How to Tell If Your Call is Being Forwarded


You can forward a call just as you can forward an email. Forwarding a call is when you send the calls that you receive on one device to a different phone number. It’s just like when you receive an email and you forward what you received to another email. Forwarding your calls is a great idea if you’re going on vacation or if you know that you’re in an area that doesn’t have good cell reception.

This is a tool that’s great for someone who gets a high volume of calls that they might not be able to receive. All you have to do is redirect your calls to a different number. You can do this whether your calls go to a mobile device or a landline. What you do when you forward calls is you tell your network to redirect your calls to a different number, which is a setting easily changed on your device. The new destination will receive the call instead of your device.

Tell If Your Call Has Been Forwarded

If you’re someone who wants to know if your call is being forwarded, the answer isn’t clear. You wont know if your call is being forwarded when you call since this is something that happens in a second or less. Normal networks, which is what you probably have, would need an app or program to tell you if your calls are being forwarded because otherwise you wouldn’t know.

Most people just want to talk to the person that they were calling, so it usually shouldn’t make a difference since your call is probably being forwarded for a reason. There isn’t a way without a program to check if your calls are being forwarded on your Android device, but there is a way to see if your iPhone is being forwarded.

On iPhone, if someone has been tracking your device without you knowing, then you can try a simple code to check if this is your suspicion. Launch the phone app on your device. The icon usually resembles one of the old- fashioned phones against a colored background. Type #21# into the phone app using the dial pad on the screen. Complete the call by tapping the call button and this will open up the interrogation menu for you to find out if your calls have been set to be forwarded. This will let you know if your calls are being forwarded to another number or another phone.

Any calls that you forward to somewhere else wont cost the person that you’re sending these calls to any money. Extra costs will be incurred if your forwarding it to an international, forwarding your calls to toll free numbers, forwarding your calls from toll free numbers, and forwarding your number out of state.

You should call your phone service provider before you set up any phone forwarding so that you have an understanding for any costs that might be incurred.

Setting Up Call Forwarding

If you want to set up call forwarding, you can easily do this on either an Android or iPhone device.

For Android

1. Launch the phone app on your Android. It usually has a green icon with a phone in the middle of it.

2. Usually, there’s an icon with three vertical dots in the upper right side of the screen. When you tap the icon, you’ll see a menu appear.

3. From the menu, select “Settings” and you’ll be taken to a phone menu that has settings for your calls.

4. You’ll be able to select “Call Forward” from your phone settings menu.

5. You’ll see a number of options based on what you need. You can select to forward when you’re busy, forward when unanswered, forward when your device can’t be reached, or forward always.

6. Then, you’ll have to add the phone number that you want your calls to be forwarded to.

7. Enable and confirm that you want this to be done.

Redo these steps if you ever want to stop your calls from being forwarded.

You can also access the call forwarding settings by using codes.

On your dial pad, type:

*21* to forward all calls

*004* to forward when your line is busy

*61* to forward when you don’t pick up the phone

*62* to forward when you don’t have cell service

For iPhone

1. Open settings. The app usually has a gear as an icon.

2. Tap Phone in settings.

3. In the Phone section of settings, you’ll see the “Call Forwarding” tab.

4. Switch on Call Forwarding and you’ll be asked the number that you want the calls to be forwarded to.

If you have Verizon as your phone carrier and you have an iPhone, here’s what you need to do.

Enter *72 then the phone number that you want your calls to be forwarded to if you want your calls to automatically be forwarded to that number.

Enter *71 and the number that you want your calls to be forwarded to if you want to have your phone ring before the call is forwarded.

On a Landline

1. On your landline phone, dial *72 and call.

2. Type in the number that you want the calls that go to your landline to be forwarded to.

3. Select the # sign in the end to confirm your number.

To disable this, dial *73.

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