How to Stop Spotify From Adding Songs

How to Stop Spotify From Adding Songs

First, you need to understand why you’re hearing songs that you didn’t add to your Spotify playlist. Then you can look at ways to stop this from happening.

Why Does Spotify Add Songs to My Playlist

1. You’ve Clicked the Enhanced Feature

Spotify may have added some songs to your playlist because you, accidentally or maybe even on purpose, turned on the enhanced feature mode. This mode is a new feature that Spotify has introduced to its users. It adds songs to your playlist based on the songs you currency have in it.

It is called the enhanced feature because it is designed to enhance your playlist with these added songs.

Based on your other listening habits, as well as the songs in that specific playlist, Spotify adds songs that they think you would enjoy and match the mood of your playlist.

They also compare your playlist to other playlists that are very similar to yours and include the same songs. Then, any songs that you have not added to your playlist but are in these other playlists they add to yours based on this data.

So, while songs are being added to your playlist without you wanting them to be added, you still may find yourself enjoying the enhanced feature and finding some new songs you would have never heard before.

Whether you accidentally or purposefully turned on the enhanced feature mode, it can be an easy explanation as to why Spotify is adding songs to your playlist.

2. You’re Not Using Spotify Premium

Spotify offers a free service so that you can listen to most artists for free, but they also have an option available to users to pay a monthly fee for Spotify Premium.

This upgraded option offers plenty of features that many think are worthwhile including no ads, unlimited skips, playing whatever song you want, and so much more.

If you do not have Spotify Premium, this could be why Spotify is adding songs to your playlist as they do this to anyone who is using Spotify for free.

This can be incredibly annoying as your playlists are curated by you and meant for your enjoyment, but Spotify has decided to overtake your playlist and add songs you may hate listening to.

While there is no real reason that Spotify decides to do this to the users who have the streaming service for free, it may be an attempt to push their users to upgrade their services to Spotify Premium, as this will cost you money but increase the revenue for Spotify.

If you already have Spotify Premium and are paying the fee to have various upgraded services, then this does not explain why Spotify is adding songs to any or all of your playlists.

3. You Have Less Than 15 Songs

One of the best parts about creating a playlist on Spotify is you can add as many or as few songs as you would like. Your playlist is a reflection of what you want, and that is how it should be.

Maybe you made a playlist on Spotify that lasts for over ten hours, or maybe you made one with just eight songs because it perfectly times out with your daily runs.

Whatever it may be, your playlist is made by you with a purpose. However, sometimes this purpose is ignored by

Spotify and they add songs to any playlist you have made that has less than fifteen songs. This can be incredibly annoying because you created that playlist with less than fifteen songs for a reason, or maybe you were starting to create the playlist and have yet to add all the songs you want.

Spotify then ruins your playlist by adding songs because you have not added enough in their minds.

4. You’ve Clicked Go to Radio By Accident

You might be thinking that songs were added to your playlist on Spotify, when in reality, you accidentally clicked on Go to Radio instead of going to your playlist. This can easily be done with the slip of a finger or if you pressed something on accident.

If you did click the Go to Radio instead, you will be brought to a playlist created by Spotify that includes songs and artists related to the song you were trying to look at.

These “Radios” are public and only altered by Spotify, so you might start to hear songs that are unfamiliar and wonder how they go into your playlist.

The reality is that you are not actually listening to your playlist and have instead gone to a public “radio station” on Spotify so there will be tons of songs that will confuse you as you are not listening to your personally created playlist.

You can easily escape the “radio station” you are listening to by clicking on Playlists on your Spotify app. This will then bring you to your page showing you your playlists and not a public “radio station” so the songs you have added will be there.

5. You’ve Invited Collaborators

Your playlist might also be suddenly playing songs that you never added because you invited collaborators to this playlist. This means that other people are now able to access your playlist entirely and add or remove songs as they please.

Using this feature is really common as you can add any Spotify user you want to your playlist and they can add a little spunk to your playlist.

You might share a playlist with your roommate to play when you guys are cleaning, or share a playlist with a friend to make a perfect playlist for your long road trip that is coming up.

However, sometimes you might want them off your playlist so that it can go back to being made by you and you only.

Adding them to your playlist allows them to be an owner of it as well, which can easily explain why they are songs being added to your playlist that you never added.

In order to stop this, you will have to remove them from your playlist as well as any songs you no longer want to be included in the playlist.

6. Someone’s Logged Into Your Spotify

If someone is logged in to your Spotify, this can be why songs are getting added to your playlist. With access to your account, they also have complete access to all of your playlists, meaning that they can alter them as they see fit.

Because of this, whoever is logged in to your account may be adding songs to your playlists, which is you hear songs you never included.

Whether you logged them in once for your own personal reasons, or someone was able to hack your account and get access to it, being logged in will allow them to change anything they want with your playlists.

7. You Added It And Forgot

A pretty simple reason why songs are being added to your Spotify playlists without your knowledge is that you actually added them and you actually just forgot.

We can all get hooked into a wormhole of just adding songs after songs to your playlists, so it can be easy to forget which exact songs you decided to add. This black-out of adding songs may be the cause of your issues with your playlists on Spotify.

How to Stop Spotify From Adding Songs

1. Turn Off Enhanced

If you accidentally or purposefully turned on the feature called enhance that is offered by Spotify, turning it off may be the way to get songs to stop being added to your playlists. This is a very easy thing to accidentally click on, which makes it very easy to turn off as well.

1. To start, open up the Spotify app and go to the playlist that has songs being added to it.

2. Next, you will see a button that says Enhance that is located right below your username in the playlist.

3. You will see a green icon next to Enhance, indicating that Enhance is turned on.

4. Now, simply just click on Enhance and you will notice that your view of the playlist changes. This means you have successfully turned off the enhance feature.

5. Once you are able to turn enhance feature that Spotify provides, songs should stop being added to your playlist.

However, if you went to do this and noticed that there is no green icon located next to the Enhance button and it was just a gray button, this means that you never turned on the enhance feature so this feature is not the reason that songs are being added to your playlist.

2. Get Spotify Premium

If songs are getting added to your playlists by Spotify, one way to make it stop is to upgrade to Spotify Premium.

This will cost you $9.99, but comes with tons of other benefits outside of just not having songs added to your playlists. To get Spotify Premium, follow these steps.

1. Go to and click on GET STARTED.

2. Now, either log into your existing Spotify account, or you can make a new one if you would like.

3. Once in your account, follow the instructions by Spotify. You will then get activated to start Spotify Premium.

4. Also, you will get the first month free, and can cancel at any time as well.

Spotify may be adding songs to your playlist because you are using the app for free Another version of Spotify Premium you can buy instead, which can save you some money is Spotify Premium Family.

By choosing this option, instead of paying $9.99 each month for just one person, you can pay $15.99 a month but include up to six members under this one fee.

This is a great option to pick if you know some people who also use or want to start using Spotify Premium or maybe you have some family members you know who would like to be included under the Spotify Premium Family plan. If you want to sign up for Spotify Premium Family, follow these steps.

1. Go to and click on GET STARTED.

2. Now, either log into your existing Spotify account, or you can make a new one if you would like.

3. Once you are into an account, follow the instructions by Spotify. You will have to choose who is the “Head” of the account and then that account is charged each month and is the only account that can add up to five other members to Spotify Premium Family.

4. Also, you will get the first month free, and you can cancel at any time.

3. Add More Than 15 Songs

If Spotify is adding songs to your playlist because you have not added more than fifteen songs, the only way to solve this problem is to add more than fifteen songs to your playlist.

If you can think of no other songs you would ever want to be included into your playlist, you can just add the songs that are already in it multiple times.

When doing this, when you go to add the song to your playlist, Spotify will alert you that this song is already included in this playlist. You can then click on Add Anyway or Do Not add. Click on Add Anyway and this will add the same songs to your playlist.

This way, you technically do not have to add any new songs to your playlist, you simply just have to repeat the ones that are already included until you have more than fifteen songs.

If you are okay with changing up and adding some new songs to your playlist, you can add whichever songs you would like until you are over fifteen. If you have no clue what songs you would like to add, you can go to your playlist and scroll all the way to the bottom.

Spotify will now have some songs that they suggest to you to add to this playlist. You can add these songs by simply clicking on the plus side located right next to the songs.

Do this until you have at least fifteen songs now in your playlist and Spotify will stop adding songs on their own to said playlist.

4. Remove the Other Person in the Playlist As A Collaborator

If other people that you have added to your playlist on Spotify as a collaborator are to blame for random and unwanted songs being added to these playlists, removing them as collaborators will stop their ability to be able to add or alter anything about the playlist.

1. To remove someone as a collaborator, open up the playlist that they are added to.

2. Now, you will see the usernames of every collaborator associated with this playlist. Next to each username will be three dots.

3. Click on the three dots next to the username of the collaborator you want off of your playlist.

4. From this, you will be able to click on either Remove From Playlist or Remove as a Collaborator. They will both do the same thing, remove that person from your playlist.

5. Log Everyone Out

If other people are logged in to your Spotify account and altering your playlist by adding songs, logging them out is the only way to stop this. To do this, you will have to change your password.

1. Start by logging out of Spotify.

2. Next, go to log back in.

3. Now, instead of logging in, click on Forgot Password.

4. There will now be a password reset link sent to the email your account was created under.

5. Click on the link sent to you and follow the provided instructions.

6. Now, simply log back into your Spotify account with your new password.

7. By changing your password, any device that your Spotify account is logged in to on will automatically be logged out because of this change.

Doing this will log the people out who are adding songs to your playlists and make your listening experience worse.

However, this will also mean that you will have to log in to any device that you use Spotify on as all accounts were logged out. Remember your new password and log back in on all of the devices that you use your account on.

6. Clear the Cache

Clearing the cache on the device that you are using to use the Spotify app is another potential solution for getting your playlist to stop having songs added to it.

To clear the cache on your device, you will have to look into the device you are using. Doing this will vary depending on the device that you are using since every device has different buttons and settings.

If you are unsure on how to clear the cache for certain apps on your device, just look it up and you will be met with plenty of information on how to clear the cache on the device you are using.

Once you are able to clear the cache, wait a couple of minutes before opening Spotify back up. After a few minutes have passed, you can reopen your Spotify app.

Now that you have cleared the cache for Spotify, this will hopefully end your issues with songs being added to your playlist.

7. Contact Spotify

If all else is still failing and you just want to have songs stop being added to your Spotify playlists, reaching out to Spotify customer support is another solution you can try.

To contact them, go to Once you get to the website, scroll down until you see Send Us a Message.

Click on Message Us and you will now be able to communicate with Spotify to let them know that songs are being added to your playlist, but not by you. There are also some other ways you can go about contacting Spotify.

If you have Twitter, you can go to their account, @SpotifyCares and direct message them about your problems. You can also go to @AskSpotifyStars as well and send tweets to them to try and receive some help.

Their Facebook account,, can also be used to contact them as well.

You can post to their wall about the problems you are having with songs being added to your playlist and they will reach out to you. Spotify does not offer a phone service, so that option is sadly not available.

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