Facebook is a popular social media platform where you’ll find nearly any kind of content you want. Facebooks allows users to interact with one another through text posts, images, and videos, and users love the plethora of choices they have to express themselves on the app. Hundreds of millions of users log into Facebook every day, and the app passed the 1 billion users mark a long time ago.

Because of the emphasis on interaction in the platform, users are bound to see a piece of media they like on their timeline. Specifically, videos are made to be eye- catching and entertaining, so it makes sense you’ll want to share a video you see on Facebook to another platform.

If you want to share videos from Facebook to a messaging platform like WhatsApp, you have two options. One shares the entire post the video is attached to in a link and the other involves using a third- party source to download the video in the post to your device so you can send it the way you would any other video in WhatsApp.

Sharing Video from Facebook to WhatsApp as a Link

This gives the person you send it to a link to the Facebook post where they can view the video and the caption for the video.

1. Launch Facebook on your device and log in with your credentials. When you log in, you’ll be on your timeline.

2. Find the post with the video you want to share.

3. In the bottom right corner of the post is a button called “Share.” Tap on that button and a menu will appear.

4. Select “More Options” at the bottom of the menu.

5. On the menu, select “Copy.” The link will be copied to your clipboard.

6. Now, open WhatsApp.

7. When you initially open WhatsApp, you’ll see all your chat threads. Find the person that you want to send the video to and open your chat thread with them.

8. At the bottom of the chat screen is a text box. Tap and hold down on the text box and a menu that says “Clipboard” will appear. Your clipboard will open.

9. Select the facebook link from your clipboard and it’ll be pasted in your text box.

10. Now, hit the green circle to the right of the text box and the message will send.

Sharing Video from Facebook to WhatsApp using a Video Downloader

If you don’t want to send the entire post with the video to the recipient, then you can use a Facebook Video Downloader.

To use this site, you have to copy the link to the Facebook post the video is in as instructed in the previous set of directions. Then, you paste that link into the text box on the site and hit “Download.” The video will be downloaded to your device. Once you have it, you can open WhatsApp and send the video to the recipient of your choice.

Now, you can share the post with the video or just the video to whoever you want in WhatsApp without any struggle.