How to Tell If Someone Muted You on Snapchat?


There are a few ways that you can tell if you’ve been muted on Snapchat. One way is to send them a message that they would need to respond to immediately. Maybe invite them on an outing or tell them that you need them to call you as soon as possible.

If they respond to you or interact with you soon after you’ve sent this message, then you haven’t been muted. If not, then you may have been muted, but this doesn’t always mean that. Maybe they were busy with work or sleeping.

You cant always assume that a slow response means that you’ve been muted. Another thing you can do is ask a mutual friend if they’ve talked to the person that you think you’ve been muted by. If they say that they’ve interacted with them on Snap recently, then you may have been muted since they don’t want to respond to you.

One of the ways that you can really find out if you’re muted is if you hang out with them and notice that their phone isn’t on silent. Send them a snap and see if their screen lights up or if they get a buzz or bell when they’ve received the message. If none of these things occur, then you’ve been muted.

How to Tell If Someone Muted Your Snapchat Story

If someone has muted you on Snapchat, they simply won’t be shown in the list of users that the story was viewable to. Although they could’ve just missed it and not seen it, if they always see your story updates and they recently haven’t been seeing them, chances are they muted you. One thing you can do to test this out is to make sure the privacy settings are only set for them to view, then make a story update that they specifically would reply to and if you don’t get a response, you’ve been muted. If you do, you haven’t.

Ask Them

Another thing that you can do if you can’t figure out if someone muted you on WhatsApp is to simply ask them. If you’re close to them, then ask them if they saw your story for example and if they say no, ask why. Or you can straight up ask them if they muted you.

Their Name Doesn’t Appear in the Name of People That Viewed Your Story

Snapchat does not send you notifications when people view your story, but you can still find out who viewed them. You should select My Story from the drop-down menu to see who viewed them to go to your Stories. If any are available, it will show your Snapchat Stories that you’ve uploaded in the last 24 hours. It will then be possible for you to check how many people have seen each of your Snapchat Stories. When you tap on a specific story, you will be able to see the names of all of the individuals who have viewed your story so far. If a name that is usually on the list of people who viewed it suddenly stops appearing, there’s a chance that they muted you.

They Don’t Reply to Your Messages Straight Away

When someone mutes you on Snapchat, the messages they send you don’t pop up like every other snap. It will mean it takes longer for the person to reply to your messages. The only reason someone may not receive a message on Snapchat is if they have no internet connection. Other than that, Snapchat messages always get delivered, and people reply within a short time. If you don’t respond to messages straight away and take your time, a friend may start to think that they are muted because of your late responses.

They Used to Watch Your Story, But They Suddenly Stopped

When you mute someone on Snapchat, you are essentially telling the algorithm that you are not interested in the stories that they post. If you rarely ever send messages between the two of you, the algorithm will not prioritize that person when it comes to your stories. It will affect how your stories show up on their page. When someone mutes you, your stories will not be prioritized by the algorithm, and they won’t appear at the top. If a person decides to check your snaps, they will have to look for them at the end of the Stories list. Unfortunately, because of all the exciting stories on Snapchat, people forget to check stories that they muted. If you notice that someone used to watch your snaps, but they no longer do, your stories have been muted.

If You Mute Someone on Snapchat, Will They Know?

Your friends will never know that you have muted them, and you will still be able to watch their stories by scrolling to the end of the stories list. Apps like Snapchat can be a minefield to navigate. Being able to mute stories on Snapchat is an excellent feature since it allows you to keep space between people without causing any inconvenience to others. Muting someone’s stories means their profile will no longer display at the top of your stories list when they publish new ones. The advantages are that you never have to unfriend someone to stop watching their stories, and you and your friends may continue communicating as usual.

If You Always Take Long to Reply to Their Messages

Most people usually have their phones in their hands, and they often have notifications on for the different apps they use. Most Snapchat users enable push notifications so that they never miss messages, especially to main their streaks. Replying to Snapchat messages has become easy as one can receive them on their push notifications and see them when they use the app. It is suspicious when someone takes a long to reply to messages because most Snapchat users visit the app many times a day. A friend may think they are on mute because of the time it takes you to reply to messages, as it doesn’t take that long to see and answer a snap.

If You Never Watch Their Stories

You can tap to skip through certain sections of a story or swipe to move through the rest of a person’s story completely. Alternatively, you can select the ‘x’ at the bottom of your screen if there is a snap you would like not to see! With the millions of people using Snapchat, you may find that you have many people that you know on the app. As it is deemed rude to ignore a request on Snapchat, some people will accept requests but mute the person and their stories immediately. If you never watch the stories the person posts, it might leave them thinking that they are on mute. Although they never receive notifications when you put them on mute, never watching their stories becomes the hint that their stories are on mute.

You Used to Watch Their Stories, But You’ve Stopped All of a Sudden

We all have friends that we communicate with regularly on Snapchat. It may be sharing memories or sending memes and snaps that you both find funny. You may even watch their snaps religiously and respond to everything they post. The people you regularly snap with become your best friends. You can have many best friends, all of whom will be displayed on the ‘Send To’ page when you send a Snap and in the Chat area of your profile when you are chatting with them. Snapchat is notoriously tight-lipped about the specific algorithm that determines your Best Friends list and the factors that influence the rankings; however, we know that this list is updated in real-time as users interact with different friends on the platform. The Snapchat algorithm will have your best friend’s snaps at the top of your list to ensure that you don’t miss them. Once you mute a friend, they will not show up at the top, and you will stop watching them. When you stop watching their snaps, they may get suspicious and think you muted their stories.

Can Someone See When You Mute Their Story on Snapchat?

Snapchat will nog notify a person once you mute their story. They do not get a notification, and life goes on as usual on their side. For you, the snaps are never at the top, and you need to look for them at the end if ever you want to watch or respond to them. They will not see if you mute their story, but they may suspect they are muted because of no responses to their snaps or messages. Since muting a story moves it from the top, you may forget about the person’s snaps and message, making them suspicious if you talk regularly.

Does Snapchat Tell When You Mute Someone’s Story?

You cannot be confident that someone on Snapchat has muted you on the app. There are no signals or signs that the individual has muted you. However, you will only be able to discover this information based on your instinct. If the individual is still on your list, they didn’t stop you from communicating with them. Muting allows people to send you messages, and if you choose, you can still view their stories; they won’t know that you muted them.

Muted Vs Blocked on Snapchat

You should know that the person can also block you, which is different from muting. Muting still allows them to interact with their posts and respond to their messages. If you’re blocked, then you won’t see the person in your friends list. If you search their username and you can’t see it, then they’ve blocked you. If these things happen, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been blocked. They may have deleted Snapchat. If they’ve deleted Snap, then every message that you send will be pending.

If someone has muted you or blocked you, don’t be too offended. Sometimes, you don’t know why they’ve blocked or muted you. Maybe they’re taking a social media refresher, so they muted a few people. Maybe they blocked you for something that happened with a mutual acquaintance and it doesn’t exactly have anything to do with you. Either way, you can move on and still live your best life while they’ve blocked or muted you. The people who have you on Snap are the ones who you should be focusing on.

How To Mute Someone

Muting a user in Snapchat is simple. To mute a user in Snapchat, open the post of a person that you want to mute. In the right corner of their post, you’ll see three vertical dots. Tap the dots and tap on “Mute.” If you want to mute messages, tap and hold on the message thread and select “Do Not Disturb” from the menu that appears. When you mute someone, you’ll still be able to view their stories and see their messages, and they wont be notified when you mute them, so you’ll avoid any confrontation that might ensue.

The Takeaway

Consider the following scenario: you have a friend or family member whose story you do not enjoy or are not interested in. Even though you don’t want to delete them from your friend list, you don’t want to see their stories. Although it is possible to ignore the story manually, it is possible that when viewing other stories, the story from this particular individual will come up at some point. In these types of instances, it is possible to mute. All of the story associated with that contact will get put at the end of your story list. The story of that individual will not appear in the story list, either.

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