How to Tell If Someone Deleted Your iMessage

How to Tell If Someone Deleted Your iMessage

Can You Tell If Someone Deleted Your iMessage?

No, there is no way that you can know if someone has deleted your iMessage. The way in which conversations and messages are stored, once someone deletes your iMessage, there will be no type of notification or any other indication to show you if this is the case.

There are several reasons you might want to know if someone has deleted your conversations, but there is no way that you will be able to tell if this has happened going by the information that apple grants you.

Due to the fact that there is no way to see any change on deleted conversations by the party that did not do the deletion, the only change appears on the person that deleted the iMessage.

Thanks to iCloud, once you delete a message in one of your devices, the message will be deleted from all of the other devices that may be connected through iCloud.

The only thing that deleting a conversation will do is that once a person deletes an iMessage, it will be impossible to recover the deleted conversations.

The only way you can tell if a person has “deleted” a message is if they decide to unsend the message rather than delete it.

When a person sends a message, this means that the message will no longer be available for either person who was involved in the message. If the message has been unsent, you will receive a notification that the person has decided to unsend the message.

This happens most of the time when the other person sends a message that was not meant for the person that received the message.

If you receive the notification that a message was unsent, you may ask the person why they decided to unsend the message.

But if the other person has decided to delete the messages, this means that the messages will only be unable for them to see, not you, so there will be no need for iMessage to let you know that the other person has decided to delete them.

If You Delete a Conversation on iMessage, Does the Other Person Know?

In the same way that you are unable to tell if someone else has deleted any messages, it is impossible for others to know if you have done the same thing.

Since Apple does not notify anyone when the deletion of messages happens, no indications will appear for others to let them know that their messages have been deleted.

Since the other person will still be able to see the conversation in its entirety, they will never know if you have deleted any conversation.

The only way for them to know if you have deleted a conversation on iMessage is for you to directly tell them that you have deleted their conversation or if they happen to have access to your phone and they look for the conversation.

Outside of the realm of truth and snooping, there is no real way that a person will know that iMessages have been deleted.

If you want both of you to be unable to see the conversation, the only thing you might be able to do is to unsend the messages that you have previously sent said person, but it will be impossible to delete the messages that the other party has sent from their device.

How to Tell If Someone Deleted Your iMessage

While Apple will not let you know if another person has deleted their messages, there are still ways that you can know if someone has deleted your iMessages.

1. Ask Them If They Deleted It

The first and the best thing you can do is for you to ask them directly if they have deleted any given conversation. By being direct and asking them if they have deleted any conversations you have.

If they tell you that they have deleted your conversation, your job is over, and even if the answer might not be what you are looking for, there will no longer be any doubt if the conversation is still on their device or not.

Depending on the nature of the conversation that you had with the other party, it might be easy to induce if the conversation might have been deleted or not.

If, for example, you have sent messages expressing your undying love for them and the feelings were not reciprocated, it might be possible that they deleted the conversation since it does not match their thinking.

If, however, the past conversations have not been particularly deep, it might be the case that the conversation will still be on their device since there is no real reason for them to delete the conversation.

But as previously stated, the only way to know for sure if they did or did not delete the iMessages asking them is the way to go. There is always the possibility that they might be lying to you, but at least you have taken the most direct route to finding your answer.

2. Ask Them to Look For An Image That Was Previously Sent; This Might Lead Them to Reveal That They’ve Deleted the Conversation

If you have previously sent an image through iMessage, you might ask for a copy of the picture. If they have deleted their conversation, the picture will also be gone from their conversation.

If they are unable to send you the picture, the most likely thing they will do is explain why they do not have the picture. This is an indirect way to see if the other person has your iMessage conversation actually.

Since this method to see if they have deleted their iMessages is not a direct question about the message, it might be possible that they saved the picture in question directly onto their pictures.

If they have a copy of their pictures outside of the conversation, it might be possible for them to send the picture back to you without ever revealing that they have deleted your previous conversation.

Since this might be a very real possibility, it might not be enough just to ask them to send you a copy of the picture.

If the picture that you sent is not an original picture, meaning that if the picture you sent is a meme or any other type of picture that may be found on the internet, it may also be possible for them to search for the same picture on the internet and send you what they find.

This method is to be used if you do not want to directly confront whoever it is you might suspect to have deleted their messages.

3. If You’re With Them, Check Their Phone

If you are with the person, you are suspicious of. You might check the phone of the person in question. To do this, you must first know the code on the phone of said person. If you do not have this information, you will then have to ask them to see their phone directly.

When asking to see someone’s phone, the first thing that they will want to know is why it is that you want to see their phone.

You might tell them that you only want to check to see something since your phone is dead, or the best route is to tell them that you wanted to see the conversation that you’ve had.

If you decide to be direct and tell them exactly why it is that you want to see their phone, they might then decline to lend you your phone.

If they decline to let you see a conversation that you had between the both of you, the most likely scenario is that they have deleted their conversation and do not want you to find out.

On the other hand, if you were direct and they do let you scan through their iMessage, then this means that there is nothing that they are hiding.

But if you decide not to be direct with them and tell them a lie about the reason you might want to see their phone, they may oblige and let you use their phone.

Beware of this option since if you do find out that they have deleted the conversation on iMessage, it will be quite impossible to ask them about it since they will know that you were using their phone to look through their messages even if the only conversation you looked at was the one you two were having.

Being truthful about the reason you want to check their phones is the best way to get a direct answer from them, and you then might be able to have a discussion about their decision to delete the conversation on iMessage.

This way of approaching the problem is the only one that will give you tangible proof that the messages were either deleted or not.

Does iMessage Notify When Someone Deletes iMessage?

No, iMessage doesn’t notify the other party when messages are deleted. This is due to the fact that once you delete a conversation through iMessage, the conversation will not be deleted for all of the involved parties but only one of them.

Apple has always been a company that is focused on the privacy of its clients, and thus, they do not share the activities of its users with others if the activity does not have a direct impact on the other party.

Since iMessage does not notify anyone that the conversation has been erased, this means that only the person who deleted the messages will know what has happened.

On the other hand, there is a quite new option for apple users when it comes to messaging, and that is to unsend a message.

When you unsend a message, both you and the recipient of the message will be notified that the message has been unsent. This will be in the form of changing the original text you sent to a message that reads, “You unsend a message.”

If the goal of deleting the message is not only to get rid of the message on one device but rather to delete the message from all of the devices that were involved, you must select the option to unsend a message.

Many times it has occurred that you send a message to the wrong person by mistake, and before the implementation of unending a message, the receiving party will read the message that was meant for another person.

This might, at times, be embarrassing since the information that you sent them was not meant for them.

Unsending a message does not come without its drawbacks. If you unsend a message, the other party will know that you did so since the phone will notify the other that a message has been unsent.

If you unsend a message, the other party will want to know why you decided to unsend the message you sent, and it might be a little awkward to have the conversation.

Since unsending a message can only be done to the messages you sent if you want to delete messages from the other person, this is very possible to do.

If you do not want to do all this since the messages you sent were meant for the other person, but you simply do not want to have the messages on your phone, then deleting the conversation will make sure that the messages will no longer be accessible, but only for you.

Since deleting a message from iMessage only deletes that message for one person, there is no need to let the other know that the messages were erased.

While the action of deleting messages might be met by questions of the reason behind this decision, it will not be possible for the other party to know if you do not let them know.

What Happens When You Delete iMessage?

When you delete an iMessage, the message that you delete will no longer be available for you to see.

If you no longer wish to see a message or a conversation that you previously had with someone else, deleting messages is a way to make sure that you will no longer have the messages, and the other party will not know that you have, in fact, deleted any messages.

If you have devices connected through iCloud, it is possible that the messages that are found on iMessage are available on all of the devices which share the same iCloud account.

Therefore, if you decide to delete a message from one of your devices, it will be deleted from all devices.

This means that you have to be completely sure that you no longer want to have the messages on your iMessage application.

It will be impossible to get back a conversation that you have previously deleted, so it is recommended that if there is any important information that was sent through iMessage to the other person, jot down the information and store it in a secure location.

Deleting messages is very different from unsending messages since unsent messages will not be available for any party that was involved in the messages, but if you do decide to do this, the other party will be notified that you have unsent a message.

Deleting messages or a conversation on iMessage is an option that has been available for apple users since the very implementation of iMessages.

Deleting a message or a conversation means that the person that did the deletion will no longer be able to access the messages that were sent on the iMessages app.

This is a good option to go after if you only want to get rid of the messages from your phone without the other person knowing.

If you, however, find yourself wanting to delete a message that you sent the other party, the only way to do this is to unsend the message.

The option to unsend messages is only available to messages that you yourself have sent the other person.

There is no way to completely erase a conversation from both parties since you do not have the authority to delete the messages that others have sent.

Deleting messages or even entire conversations on iMessage is not only possible, but it is also discreet since the other party involved in the messaging will have no idea that the messages were deleted.

The only way to find out if another person has deleted your messages is to ask them directly or check their iMessage notifications. Outside of that, there is no way to know if deletion has taken place.

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