How to Tell If Someone Declines DM on Instagram

Instagram is a platform that allows you to share content such as videos and pictures. You can also interact with people that you know by liking and commenting on their posts. The explore page allows you to explore a whole host of content from people you don’t know.

To see content on Instagram, you have to follow people. If their account is public, then you can view all of their posts without having to follow them. If the account that you want to view is private, then you’ll need to follow the account so that you can see the content. Unfortunately, there’s no way to view a private account without following.

Private accounts are meant to restrict people from viewing an account or messaging them. Think of a private account as an exclusive account that you need to follow before you can gain access to it. If you need to DM someone and their account is private, you should first request to follow their account. If you haven’t been accepted and you need to send them a message, you can send them a message. Before they see a message, it will get put in the Request section in the DMs and you’ll need to be accepted before you can be replied to. Before they accept or decline your request, they can view your message without you knowing.

How to Know If Your Message Gets Declined

There’s no direct way to tell if someone has declined your message request but there are a few indicators.

Note: If they don’t know you, your chances of getting a response or being accepted is very slim.

The first way to tell if you’ve been declined is if a few days have gone by and the message hasn’t been seen and they haven’t responded. If they accepted you, then you’ll see a read receipt below the message that you sent. If it’s been days and you haven’t got a receipt, then your message has probably been left there in the Requests section or has been denied.

How to Know If Someone Accepted Your Direct Message Request?

  1. Open the Instagram.

2. Tap on the Home icon in the bottom left and tap the DM icon in the upper right corner. You can also slide left to open the DM tab.

All the open DMs will be of those who have accepted your direct message request. From here, you can talk to anyone that’s on this list as well as search people who aren’t on that list to start a conversation with them.

Whenever you’re sending a message to someone, if they’ve seen your message by opening it, there will be a Seen read receipt at the bottom of the message. This is how you can know if someone has seen your message as well as accepted your request.