of Touch Sensitivity:

Another indication that your iPhone is broken is lack of touch sensitivity. The iPhone is known for its sleek touch and sensitivity but if you feel lagging or lack of smoothness when you use the screen then it could be due to a broken screen. Again, a broken screen doesn’t necessarily have to have cracks on it as sometimes it is the internal screen damage that is causing the issue. Internal screen damage affects the processor as well and that leads to issues like lack of touch sensitivity, camera not working properly, or frequent restarts etc.


So, these are some of the obvious indications that your iPhone may be broken. Of course, these signs may arise due to some other minor faults, but mostly they indicate the beginning of the end for your device. If you encounter any of such issues then try using the factory reset option. If the issues remain after the factory reset then it is a confirmation that your iPhone is broken and you will need to replace it.