How To Tell if Someone’s Active on Tinder

How To Tell if Someone’s Active on Tinder

This article discusses a user’s active status on Tinder: if you can tell someone’s active, how you can tell, if others can tell you’re active, and how to prevent others from knowing you’re active if you don’t want them to know. If you’re looking for answers to any of these questions, keep reading below!

Can You Tell When Someone is Active on Tinder?

The short answer to the question above is yes, you can absolutely tell when someone’s active on Tinder. The easiest method of finding out is checking their active status, but you may not know how or suspect the person’s active even though Tinder shows them as being offline.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below are four signs someone’s active on Tinder.

How to Tell If Someone is Active on Tinder

There are a few, easy ways to tell if someone’s active on Tinder! First of all, it should be mentioned that Tinder’s confirmed that they only circulate active accounts; that means if you’re seeing a profile in your feed, the person’s account has been deemed active. That said, we don’t exactly have a definition at hand for Tinder’s definition of “active.”

It’s been suggested that any profile used in the last 7 days is considered active, with profiles that haven’t seen use in that time period are considered inactive, but this is unconfirmed.

Even so, rather than rely on Tinder’s algorithm to determine if a user is active, we have four ways you can know for certain that a user is active: by their active status, because they’ve uploaded new pictures, because they’ve changed their profile bio, and because they’re replying to your messages in the app.

We’ll discuss these in more detail below.

1. There’s A Green Dot Next to Their Name

First: what is an active status? We’ve used that term a couple of times now, and if you’re thinking it’s an indicator that shows when someone is online, you’re on the right track. Many social media platforms use active status markers to let others know when a person is online.

But rather than show when a person is actively using Tinder in the moment, Tinder’s active status marker actually indicates that a user has been active on Tinder in the last 24 hours. That means their profile will show an active status even when they aren’t engaging with the app in the moment the indicator is showing.

So before you worry that someone is ignoring you because their profile has the active status indicator, remember it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re active at that exact moment in time.

As for what the active status indicator looks like: if you’re viewing their profile or even their name in your messages, look for a green dot. It should appear next to their name. If you see it, this means they’ve been active within the last day.

2. They’ve Changed Their Pictures Recently

While an active status will usually give you the indicator you need to know whether someone in online in the Tinder app or not, there are individuals who might turn off their active status for a variety of reasons.

But even when someone is hiding their active status, there are other ways to tell if they’ve used Tinder recently. One of those ways is by looking at their pictures.

Some people might have a gallery full of pictures while others keep only a select few they like the best.

Whatever type of person you’re dealing with, people are bound to change up or add to their pictures every now and then. If new pictures have appeared on their profile recently, whether you see an active status from them or not, it means they were in the app altering their profile.

3. They’ve Changed Their Bio Recently

Let’s face it: we all get attached to certain pictures of ourselves. Sometimes you get a really good one, and it feels like there’s just no picture in the world that makes you look better.

You always want to present your best side to the world, and this is especially true when you’re trying to impress potential dates.

That means some people may be less inclined to switch up their pictures on Tinder, but they could be searching for that perfect combination of words that’ll sum them up for their bio.

A recently changed bio is just as much an indicator that someone is active on Tinder as aa change in pictures. At the very least, it means someone is putting work into their account, which means they’re thinking about how they want people to perceive them.

4. They’re Replying to You

A person replying to your messages usually means genuine interest, and you always know when they’re active because you have messages to show it. By replying back, you’re also showing interest and your active status to the person on the other end, so it’s really a win-win for everyone in the picture!

And of course, if they ever stop replying to your messages, you can fall back on the previous three methods to see whether they’re still active or whether life has happened and they’ll just need a little time before they get back to you.

Does Tinder Show When You Are Online?

Anytime you open the app, even if it’s only for a brief moment, the app registers that you’re interacting with it and puts up the same green dot next to your name we just discussed in the section above.

However, it should be noted that unlike apps like Facebook, that only show an active status when you are physically engaging with the platform in some way, Tinder’s active status has a 24 hour cooldown.

Basically, you will appear as “active” on Tinder for about 24 hours after you engage with the app. It isn’t until those 24 hours are up that the app registers your account as inactive once more and removes the active status.

Basically, whether or not you’re on the app at any given moment in time, so long as you’ve used Tinder within the last day, you’ll have a little green symbol next to your name at all times.

This means that no, Tinder does not function the same way as platforms such as Facebook or Discord, showing your profile as active only when you are engaging with the app.

The active status shown on your profile when you open the app is deceiving in that way, for both you and other users who might assume that profiles only show as being active when a person is using the app.

Really, the only indicator Tinder gives you that the person on the other end of the screen is actively online at any given moment is when they message you.

How to Stop People from Knowing When You’re Active on Tinder

While we’ve already said there’s really only one way for someone to know when you’re active on Tinder at any given moment, there are ways for people to tell if you’ve been active on Tinder recently or even narrow it down to the last 24 hours.

Whether you simply want privacy or have a specific reason for not wanting others to know you’re active, you’re looking that will essentially render your active status on Tinder unknowable to either one user, a group of users, or all users.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of four things you can do to take your privacy back: turn off your active status in your profile, refrain from uploading new pictures, refrain from altering your bio, and not responding to messages.

Each of these methods will have a different effect on your Tinder visibility, and depending on your purpose for not wanting others to see that you’re active, you may want to use a combination of these methods or even all of them. We’ll go into more detail below.

1. Turn Off Your Active Status

The first thing you should do to prevent others from seeing if you’re active on Tinder is turn off the setting that shows your active status. As I’ve mentioned before, this setting will mark your Tinder profile as active for a full 24 hours after you’ve opened the app.

Whether others know this or believe you to be actively using the app when they see the green dot next to your time, they realize that your account is active. Since most people won’t look any farther than this green dot, turning off your active status is the quickest and easiest way to appear invisible.

To turn off your active status, first open Tinder, then navigate to your profile icon. Once you’ve selected that, you’ll tap Settings, then scroll until you see Recently Active Status. This option should appear as a toggle button.

Tinder settings automatically have this button toggled on, so all you should need to do is click it to switch it to the Off position.

Once this setting is turned off, you can use Tinder as often as you wish without a green dot appearing next to your name to indicate that you’re active!

2. Don’t Change Your Pictures

While many people won’t look any farther than the active status indicator to determine whether a person has been active on a platform or not, as you may have noticed from previous subjects in this article, there are still plenty of people who wonder if there are other ways to tell if a person is active. Someone might even be curious enough to pay attention for changes in your profile.

My recommendation is that you get your Tinder profile set up the way you want it off the bat. Make sure you choose pictures of yourself that your happy with and know you’ll stay happy with for a long time.

That means don’t just go with your most recent selfies because you feel they’re the most accurate to how you currently look.

 Use pictures that still look like you, but use the ones you’re very happy with and won’t feel the need to change.

This way, you can stay happy with your profile for a long time without feeling the need to tweak and alter it constantly. And because your pictures aren’t changing, another person can’t monitor your profile for changes to your photos to see whether or not you’re active on Tinder.

3. Don’t Change Your Bio

In the same vein as picking pictures that you won’t want to change constantly, you should also put thought into your Tinder bio when you’re setting up your profile—or altering it one last time before you stop touching it so others won’t know that you’re active.

Bios are a tricky thing. In the professional world, they’re often 50-200 words and written in third person. On Tinder, you’ve got a maximum of 500 characters, which might seem like a lot until you start typing.

Characters are every stroke you make on a keyboard—every letter, space, number, and symbol. Every time you end a sentence, you use up two characters by including a period and a space.

Even more difficult than crafting a short summary of your personality is knowing how to present yourself to others, especially in an app meant for dating. You may have to think hard about what you want your bio to say or even look up examples of bios to figure out how to structure yours.

Whatever you decide to do, try to avoid including information that’s likely to change. For example, your age. 

So when creating your bio, remember that you want it to be something you’ll be happy with for a while, but you also don’t want to include any information that’s likely to change.

If you do these two things, you should have a bio that you can leave alone for long periods of time, meaning no one can watch your profile for bio changes to know if you’re active on Tinder.

4. Don’t Reply to People

Finally, we come to our last piece of advice for running a practically invisible profile on Tinder: don’t reply to people.

That seems a bit counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? How else are you supposed to talk to people if you don’t talk to people? Well, this method isn’t meant to be used as the others are: to fool the mass majority of people into thinking your profile isn’t active.

This method is more intended for specific individuals. Let’s say you meet someone you really don’t like or someone who’s creepy, and you just don’t want these people to know if you’re online or not.

In fact, maybe you’d be happy if they believe you deleted Tinder entirely. Even if you turn off your active status and never update your profile, if you send them messages, they clearly know you’re using the app.

So essentially, you would use all of the methods above and not reply to specific people to prevent certain individuals from knowing that you’re online.

Because you’re still replying to the people you do want to talk to and you’ve got a killer profile set up that you won’t have to change for a long, long time, you’ve basically made yourself invisible on Tinder without hurting your dating prospects. You’re welcome!

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