Being able to take screenshots is an absolutely integral part of owning a smartphone, whether developed by Huawei or other smartphone manufacturers. Huawei in particular, while still an Android device, has a very familiar way of taking screenshots along with some of its own features that are generally unique to Huawei devices.

Below are three ways that you can take a screenshot on an Huawei Android device.

How to Take a Screenshot with Huawei Devices

If you’re familiar with Android devices, this method should come as no surprise to you, however, it’s only the first of three methods. Most Android devices you pick up use the POWER button and the VOLUME DOWN button to take a screenshot. Now, of course it varies;Samsung, for example, has the Bixby button you can use to take screenshots.

But generally speaking, if you want to take a screenshot with your Huawei device, press both the POWER button and the VOLUME DOWN button together. You’ll see your screen flash shortly after, along with an audible noise, and you’ll find it in your gallery.

How to Take a Scrollshot

A scrollshot, a portmanteau of “scrolling” and “screenshot,” is a method that doesn’t take a single screenshot, but rather a series of screenshots and then stitches together those images to create a very large, single image.

1. Press together the POWER button and the VOLUME DOWN button again.

2. After the preview of the screenshot appears, tap Scrollshot in the bottom right corner of the screenshot preview. You’ll have to do it quickly because the preview will not stick around for awhile.

3. Tap the screen when you want the scrollshot to finish.

How to Take a Knuckle Smart Screenshot

If you like knocking on doors, then you’ll like knocking on your phone to take a screenshot, also known as a “knuckle smart screenshot.” Before you can make use of this method, you have to enable the gesture in your Settings, like so:

1. Locate and launch Settings, the gear icon. You can open Settings from one of your home screens. If you can’t find Settings there, check inside your App Drawer, where all of your currently installed apps are housed.

2. In the Settings menu, find and select Smart Assistance, then choose Motion Control.

3. Scroll down until you find “Knuckle Gestures.” Below that you’ll see the option for Smart Screenshot. Go ahead and enable it.

4. Knock on your phone once to take a screenshot.