How to Tell If Someone Is Active on Hinge


Social relationships evolve as our society changes and our society changes in response to these changes. A person’s life revolves around the internet, which allows them to locate whatever they need, including new acquaintances and romantic partners. The number of dating apps available makes it challenging to select just one or two to use.

Several of these applications encourage one-night stands and casual dating, including Tinder. Nevertheless, the makers of Hinge decided to go oppositely and offer a different type of dating app. They urge you to locate a date and go on a date with that person in person. There is a good possibility that if you are matched with someone on Hinge, that person is also an active user.

What is ‘Being Active’ on Hinge?

Hinge has an option to pause your profile, and sometimes you may think a user is ghosting you when they are not. Maybe they aren’t ghosting; perhaps they have halted their account for a bit of a moment to inform everyone else they are conversing with that they have discovered the person of their dreams and should back off. Isn’t it true that anything is possible?

Unfortunately, this is not the case in this instance. Whether you were already conversing with someone, you wouldn’t be able to discern if they had halted their Hinge. Pausing Hinge will prevent you from showing up to future matches, enabling you to converse with people from previous ones. It’s essentially a means of keeping the brakes cool while you’re becoming too popular to keep up. If you have not paused your account, then that makes you active. It means you are open to talking to the people you have already matched with while accepting new matches.

How to Tell If Someone Is Active on Hinge?

Hinge is becoming increasingly popular among individuals, and as a result, more and more people are utilizing it regularly. As a result, Hinge has made a wise move for the mobile dating app sector with this acquisition. Users who have recently logged in to the app will only see their profiles. While the app improves, each day, users are still looking for ways to tell if someone is active on Hinge or if they have been ghosted.

1. Check the Profile

Checking someone’s profile is an alternative method of determining whether or not they are active on Hinge. However, it would help if you remembered that the user’s bio and photographs may have changed before they forgot about Hinge. To identify whether or not they are online, search for any updates to their bio and photos. Verify that their bio and photographs have been updated. If you can no longer access the profile, it signifies that the account has been deactivated and is thus no longer active.

2. Send a Message

Sending a message to someone on Hinge is the most reliable approach to determining whether they are online. If users are interested in you, they will most likely respond to you by email or text message. Start by selecting the third icon from the bottom of the Hinge app’s screen (see below). Click on the profile of the person to whom you want to send a message, enter your message, then click “Send.” If they do not react within three days, likely, the person is no longer active, and it is best if you move on to another individual.

3. Check the Activity Status

Hinge does not have a green dot or any other indicator that someone is active on the platform for many users. Hinge only displays profiles of individuals who were active during the last 72 hours. As a result, every individual you will get matched with will be drawn from the three-quarters of Hinge users who are consistently active on the platform. Although Hinge gives all users the same functionality as regular users, there is no online status. If they were online 72 hours ago, they would likely be online within three days of that timeframe. A user’s account will get immediately canceled if they are not active on Hinge for many days. It is because Hinge accounts have an expiration date.

A Last Active status feature has been implemented for some users, displaying an estimated period when a member was last active on the app. You may see the following two options: Active Now and Active Today. However, if you can still use Hinge’s Last Active function, it might be challenging to determine if a profile has been active or not at all. Additionally, there are no read receipts.

The Takeaway

Hinge is more than simply a dating app; it is also a dating service. The aim is to locate that special someone, and Hinge’s algorithms are designed to help you achieve that goal. They anticipate that you will deactivate the app after you have found someone. While people praise Hinge for being the best dating app, the developers continue to work on the app. As they roll out the “last active” status to users, you can check the methods mentioned in this app to see if the people you communicate with are active on the app.

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