Whatsapp Web Keeps Logging Out? Try These Fixes

How to Stay Logged Into WhatsApp Web

The web-based version of WhatsApp that you can use on multiple devices is called WhatsApp Web. It means you must install it on your phone before using WhatsApp Web from a computer.

You will log in by scanning a QR code on your computer with your phone, which serves as your login ID. It mirrors WhatsApp, allowing you to do what you want on your computer and vice versa.

It syncs your contacts and messages in real-time, effectively replicating WhatsApp. WhatsApp Web is an online platform that allows you to access and use your WhatsApp account from any computer or other device.

After 30 minutes of inactivity on WhatsApp Web, you will be automatically logged out of the service. When you login into WhatsApp Web, you will be given the option to select a box next to the QR code that says “keep me signed in.” As long as WhatsApp runs on your phone, you will use the WhatsApp web. Keep reading to find out all the details.

Why Does WhatsApp Keep Logging Out?

Suppose you use WhatsApp on your computer or tablet in addition to your cell phone. In that case, you may have encountered the problem where the associated devices are automatically logged out after a specific length of time has passed.

Thanks to this capability, users will use WhatsApp on linked devices even if the phone does not have an active internet connection. However, suppose the primary device has not been connected for more than 14 days. In that case, all associated devices will get immediately locked out of their accounts—WhatsApp weblogs out after some time for security reasons.

1. You Haven’t Check the Keep Me Signed

If you haven’t checked the keep me signed in box under the QR code in WhatsApp web, then you won’t be kept signed in. Checking this box stops WhatsApp web from logging you and but you’ll need to remain connected in WhatsApp in order for it to not sign you out.

2. App Out Of Date

If WhatsApp Web is continuously logging you out, you may need to update the app. WhatsApp informed users whose linked devices had been logged out that the situation had occurred due to an unforeseen incident. As a result, the business quickly published a security remedy to address the issue. All that is required is to upgrade your program to the most recent version.

3. Internet Connection Issues

WhatsApp Web on your computer could be disconnecting because you are experiencing computer connection issues. It is essential to ensure your computer’s Internet connection is active if you notice a yellow banner above your conversations list with the error message “Computer not connected.”

Not only does your phone require an active and steady connection, but so does your computer, which must also have the same characteristics.

If WhatsApp Web notifies you that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network interfering with WhatsApp Web’s ability to function correctly, please ensure that your network is configured to bypass traffic.

When connected to a Wi-Fi network interfering with WhatsApp Web’s ability to function correctly, don’t hesitate to contact WhatsApp Support.

4. Your Phone Hasn’t Remained Connected

If you don’t keep WhatsApp connected on your phone, then you won’t be able to stay logged into WhatsApp web on your PC. If you’ve checked the keep me signed in button under the QR code, you’ll need to remain connected to WhatsApp on your phone unless WhatsApp web will log you out you won’t be able to.

5. You’ve Cleared Your Browser History

Do you clear history on your computer frequently. If so, clearing history also clear the data of WhatsApp web stored in your browser. So when you open WhatsApp web, you have to sign in every time after clearing your browsing history.

6. You’ve Tapped The Log Out Button

This might be silly but this also sign you out from WhatsApp web. Do you press log out button yourself from WhatsApp web tab from your mobile? When you are active on WhatsApp web, your mobile tab will show as ‘active on…..’ If you tap log out it will log you out from computers.

How Long Does WhatsApp Web Stay Logged In

After 30 minutes of inactivity on WhatsApp Web, you will be automatically logged out of the service. Once you have logged into WhatsApp online, you will see an option that says ‘keep me signed in.’ Select this option. Select this option if you wish to remain logged in; otherwise, uncheck this box to exit.

After being inactive for 5 minutes, you will get automatically logged out, and you will need to scan your QR code again to re-enter your account. WhatsApp Web will stay logged in for more than a week if your primary WhatsApp device is connected to the internet. WhatsApp Web will log you out at some point, and you will need to sign in again.

On the other hand, if you select the option to “keep me signed in,” closing the tab may not be of assistance. To log out of your phone, go to WhatsApp online and select ‘log out from all devices.’ Alternatively, go to WhatsApp web and choose ‘log out from all devices.’

You may also log out of our computer by selecting the logout option from the menu on our desktop. It will assist you in signing out, and you will need to scan again to sign back in.

Whatsapp Web Keep Me Signed In

If you want to stay signed into WhatsApp Web, you need to check the box under the QR code that says keep me signed in. This will allow you to stay connected to WhatsApp Web as long as WhatsApp is connected on your phone.

The keep me signed in button is the only way to keep you signed into WhatsApp web as long as your phone is connected. If the keep me signed in button isn’t toggled on under the QR code, then you won’t remain signed.

If WhatsApp isn’t connected on your phone, then WhatsApp web will log you out. You need to keep your phone connected for WhatsApp web to keep you signed in.

How to Stay Connected to WhatsApp Web Without Phone

Your phone is most likely the primary device on which you use WhatsApp, and according to the feature, if your phone is offline for more than 14 days, all of the devices linked to it will be automatically locked out.

So, first, verify your phone’s internet connection, and then reconnect your device to the internet once more. By staying logged in on WhatsApp web, you can use it without a phone.

You will not need to scan the QR code each time you use another device to access WhatsApp. You need to scan the QR code for the first time before you can stay connected to the WhatsApp web without a phone. To stay connected, you have to :

1. Open the browser on your PC, search WhatsApp Web on Google and navigate to www.web.whatsapp.com, then press the Enter key.

2. In the next step, you’ll be requested to scan the QR code that displays on your computer. When using an Android, open the app and then hit the vertical three-dot icon, which will take you to the WhatsApp Web application.

The same procedure may be conducted on an iPhone by launching WhatsApp, going to the settings menu, and selecting WhatsApp Web.

3. Now, use your computer’s scanner to scan the QR code that appears on the screen. WhatsApp Web will be available on your PC. By just accessing the chat threads of your contacts, you may immediately begin conversing.

When you click on the new chat symbol, you may start a recent conversation with someone.

WhatsApp Web is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Change “Preserve Offline Storage”

If you’re using WhatsApp web on Firefox, then you need to check the preserve offline storage settings. To do this go to Permission > Site Information > preserve offline storage.

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  1. Why I does it keep logging me out on my phone, which is the primary way of using WhatsApp.
    I now have to wait 7 hours to attempt to log in again.
    I think the people who write the replies maybe misunderstanding what people are asking here.
    I’m using an S8 android

  2. I’m not sure if this article is entirely up to date.
    Whats App web signs people out (regardless of being connected) and the QR code never comes.. it just waits for the QR code, spinning around-and-around.
    The only way to resolve it is restarting the computer and then the QR code finally comes.
    But after a day or two of usage, the web version logs out again (claiming no internet/netwoprk connection) despite internet working fine… at which point you need to restart the PC again.
    Each time you log back in, it uses up another of your 4 linked devices. (so you also need to keep deleting the previous logged in devices, otherwise it thinks you are logged in with more than 4 devices and wont allow a new device).
    Finally,, every time you log back in, all your saved emoji’s history has vanished and you need to re-find them again.
    extremely annoying bug which doesnt seem to have any fix.

  3. The keep me sign-in check box is no longer under the QR code any more. And the what’s app keep logging out. This so annoying, is there any means to get the keep me sign-in check box

  4. this started when I moved from Android to iPhone 15! I literally have to sign in +10 days a day at least! frustrating 🙁


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