How to Tell If Someone Removed You on Instagram

How to Tell If Someone Removed You on Instagram

Although you can add as many friends as you wish, some people want to know if you can tell when someone has removed you as a follower on Instagram.

To be deleted from someone’s following list can be unexpected, and you may want answers. In this information, you are about to learn how to know if someone removed you and the possible reasons why they removed you.

Can You Tell If Someone Removed You As A Followers on Instagram

Although you don’t receive direct notification when someone removes you as a follower on Instagram, there are a few ways to tell if someone removed you. One of them is that you don’t follow them suddenly.

How to Tell If Someone Removed You on Instagram

Whenever something like this happens, we all want answers immediately. Although we will not get those answers right away, there are some ways for you to find out if someone removed you on Instagram.

What needs to be understood before investigating this occurrence is that this could be a personal matter or a situation that has more to do with the person who removed you.

Some individuals would jump to conclusions by thinking the other person doesn’t like them. That would be the natural reaction.

However, sometimes the user could possibly be decluttering their page. So, before diving too deep into your feelings, it is best to consider all possibilities of why the person unfollowed you.

But, if you want to know how you can tell if someone has unfollowed you, let’s take a look at the very first alternative.

1. You Used to Follow Them, But Now, You Don’t

If you are someone who has a great number of followers and a vast number of people that you follow, keeping track of those digits can be something that can slip your mind. So, this is something that none of us pay close attention to.

However, one way that you can tell if someone has unfollowed you is you are used to seeing their content on your Instagram feeds, but now, you realize you don’t see their content anymore.

This is something that can catch your eye if you have someone that you follow and you enjoy the content they post.

Typically, if you follow someone that has interesting content that sparks your intrigue, each time you open your Instagram app, you expect to see their content somewhere in your feeds.

You may have to scroll down your feeds a little to see if their content becomes visible. If you don’t see their content, it’s strongly possible that you have unfollowed them.

Whenever you unfollow someone on Instagram, once the unfollowing process is done, it’s done.

In other words, once you unfollow someone, this is an event that you put in the back of your mind. After unfollowing someone on Instagram, the initial thing to do is to move forward. 

So, before you get upset, you may want to consider that you were the one who unfollowed them instead of the other person unfollowing you.

2. They Don’t Follow You, But You Follow Them

This next alternative to examine is another eye opener for how you’re able to tell if someone has removed you from Instagram.

Have you ever taken a quick moment in time to stop and consider that the other person doesn’t follow you, but you follow their content? Normally, if you follow someone who is Instagram famous, it’s a rare possibility that you would get a follow back from that person.

Some people would think just because they followed someone who was famous on the app, that the other person would eventually follow them back. Sometimes, it doesn’t work that way.

One way for you to investigate this is to go to the page of that user, open the list of people they are following, and scroll down until you see your profile.

If you don’t see your profile in the roster of people they are following, most likely, they are not following you, but you are following their profile.

And although it was mentioned that this is an occurrence that takes place amongst Instagram famous individuals, this also happens with people that you follow on a day-to-day basis.

Whether these are people you know very well, individuals you’ve met along the way, or someone you’ve just met, this is a case that happens with any and everyone. 

Tip: If you want to remove someone and you’re wondering if they’ll know you removed them, there are a few ways they can find out.

3. You No Longer Follow Each Other

The next piece of information to observe will also take some investigation skills. We are not saying that you would have to search the entire globe to get to the root of this phenomenon.

But, you can simply open your app to search the following and followers list to understand this next possibility. And that possibility is that you both no longer follow each other on Instagram.

Just as it was mentioned earlier, once you unfollow someone, once the unfollowing process is done, it’s a thing of the past from there, which means that some people tend to forget if they have unfollowed someone.

This is a common situation amongst billions of users on Instagram and other social media applications.

Typically, when you unfollow someone or someone unfollows you, the action of unfollowing goes unnoticed. In other words, you will never know immediately if someone has unfollowed you.

Unless you are someone who keeps track of your followers list and you notice a small depletion in the numbers, that would be a good estimation for you to know who unfollowed you.

Also, since you’re trying to get to the bottom of this by reading this information, it’s a strong possibility the other person may be thinking the same exact thing. And they may be reading this information simultaneously as you are reading.

4. You’re No Longer Seeing Their Stories

The next source of information that could point you in the right direction of someone possibly removing you from Instagram is because you no longer see the stories they post.

If there is an individual that you follow religiously on Instagram, each time that person posts a story, you will see their content immediately, along with other individuals you follow daily.  

When you open your Instagram app, on the screen that shows your Instagram feeds, you will see a long roster of individuals who have currently posted a story. Also, in that section, you will be able to see if some users have gone live on Instagram.

But overall, you will be able to see the stories of all of the top people you follow on Instagram.

However, if you don’t see the individual you normally follow in the stories section, that person has probably removed you from Instagram. 

5. Ask Them

The next alternative is a method that requires direct contact. If you want to know if someone has removed you from Instagram, the practical step is to reach out to them directly and ask them if they have removed you.

There are multiple ways that you can reach out to an individual you believe has removed you from Instagram.

If the person who removed you were someone that you know personally, if you have their usernames for other social media platforms, it would be best to reach out to them on those other platforms.

If the individual has a Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Patreon, YouTube, whatever the case may be, it won’t hurt to slide into their DMs to ask them if they have removed you from Instagram.

Also, if this is someone that you know personally, the best form of direct contact would be to reach out via phone. If this is a friend, family member, or associate, you can either pick up the phone and give them a quick call, or you can send them a quick text message if you don’t feel like having a phone conversation.

This same method goes for someone you follow that is a famous Instagram user. In other words, this could be someone who you follow but don’t personally know. You can still reach out to this user on other social media platforms if they have other social media outlets available.

With this alternative being helpful, when it comes to your approach, for your approach to be effective, you must be respectful when reaching out. In a matter such as this one, some people react first without thinking.

When you react first, the words you want to say may not come out correctly when asking them. It is vital to consider the other person as human, just like you are.

So, when you ask them if they have removed you from Instagram, consider that the conversation can go either way; either they are aware they have removed you, or they are unaware of this instance.

Whatever the case, your approach to asking them if they have removed you should be in a respectful manner.

Why Would Someone Remove Me As a Follower on Instagram

1. They Want to Unfollow You In A Less Rude Way, So They Remove You Too

Making a choice to unfollow someone is a choice that requires a little bit of thinking before unfollowing them. This is something that requires thought because of the repercussions that may follow after.

There may be a conversation that has to be had, along with explanations for why they were unfollowed.

And on the topic of conversations, sometimes, those conversations may not go well. So, the other person may consider unfollowing you as a less offensive way to remove you from their Instagram.

2. They Don’t Like You

Now, this next topic can be a touchy situation. Sometimes, someone could remove you from Instagram not because they don’t like your content but because they may not be very fond of you as an individual.

In this scenario, this is more so considered a personal situation. Although this situation can be upsetting, to prevent the situation from taking a negative turn, the other person may feel it is best to unfollow you without notifying you.

Some people would consider this to be a safety mechanism to avoid conflict. In that instance, it would be agreeable.

If someone doesn’t like you and they decide to unfollow you or remove you from their Instagram, if you are unaware of the person disliking you, you may want to reach out to them on other platforms for an explanation of why they feel that way.

If you decide to do this, it’s all about your approach. It’s never about what you say; it’s all about how you say it. If you decide to confront them on other platforms, as long as your demeanor is calm and positive, the conversation has a greater chance of being productive.

Now, if you are aware of the person disliking you and the feeling is mutual, you may want to leave this conversation alone. As it was mentioned, if someone doesn’t like you, this is considered a personal matter.

Overall, it may not be an issue with you directly. Sometimes, it could be a personal matter with the other person.

Meaning they could be going through something that has to be internally resolved within themselves. So, every action doesn’t deserve an equal reaction every time.

3. They Don’t Want You to See Their Content

Some people who remove you from their following list may not want you to see their content. This can be presented from a couple of perspectives. 

The first perspective is that the person is aware of the type of content they post. With that being said, they most likely would post content that doesn’t agree with everyone.

So, some people would declutter their following and followers list of people they think would not appreciate the content that they share. This is something that will be considered a respectful approach. 

The next perspective to consider is that the other person doesn’t want certain people following their content. So, they would randomly go through their followers list to remove random people.

There isn’t any probable explanation behind their selection of people, nor is there any vendetta in motion. Sometimes, it’s just an impulsive action. 

Why Did Someone Remove You But Is Still Following You

We all have been in a predicament where someone has unfriended us, yet they are still following us on social media. There are some factors that can play a part in this. Sometimes it’s personal, and other times, it’s done without thinking.

1. They Don’t Want You to See Your Content, But They Want to See Yours

There are many Instagram users who follow a particular person or people even after unfriending them or removing them. People who experience this may not understand it fully. So, here’s a brief scenario based on this situation:

Imagine that you are following an Instagram user who you’ve dated for a couple of years. After two years of dating, you both end the relationship. In the process of the breakup, you end up meeting someone new.

After meeting your new significant other, you post them everywhere on your social media, including your Instagram. However, on your Instagram page, you have completely unfollowed your ex.

But even though you have unfollowed them, you notice their profile is not set to private. So once in a while, you find yourself going back to their page to view their content.

Either you still view their content from your current profile or set up a fake Instagram page to view their content. While you are viewing their content, your actions are kept secret because you don’t want your ex to know you are in a new relationship.

Based on that scenario, you can clearly see that some people would do this to prevent others from seeing their content. Although that scenario was based on a relationship situation, there are other scenarios for why people would do such a thing.

Some of those reasons could be wanting to keep their life private from certain people or keeping close tabs on a certain person. On the subject of keeping tabs, this is something that is fairly common amongst parents who follow their children’s social media pages.

Moreover, there is always a reason why someone would remove you but still follow you. But although there are multiple reasons, this may be one of those situations where we may not get an explanation directly.


Although Instagram is great for connecting, many people have always wanted to know how to tell if someone deleted them from the followers list.

Whenever this question is burning in your back pocket, there is a list of significant explanations and alternatives around the corner.

In other words, all Instagram consumers who have experienced the unfollow phenomenon have this helpful information to resort to if you need a helping hand.

You have to understand that there are many factors that contribute to something such as this. Some of the instances could involve you as the follower and the other person who unfollowed you.

But mostly, this has something to do with the person who removed you from their following list. Maybe your content isn’t what they are looking for. Or, maybe, they aren’t quite fond of you.

There are many paths of investigation that you can choose from to attempt to understand the occurrence. This information is designed to be simple to utilize and easy to follow. And if you encounter this with someone who is following you, it wouldn’t hurt to adhere to this information.

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