Snapchat is a messaging platform that allows people to send messages to their friends in a fun way. With snapchat, you can send normal texts, snaps with captions and drawing, and you can reply to your friend’s stores. Many people use snapchat rather than default messaging platforms to send messaging because of the endless options.

Before, snapchat only allowed people to send snaps to each other, then stories were introduced. This allows you to take a story of what you’re doing in the current moment, then post it to your story. Before you post it, you can draw on it, add a caption, tag people, and add music.

Once uploaded to your story, people can view it, reply to it or screenshot it. If you post a lot of good content, then chances are that people screenshot your stories a lot. If you’re not sure how to check if someone screenshotted your story, you could check below.

1. Open Snapchat. This will take you to the camera view.

2. Tap on the profile icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

3. Tap on My Story.

Tap on the Story you want to check screenshots for

4. Tap on the Story you want to check.

5. Tap on the screenshot icon in the lower-left corner. This is demonstrated by the two triangles. If people did screenshot the story, you’ll see the number of times it was screenshotted.

6. A list of people who screenshotted the story will show up. If no one screenshotted your story, then nothing will show up. On the right, you can see a list of people who viewed your Snapchat story and how many people viewed it.