How to Know If Someone Declines Your DM on Instagram

How to Know If Someone Declines Your DM on Instagram

Private accounts are meant to restrict people from viewing an account or messaging them. Think of a private account as an exclusive account that you need to follow before you can gain access to it. If you need to DM someone and their account is private, you should first request to follow their account.

If you haven’t been accepted and you need to send them a message, you can send them a message. Before they see a message, it will get put in the Request section in the DMs and you’ll need to be accepted before you can be replied to. Before they accept or decline your request, they can view your message without you knowing.

Can You Tell if Someone Declines your Message Request on Instagram?

No. You cannot tell if someone declines your message request on Instagram. This is because the is no notification to tell you how they react to your message request.

So, the next time you send someone a message request, all you have to do is to wait and see if they will reply. Unless of course, you use other methods to read the signs, but there is no direct way to know.

How to Know If Someone Declines Your DM on Instagram

There’s no direct way to tell if someone has declined your message request but there are a few indicators.

Note: If they don’t know you, your chances of getting a response or being accepted is very slim.

The first way to tell if you’ve been declined is if a few days have gone by and the message hasn’t been seen and they haven’t responded. If they accepted you, then you’ll see a read receipt below the message that you sent.

If it’s been days and you haven’t got a receipt, then your message has probably been left there in the Requests section or has been denied.

1. If You Send Them A Follow Request Too and They Declined It, Chances Are They’ve Declined Your DM Request

A decline on your DM is quite disappointing and embarrassing especially when you meant well. With Instagram, it happens a lot, and very little you can do about it. So, one of the signs that can tell you someone has declined your DM request, is if they decline your follow request as well.

This is for those people whose accounts are private since you cannot follow them directly, you have to send a request. So, it does not matter how much you mean good to the person, or adore them, if you see this, know they do not want to talk to you. Move on to other things.

2. Send Them Another Message and If They Still Haven’t Accepted It, Chances Are They’ve Declined It

You can try again, one more time. Although it is difficult to text someone who has not replied to your message requests, you can do it one more time before you give up. Chances are that the person has been busy and they did not see your first DM request.

However, if they do not accept and reply to the second one, that’s a confirmation that they have declined your DM request. This is especially for people who are always active on Instagram.

3. Like Their Photos, If They Don’t Like Yours Back, Chances Are They Declined Your DM Request

Understand this, someone who is declining your DM request may not want anything else with you on Instagram. So, chances are, someone who has declined your message requests, will not want to respond to your comments or even like your posts.

It makes sense, and you should expect it. If they do not want to talk to you on their DMs, they do not want to make any contact in other areas. Try liking their posts, or even commenting on them and see if they will do the same to yours. If they don’t, there is your answer, they have declined your DM request.

How to Know if Someone Declined Your Call on Instagram

People do decline Instagram calls just like any other calls. Unfortunately, they will not tell you they are declining your calls and you will not get a notification of any kind that can show you that.

This means you will be left to think about what is happening and look at other signs that might give you an answer. It is a disappointing scenario on the receiving end.

However, understand it happens and you have to find out what is going on soon enough to avoid wasting your time on someone who does not want to talk to you. Here are some of the ways to find out.

1. They Don’t Answer Even Though They’re Online

Since Instagram is an online platform, you will want to call someone when you know they are online. If you call them when they are offline, the call will not ring on their device and they cannot pick up.

However, when you see they are online, and you call several times without any answer, then know they are declining your calls. Sometimes you may also call on different days when they are online and they do not answer. There is your sign.

2. The Ringing Cuts Abruptly

When you make a call, and it is ringing, you are waiting and then it cuts abruptly, know that your call has been declined. Normally, when you call a person on Instagram, the call should ring for some time continuously, and once there is no answer it will end.

An abrupt cut on the other side is not a good sign. This will only happen when the person declines your call while it is ringing.

3. You Only Hear One or Two Rings

This is not so much different from the previous case. It is however quite disappointing. In this case, when you call you will hear one or two rings and the call will end. In such a case, the person on the other end will have declined your call almost immediately when it starts ringing.

4. You’ve Called too Many Times and They Haven’t Answered

You may have so many hopes in someone and decide to call several times to see if they are going to answer your call. Then you make sure that you call them when they are online. In some cases, you may assume they have not heard the call, are busy, or something happened that they did not pick up the call. If this happens, Instagram will say ‘No Answer’.

When you decide to call again the following day, or the day after, and you end up calling so many times and there is no answer, then know they are declining your call. This only does not happen when you are calling strangers or people who do not follow you, it happens even with people who follow you and you are friends.

Obviously, if you have been talking with someone on Instagram, and then all of a sudden you have been calling for some time and they cannot pick up, they have declined your calls.

The worst-case scenario is that the person does not want to talk to you anymore but they do not want to tell you directly.

How to Know if Someone Accepted Your Message Request on Instagram

When you send a message request and a person accepts it, you will have to wait for them to respond. You can tell whether they viewed your message. Open the chat screen, then go to the last message you sent, below the text, it will indicate when the message was seen.

  1. Open the Instagram.

2. Tap on the Home icon in the bottom left and tap the DM icon in the upper right corner. You can also slide left to open the DM tab.

All the open DMs will be of those who have accepted your direct message request. From here, you can talk to anyone that’s on this list as well as search people who aren’t on that list to start a conversation with them.

Whenever you’re sending a message to someone, if they’ve seen your message by opening it, there will be a Seen read receipt at the bottom of the message. This is how you can know if someone has seen your message as well as accepted your request.

1. They Reply to Your Message

Although there is a way of telling when someone views your message on Instagram, the only way to know they have accepted your message request is if they reply to it. They may view and ignore it, but a reply is a clear confirmation.

How to Get Your DM Request Accepted

Sometimes your actions can be the reason people are not accepting your DMs on Instagram. Here are smart tips to follow to change that.

1. Send Them A Genuine Message

A genuine message will get someone interested in accepting and replying to your DM. This is especially if you are a stranger to them. Do not start by asking them weird questions or telling them stories.

Start simple and if they do not know you, introduce yourself and tell them the reason for reaching out.

2. Follow Them As Well As Message Them

A follow will show them that you are interested in them, their content, and everything they are doing. This shows that you mean well and they will be interested in accepting your DMs. If you have a private account, they will also get a chance to access it.

3. Have Mutual Followers With Them

Mutual followers are a sign of common interest. As a result, they will play a key role in convincing a person that you are worth responding to.

4. Know Them in Real Life So Your Chances Are Higher

This is one of the easiest ways. A person is more likely to respond to a DM from a person they know in real life than a stranger. Even if you have just seen each other across the streets, that is a good advantage for them to accept the DM request.

5. Ask Someone They Know to Tell Them to Accept It

This comes when you have tried everything else. You can talk to someone they know and talk to, and ask them to tell them to accept your DM. However, in this case, you have to send the person with a clear reason why they should talk to you.

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