How to Tell If Someone Saved Snapchat Messages

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If you and your friends are on Snapchat, then you can interact in fun ways such as direct messaging each other, sending snaps to each other, and replying to each other’s stories. There are many fun ways to interact on Snapchat and it’s a lot different from other social media apps and messaging platforms.

Snapchat allows you to take a snap, which can be a photo or video, and send it to your friends. You can customize that snap by drawing on it, adding filters, setting a timer, and adding text to it. From here, you can send it to anyone on your friend’s list. If you’re not one to send snaps, then you probably use the direct message feature a lot.

This allows you to text people, send them photos and videos, Bitmojis and play games with them. Within conversations, you can save the texts that people send you just by tapping on it. If you’ve been friends with someone for some time, and you want to tell if a chat has been saved, or you want to see all the saved texts in the chat, Snapchat makes it easy to view this.

How to Tell If Someone Saved a Snapchat

1. Open Snapchat.

go on the chats page

2. Swipe right on the camera to go on the chats page.

view the saved messages for

3. Click on the chat you want to view the saved messages for.

look at previous chats

4. Swipe down on the screen to look at previous chats.

5. Look for messages that have a grey background. If a message has a grey background, then it’s been saved by the other person. This will also be the same for pictures videos, text and links.

see all of the photos

Tip: If you want to see all of the photos, videos, and link attachments that have been saved in the chat, instead of scrolling up to see them one by one, hold on their name in the chats page to open their profile and scroll down. Here, you will see all of the link attachments that have been sent in the chat and all of the photos and videos.

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