How to Tell If Someone Has Multiple Snapchat Accounts

How to Tell If Someone Has Multiple Snapchat Accounts

While there is not a magic button anywhere on Snapchat that will instantly inform you if your Snapchat friend has more than one account, there are a few things that you can do if you suspect they are operating multiple Snapchat accounts.

Remember that, before you try these methods, there are numerous reasons as to why your friend might have more than one Snapchat account, so do not immediately assume it is for a negative reason.

Can You Tell if Someone Has Multiple Snapchat Accounts?

Yes. You can tell if someone has multiple Snapchat accounts, but there is no direct way to do this. However, there are clues that’ll allow you to know if someone has multiple accounts.

How to Tell If Someone Has Multiple Snapchat Accounts

Again, there is not a magic button, but there multiple ways that you can determine if your friend is operating more than one Snapchat account.

Some of them require very little work, so if you are curious, you do have the ability to figure it out.

The good news is, depending on the message you choose, the person you suspect of having multiple Snapchat accounts will not even know you are potentially on to them as you can perform most of the tasks without them receiving any type of notification.

If you really need to know, then try some of the options below to see if you can locate the new account:

1. Search For Their Name on Snapchat

Let’s start with a really basic search to see what we come up with. Though it is certainly not a guarantee that you will find them, it does provide you with a starting point.

To search for someone on Snapchat, complete these steps:

1. Open your Snapchat app on either your Android or iOS device.

2. In the top left corner, next to your Bitmoji picture, you will see a small magnifying glass icon. Tap on it to access Snapchat’s search feature.

3. Type their name, and see what comes up.

There a few things that you need to consider when you search for a name on Snapchat:

1. If the account was created using a phone number that you have saved in your phone and your contacts have been synced with Snapchat, that account is going to appear as one of the first results under the “From Contacts” header. It will also say “In My Contacts” under their Snapchat handle.

2. Any user who has created an account using the name you typed in will appear under the “Add Friends” header. Snapchat will show you the first three or four users, along with their Snapchat handle and their Bitmoji icon.

You will have the option to add them if you tap on the “Add” button next to their name.

If you do not see the person you are looking for, click on the “View More” option directly under the third or fourth profile to give yourself full access to every Snapchat account created using that name.

3. Not all accounts have a Bitmoji picture included, so you could end up having to make a guess because you will only be left with the name that you searched and their Snapchat handle.

Snapchat does not allow for the same username to be used more than once, but that refers to only their Snapchat handle. Every account has to have a unique Snapchat handle.

This does not apply to the first and last name an account can include when they create their account.

If you search for a name and think that they might have used a similar handle to the one they were already using, you can try searching for both their name and the beginning of that handle using Snapchat’s search feature. This could provide you with more detailed results.

The Bitmoji icon could also be an indicator of one user using multiple accounts. If you have searched for a name and find two accounts that have the same Bitmoji, you may have found their second account.

If you select the icon next to the name and Snapchat handle, you can see the Bitmoji in a little more detail.

Repeat for the other suspected account and see if the Bitmojis are actually the same, if not really similar. The account holder will not know, unless you tap on the “Add Friend” button.

Another thing that you can do after you have acquired your search results that will not alert the other user is to pay attention to their Snap score. The Snap score is a feature Snapchat includes to its users that changes as the account both sends and receives Snaps within Snapchat.

If their Snap score keeps growing, you know that they are actively using the Snapchat account you are friends with. This will not, automatically, tell you if there is another account. If they created a second Snapchat account and you are able to locate it, you will have two different options.

First, if they did not set their Snap score to private, you can see it. If it is set to private, then you can friend the new account and watch that Snap score.

Remember that this part of these instructions will let them know you found it, since they will receive a notification that you started following them.

Once you have access to their potential other Snapchat account, you can see their Snap score. If it is low, it is a good indicator that it is a newer account.

It is not a guaranteed method of confirming whether or not someone has multiple Snapchat accounts, but it is a place to start.

2. Check Their Bio on Instagram to See If They Have Any Other Snapchat Accounts

If you are trying to figure out if someone has multiple Snapchat accounts, you can take your search off of Snapchat.

If you are also friends with someone on Instagram, open your Instagram app on your Android or Apple device and search for your person. Once you have located them, select their profile and check their Instagram bio.

Many Snapchat account holders have alternative social media accounts, so it is fairly common for them to include their other social media accounts’ handles within their bios so that they are able to connect with the same people on various platforms.

If your person included their Snapchat handle in their Instagram bio, check and see if it is the same handle that you are currently friends with on Snapchat.

If it is a different handle, search for it on Snapchat and press the “Add” button to begin following them. It could just be that they created a new Snapchat and did not manage to get all of their friends from their first account over to the new account.

If they put the new Snapchat handle in their Instagram bio, they obviously want people to know it, and that would include you with no sneaking around necessary.

3. Search on BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a website that claims to search over “55+ social networks at once” whenever you conduct a search on someone. They also say that by using their site, you will gain access to someone’s social media account activity, meaning their interactions with others as well as a potential second account.

BeenVerified’s search bar does not offer a specific Snapchat only account type of search whenever you are searching for a particular person’s social media platforms, but you still have options available to you to give you detailed personal information.

You can search using someone’s social media username, conduct a people search, a phone lookup, and address lookup, or an email lookup.

To use, go to BeenVerified’s “People Search” feature and type in the name of the person whose online profiles you are attempting to locate. Once their name is entered, enter in the information that you know, like their city and state, and press “Search”.

The results will take a few minutes to gather, and you will have to verify that you will not use the information you gain for certain purposes before you will be given a report that you can view, download, and print with that person’s personal information, including their social media accounts.

Before you can see the report, you will have to enter in an email address.

Unfortunately, you cannot use BeenVerified for free. It will let you conduct the search and show you that a report exists, but you will have to purchase a subscription before gaining access to the report.

A one-month membership will cost you $22.86 per month, while a three-month subscription will cost you about $14.86 monthly.

4. Social Catfish

If you want to know more about a person, there are some options online that can provide you with information. One option would be to use Social Catfish, a database that allows you to verify someone’s identity, and that will also provide you with their social media account information.

When you go to Social Catfish’s website, you will see a screen that lets you type in information to find out more about a person.

The great thing about this option is that you do not necessarily have to know a lot about someone to find out information.

You can choose to search for someone by using their actual first and last name, their email address, their phone number, their username, their address, or an image.

If you already know their name then you can start there. You’ll start your search, assuming it is by name, by entering it in the field and then have to select their country. Luckily, you already know that information, too.

You will then be asked to identify what state they live in. Remember that there are billions of people and there is a chance that more than one person has that same name, so they are trying to be sure they give you the information about the right person.

Choose their state from the drop-down menu.

If you are not completely sure which state, there is a “Search All States” option, but keep in mind that this is going to give you a lot of results that you will have to sift through.

Press “Continue”. Now, they’re going to ask you to identify a city. If you do not know what city, you can opt to search all of them, or you can choose the city that you know that last lived in.

Press continue and they will give you a new menu that asks for their age with different possible fields. You can choose one if you know how old they are or you can opt to “Skip this Part for Now”. Either way, make your selection and press “Continue”.

You’ll have to wait a while as Social Catfish searches through everything. When it is ready, a menu will appear tells you that your report is ready. Press the green “Continue” button. Here’s where how much it matters gets put to the test.

The report will give you their name and the cities that they have been known to live in; however, that is all the information that they will give you for free.

If you want any other information, you are going to have to sign up for a subscription. The subscription is $5.73 for a five day, unlimited search subscription. After the five days, it will cost you $27.48 a month.

The subscription claims that it will allow you to conduct unlimited searches and will give you the full report on the person you are looking up. You’ll also see where you can pay for the subscription through PayPal or by entering in your credit card information.

5. Spokeo

Similar to Social Catfish, Spokeo allows you to search for information about a person using their name, email, phone, or address. Enter in the information and press “Search Now”.

Unlike Social Catfish, you will not be asked for a lot of information before the search can be conducted. Instead, you’ll enter their name and the search will yield all of the results of people who fit that criteria.

If you searched for your Snapchat friend by name, you’re potentially looking at thousands of possible matches.

You can use the filter option to narrow down your options, or browse by state by looking in the column on the left of the screen. Once you’ve sifted and found the right person, press the “See Results” option next to their information.

Spokeo offers you more information for free than Social Catfish, but you’ll still have to pay for a subscription if you want the full report. Some of the information is redacted, but there’s still quite a bit of information available to you.

You can see the name of the street and cities where they were last known to reside, past cities they lived in, and the names of some of their family members.

6. Ask Them

Yes, it is really easy to find out information about someone online without them every knowing; however, you should probably ask yourself if that is really the best approach. You are, after all, potentially already friends with this person.

They would probably be a little weirded out if they found out that you figured out all kinds of information about them without them telling you anything, especially if they had a Snapchat account that they did not want you to know about.

If you want to know more about a person, you could always just ask them. If it is their second Snapchat account you are looking for, be honest and upfront.

Tell them you enjoy talking to them and the things they post on Snapchat and that you would like to continue accessing the content they post on their second account.

Be honest and tell them why you think they might have a second Snapchat account.

Remember that people do not always create a second Snapchat account because they are specifically trying to hide their content from you.

Try having a conversation with them and ask if they have a second account. If they tell you that they do not, then your options are to go looking yourself, or you could believe them.

7. Ask Their Friends

If you suspect your friend of having another Snapchat account and you have mutual friends in common, you also have the option to ask a mutual friend.

Keep in mind that the account owner that you suspect of having multiple Snapchat accounts might find out about that, especially if the friend you ask tells them.

Also, they will receive a notification if you do locate the other account and press “Follow”.

8. Check If They Mention Another One of Their Snapchat Accounts on Their Story

If you are viewing someone’s story on Snapchat, they sometimes include information about other accounts. Pay attention to this detail to see if there is another account that they mention, or if they share something to their story from a different account. Either of these options could help you locate a user’s second Snapchat account.

Why Would Someone Have 2 Snapchat Accounts?

There are numerous reasons that a user could decide that they need more than one Snapchat account, and they are not necessarily invalid reasons.

Reason 1 – They have lost access to their original account. If they lost the password and access to the email they used when they created their account, then they might just have to make a new one.

This is a completely understandable reason to need to make another account, and does not mean that they did so to deceive you.

Reason 2 – They ran into an issue with their original account, so they created a new one. If, for whatever reason, their original account was reported and then deleted by Snapchat, then they would have to create a new account to be able to use Snapchat.

Again, it does not mean they are up to anything sneaky.

While there are valid reasons that Snapchat chooses to delete accounts, sometimes users are the victims of “Revenge Reporting”, which means that someone got mad and reported their account, and then they found that they no longer had access.

Reason 3 – They have a legitimate business and are using the second account to promote their product. If they are taking advantage of the reason that Snapchat allowed for multiple accounts in the first place, it certainly would be understandable.

Reason 4 – They are up to something. Whether it be a significant other or a friend, the reasons why someone would have 2 Snapchat accounts is not always the answer that we want to hear.

If something is going on that they do not want you to see and they did not want you to notice that you were no longer able to view their Snapchat content, then they could have created a second account.

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