Not everyone has an hour or so to dedicate to a really long, dry educational video. If you want to shave some time off, then perhaps you should consider alter the YouTube video’s playback speed. It’s often missed or forgotten.

You can speed up your video as fast as twice the speed or slow it down to a quarter of its original speed. It’s rather handy to have, especially if you’re trying to catch hints and clues in a movie trailer or saving yourself some time.

Enabling HTML5 Flash Player

Before you can speed up or slow down your YouTube videos, you’ll need to enable the HTML5 flash player. If your browser is up-to-date, it should be enabled by default. However, if by some chance it isn’t, there’s nothing wrong with double checking.

1. Open up your preferred web browser, preferably the web browser you’ll be using to watch your YouTube videos.

2. When a page fires up, type into the URL address bar “,” without quotations and hit the Enter key.

Now, you’ll either get a page that has the option to “Request the HTML5 player,” or your browser will let you know that your web browser is up to date.

3. In the event that you see, “Request the HTML5 player,” go ahead and click it. Doing so will not only enable it for your current web browser, but almost most of the mainstream browsers–Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome–those are considered mainstream.

web browser is up to date

4. In the event that you see that your web browser is up to date, you can continue onto YouTube and find a video you want to speed up or slow down.

Speed Up and Slow Down YouTube Videos

Now that you have the HTML5 flash play enabled, you’ll see that your YouTube videos have extra options to fiddle with. More importantly, you’ll have the ability to now slow down or speed up any video on YouTube. You have the power to slow down a video to a quarter (25% or .25) of its original speed. As for speeding up a video, you can push it up to twice its original speed (200% or 2).

Your video quality may suffer slightly. It really depends on the strength of your network connection, but if you’re changing the speed, video quality probably isn’t a concern anyways. At any rate, playback speed can be altered by:

1. Opening your preferred web browser with HTML5 flash player enabled. Head on over to YouTube’s homepage and search for a video you want to speed up or slow down.

2. Now, in the bottom right corner of the video’s border, you’ll see a few different icons. You want to click the gear icon, or your Settings. This will open a menu in the corner of the video.

Playback speed

3. In the middle of the menu, you’ll see Playback speed and what it’s currently set to, which is, by default, set to Normal. Click it.

a list of different speeds

4. From here you’ll see a list of different speeds you can use. The lower the number, the slower the playback speed will be. The higher the number, the faster the playback speed will be. The slowest speed is .25 and the fastest is 2. Each option is in quarter intervals, .25, .50, .75 and so on.

click Custom

5. If you want a custom speed, click Custom in the top right corner of the settings box. Now, you won’t be able to go any lower than .25 nor can you go past 2, but what you can do is instead of moving in intervals of a quarter, you can move in intervals of 5, for example, .25, .30, .35, .45 and so on.