The camera is one of the most exciting features on Apple devices. The built-in Mac iSight camera, or Webcam, allows you to capture fun images of your family and friends. You can also take high resolution selfies for profile pictures or add special effects! Many users don’t yet know how to use this great feature on Mac. This tutorial will show you how to use your Webcam to take photos on Mac.

Take Selfies With The Mac Webcam

Mac OS X comes with the Photo Booth app for taking photos and recording videos. If you have a MacBook or later model of iMac, your device has a bezel screen camera called iSight, that can be used for selfies or just taking regular photos; make movies in iMovie or use iChat. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have a built-in FaceTime camera. You can also record videos with the same tool.

Taking pictures and managing them with your Mac is easy and fun. To take a selfie with your Mac, follow these steps:

Photo Booth

1. Launch Finder on your Mac and then go to Applications > Photo Booth.

2. Launch the application

3. Position your self in front of your Mac Webcam lens

4. Click on the red Camera button to snap the picture

5. A count down will begin which will give you 3 seconds to reposition your self if needed.

6. You can push the Camera button to take multiple pictures.

7. Once a photo is taken, the thumbnail will lodge at the bottom of the Camera screen

8. Select the thumbnail of the photo at the bottom of the Photo Booth screen.

select the download icon

9. On the bottom right of the screen, select the download icon. A list of options to manage your photo will appear.

10. Choose an option to save, download or share it by a few different methods.

Add Special Effects to Your Photo on Mac

Taking a picture with your Mac is really just the beginning! Once you’ve taken your photos, you can add special effects in the Photo Booth app. To add special effects:

choose effects

1. Select a photo. At the bottom right of the window, choose the Effects button.

2. A grid of your photo with different special effects will appear on the screen.

3. Scroll through the grid of options and preview.

4. Choose from the many special effects for your photo by clicking on the photo with the effect that you want. The special effect will be added to your photo.

5. You can also choose from a large selection of built-in backdrops that will place you in the clouds or the moon as such.

6. If you computer has an Intel Core Duo processor or faster, you can use a video clip for your photo backdrop.

7. Substitute a movie clip for the backdrop by dragging the files from Finder.

Contact Apple for Support

If you weren’t able to take a photo using Photo Booth on your Mac by using these steps, contact Apple Support for more help.