How to Tell If Someone Deactivated their Facebook


If you want to know ways to find out if someone deactivated their account, luckily there are ways to do so.

How to Know If Someone Deactivated Their Facebook

If you’ve tried to messenger someone and you’ve noticed that you can’t message the person, you probably assume that you’ve been blocked, however, this usually isn’t this case.

If someone has deactivated their account, you also won’t be able to send them messages. There are a few ways to know if someone has deactivated their account rather than blocked you.

Ask Someone to Look for their Account

To know if someone deactivated their account, you can ask a friend to search for their profile and see if it comes up. If you do and their profile comes up, this means that you’ve been blocked, if it doesn’t, it means that they have deactivated their account.

You can also ask them if the account has a profile picture if they search for the person’s name and they don’t see a profile at all then it means that the account is deactivated.

Check Your Messages

If you’ve messaged the person on Messenger before, then you can use this to tell if they’ve deactivated their account. If you recognize the message you’ve had with someone, but their name has been replaced with Facebook User, then their account has been deactivated.

Also, if you view the messages and there’s no profile picture, then the account has been deactivated. When you try to click on their account, you won’t be able to visit their profile. At the bottom of the message you’ll see, you can’t reply to this conversation.

Try and Search For Their Name

The first thing you should do to find someone’s account is search their name. If you can still find their profile but their content is unavailable, then they deactivated their account.

If they deleted their account, you won’t be able to find their account. This is also the case if they blocked you. You could also check your Facebook friends list; if they deactivated their account, they should still be on your friends list.

If they’re not on your friends list anymore and you can’t find their profile, they either blocked you or outright deleted their profile.

Log out of your account

If you suspect you might be blocked, which is why you can’t find their account, you can try logging out or logging into a different profile and searching their name there.

If you search their name and see their profile on another account, then you are blocked and their account is not deactivated.

Their Likes Disappear From Your Post

If you want to know if their account is deactivated, try checking posts that you know they liked or reacted to in the past.

If their name is no longer listed in the post’s reactions, they probably deactivated their account, though it is possible they un-reacted or unliked the post for whatever reason.

Look For Facebook User in Messages

If you’ve had past conversations with this person and your message is just with “Facebook User”, they either blocked you or deactivated their account. If you already checked for their profile from another account and you couldn’t find it, then they definitely deactivated their account.

Look For This Content Isn’t Available Facebook When You Visit Their Profile

When someone recently deactivated their account, you’ll still be able to see their profile name and profile picture for a while. However, when you go to their profile and it says “This content isn’t available”, this means they recently deactivated their account.

Look At Pictures You’ve Tagged Them in and See If Their Account is Visible When You Click It

Another way to view or find a deactivated account is to look through pictures or videos you tagged them in. If their name and account is still visible in the tag or post, then their account is not deleted, it’s just deactivated for now.

Looking through pictures you’re tagged in if they tagged you, however, will not work, as all their posted content is unavailable while the account is deactivated.

Your Friends Count Has Gone Down By One

If your friends list count goes down by one, this is not because someone on your friends list deactivated; someone either removed you themselves, blocked you or deleted their account.

Deactivated accounts will stay in your friends list and are available to search, their content will just be unavailable.

So, a good way to know if someone on your friendliest only deactivated their account and didn’t block you or delete their account, is to simply search their name on your friends list. As long as you see the name there, the most they’ve done is deactivate their account.

Search on Google i.e Rhianna Facebook

You can also try searching their name on google, followed by Facebook. For example, if you type “Brianna Smith Facebook” into google and you see their account along with all their pictures, videos and statuses, then their account is still activated.

However, if you go back to Facebook where you’re logged in and can’t find their account (or you find their account but it just says “This content is unavailable.”) then they probably have you blocked.

Check If Their Comments Are Under Your Post

Another way to check if someone’s account is deactivated or unavailable is to check posts they’ve commented on before.

If the comments are no longer there, they’ve deactivated their account. It’s also possible their comment will still be there if they recently deactivated. If this is the case, their profile picture and name will also be visible, but usually you won’t be able to go their profile.

If you can go to their profile and it says “This content is currently unavailable”, then their account is deactivated. However, if you go to their page and still see their content, it’s possible they never deactivated their account and Facebooks servers are malfunctioning.

Ask Them Personally if They Deactivated

If you have another way of contacting the user in question, you could try simply asking them what happened to their account. Many people these days deactivate their Facebook account due to privacy concerns, so this very well could be the case.

It’s also possible that they broke the Facebook rules and that’s why their account is deactivated.  Either way, as long as the two of you are somewhat close, it should be fine to ask what happened.

If Someone Deactivates Their Facebook Can You Still Search For Them

Yes, when someone’s account is deactivated, you can still search for them; their content will just be unavailable. However, if they take it one step further and outright delete their account, you’ll never be able to see their profile ever again, as neither will they. All their photos, videos, and statuses will be completely wiped and are unrecoverable.

What Does it Look Like When Someone Deactivates Their Facebook (you won’t be able to find their profile and if you do, it’ll say This Content Isn’t Available)

You’ll still be able to find someone’s deactivated account through your friends list or tags, but in your likes and comments, the name will not be available to click on and you won’t be able to go to their profile from there.

When you do go to a deactivated accounts profile, it will say “This content isn’t available”. If this is the message you get when you go to a profile, their account is deactivated. There’s no way to tell if this was intentional or they were temporarily suspended from Facebook; only the account owner knows.

However, it’s still possible and even likely their account will come back in the future – as long as they don’t delete their account.

If their accounts deleted, you won’t be able to see any comments or tags – you won’t even be able to see their name on Facebook ever again if their account is officially deleted.

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