A holiday or a birthday rolls around and you know that you won’t be able to spend time in a store looking through items and navigating through masses of people but shopping online can be nerve-wracking.

You never know if the items are true to their picture or you may be scared that you chose the wrong item. There are mistakes to be made with sizing, color, and make or model. With all the mistakes that can be made when purchasing items online, this may leave you feeling lost or unsure about every purchase.

Below you will find directions on how to online shop and tips to make sure that your online shopping experience is fruitful.

  1. Search for your item online. Use Google Chrome for all your shopping needs because the results that first appear are pictures of items that you can click to be taken to the website.

Also, beneath the search bar, you will see tabs that are labeled that you can click. Click on the tab that says Shopping. This will take you to one of the greatest benefits of using Google Chrome to search for items to buy.

Here you will be able to control what items are shown to you to purchase. You can choose a price range for the item underneath the Price header to the left of your screen. You can also choose items that are only located nearby by checking the box underneath the Show Only header in the upper left side of the screen.

You can also select the box for New Items under the same header to see items that are new. You will also be able to scroll and see options for use, color, and brand. There are numerous ways to make your shopping experience unique on Google.

1. Look on Amazon for the product that you select. You can also use amazon to search for the product that you’re looking for if you’d like. If you are a prime member, you can avoid the possibility of paying shipping fees.

You can also get it in two short days. If you are using the Amazon site, you will see some settings on the left side of the screen that you can select so that you can narrow your search.

You can also see what other people were interested in who were looking for the same item as you. This can help you get new gift ideas or accessories for the gift.

2. Read the item description and the reviews. This is very important because when you read the information in the description, this may provide reasons to buy or not buy the item.

If it is tech, you want to read the description of the sound, the wires, the transducers, or the screen. If it is clothing, you want to read about the feel of the material or the quality of the material. There is usually another product information section with a more succinct summary of what the company would present in the first description.

One of the best parts about Amazon is that you can scroll to see the information about related items arranged in an orderly way. Past the product information towards the bottom of the screen, you will see the reviews and pictures that customers posted after purchasing.

This is important to read so that you know the complaints that others had. For example, if someone complains that the device isn’t good for big ears, but you are buying for someone with small ears, then you can disregard that review.

However, if you’re buying a device for someone with big ears, then you would be grateful that you read the review.

3. Make a decision about what you’re buying. If you have time, then you may want to search for a few other options before making this purchase. Explore websites that are centered around the type of product that you are buying.

For example, if it’s a piece of technology, then you may want to look at Best Buy. If you are buying clothes, look at other clothing websites so that you can get an idea about other possible options and more gift accessories. This may also benefit you to view other deals that may be offered to you.

4. Search for coupon codes before buying your item. You may want to look for items specific for the website that you are buying from. When you first visit a website, you may want to visit the clearance section or head over to view the deals advertised. There are tons of websites that you can use to look for coupons for the items that you buy. You can use any of the following websites:

You can usually copy the coupon codes that they give you on these websites. Sometimes, these websites will also direct you to site wide sales that are occurring on certain sites that can help you get deals on pieces or accessories for your gift. Even if you don’t find anything, it is always worth a try.

5. Put your item in the cart and purchase it. There are still quite a number of steps that you need to take before you have officially purchased the item. Once you put the item in your cart and proceed to checkout, the next few steps in this are crucial.

You will need to make sure that you put the correct address when prompted. Not putting the correct address will slow down receiving the item and complicate the gift giving process. Double check to make sure. Then, you have to put the correct card number. Make sure you are using a website that you trust.

You can check at the top of your search bar in the upper left corner of the screen. You should see a closed lock next to the address to assure that you are using a secure network because your card information is important, and you wouldn’t want anyone else to have access to that. After putting your card information in, remember to put in any coupon codes that you may have found in the box that they present to you.

Order when you’re ready and you’ll be done. If you would like more tips for regularly shopping online, then you can read below.


1. Read the return policy for the item or the website. If you are buying an item that requires precise sizing, then it is especially essential for you to know the return policy.

When you’re giving someone a gift that needs to fit, having the option for them to return it for the right size is a great way for you to assure that you can give someone a gift that they can enjoy regardless of if you get the wrong size. Keep the receipt for this reason.

2. Avoid refurbished tech items. This may be cheaper, but there is no guarantee that the refurbished item will work the same as a new item. Although it is repaired, you would be better gifting someone or buying something for yourself that you know will work fine.

If you are comfortable with taking the chance and buying the refurbished item, do so but only after you’ve made sure that the warranty is going to assure that you won’t be wasting your money.

3. Add on a browser extension so that you can constantly get coupons without looking. Examples of this include Honey, which you can get more information. This free service automatically scans the web for coupon codes after you enter your cart to buy the item.

This makes your online shopping experience quicker and easier. All you have to do is select “Add Coupon” after you see that there are coupons available.