It seems that just about everyone uses Facebook to share information and media. If you work on your Mac a lot, you may want to integrate your Facebook account with your Mac. Facebook and Twitter access has been built in to Mac since OS X Mountain Lion.

Facebook integration allows the user to post on Facebook from any app with Share button. Once Facebook is setup in OS X, you can post status updates from the Notification Center directly to your Facebook.

You can also locate your Facebook friends in Contacts! However, to use it, you must establish a connection. If you want to integrate your Mac with Facebook, this tutorial will show you how.

Note: macOS Mojave removed Facebook and Twitter integration from the operating system as a step toward enhanced privacy.


The Facebook to Mac integration requires an iInternet connection and recent software programs. Check off these prerequisites before you integrate Facebook to your Mac:

1. Make sure you are running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 or later on your Mac for Facebook integration.

2. Have an active Facebook account with log in credentials

3. Good Internet connection for your Mac

Update Your Mac

It is always a good idea to update your Mac and backup your data whenever you are going to make changes to your Mac. To update your Mac:

Go to Apple > Software Update > Update

1. Go to Apple > Software Update > Update

After the update and restart, you can follow the steps to setup your Mac for the integration.

Setup Facebook On Your Mac

Setting up Facebook to integrate with your Mac can stop the back and forth to the browser to access Facebook. Setting up the integration is pretty straightforward. As long as you have an Internet connection, you should be able to complete the setup process and use Facebook from your Desktop. To set up your Mac to integrate with Facebook, follow these steps:

1. Go to Finder and click System Preferences from the Dock. Or, go to Apple > System Preferences

Select Internet Accounts

2. Select Internet Accounts (or Mail Contact & Calendars on the older version).

3. From the Internet Accounts list in the preference pane, select Facebook on the right side of the pane.

4. Enter Facebook username and password and click on Next.

5. Agree to the information sheet about what will be synced by clicking Sign-in button. After you click the Sign-in button, the application will:

6. Add your list of Facebook friends to the Mac Contact app, keep it in sync with Facebook, and update Contacts automatically.

7. Facebook events will be added to your Mac Calendar app

8. Your Mac apps can access your Facebook with the right corrections

9. You can post status updates to Facebook from Mac apps which supports the feature, such as Safari, Photos, the Share button, or the Notification Center.

If you are not able to connect to your Facebook account after the setup, check to see if you are logged in on the preference pane. If you have trouble with your password, you may receive a notification that you are being sent a code. Once you receive the code, enter it and see if you can connect. You may even be able to get in with two-factor identification. If you can’t connect, you can delete the Setup and try to setup again.

10. Once your Facebook account if integrated, you can use most of your Facebook features, such as posting and sharing posts. To share your Facebook pages in Safari, you can click on the Share button in the Safari Address Bar. Then select Facebook.


11. Choose how you will receive your Facebook notifications by going to Apple > System Preferences > Notifications > Choose Facebook from the left pane. Select the notification method that is best for you.

Note: You can send Facebook updates direct from Safari by clicking on the Share icon.

Control Your Facebook and Contacts Integration

Facebook integration empowers the user to do more in less time and with less effort. Syncing your favorite, or most used apps can create strong networks that you can draw from with simple clicks of your mouse. Control the integration of your Facebook account and Contacts from the Contacts apps Preferences and Internet Accounts.

Contacts App Method

Control the Facebook and Contacts Integration using the Contacts App Method by following these steps:

1. Launch Contacts from the Dock or Applications folder

2. Select Preferences from Contacts Menu

3. Go to Internet Accounts > Facebook

4. Toggle Contact Syncing by clicking the Contacts Box. Your Facebook contacts should appear in your Contacts app. If you can’t see your contacts, try refreshing the page. (You can also do the same for your Calendars app.)

5. You can disable the Facebook account by unchecking Enable this account

Internet Accounts Method

Control the Facebook and Contacts Integration using the Internet Accounts Method by following these steps:

1. Establish the Handshake. Launch System Preferences and go to Internet Accounts preference pane

2. Select Facebook from the left pane.

As you can see from the screenshot, you can integrate many social media applications on to your Mac. Choose Facebook from the list.

1. Enter your Username and Password. Click on Next.

2. Review the Permission Summary and click Sign in

3. Click on Update Contacts. Choose or reject option to upload photos for your Contacts

If you are not able to integrate Facebook with your Mac because of the Can’t connect to the account “Facebook” notification, first check your Internet connection. If that was not the problem, make suer that you are using the correct username and password when prompted.

Install Facebook Icon on your Desktop

After integrating Facebook and your Mac, you will want quick access to the app. You can easily install an icon for Facebook on your Mac desktop by following these steps:

1. Open Safari and type in

2. Click on the small Facebook icon to the left of the Facebook URL and drag it to your desktop.

3. Open Google Images and search for a Facebook logo.

4. Once you find one, double-click on the logo image and select Full-Size Image from the right panel.

5. When your selected image opens in a new window, go to the Safari drop-down menu and select Edit > Select All. Then go to Edit > Copy.

6. Close out the window

7. Go to your desktop and select the URL that you dragged to the desktop. Right-click the URL and select Get info.

8. Click on the Safari icon to the left of the URL

9. Go to Finder > Edit Menu > Paste. You should now have a shortcut to Facebook on your desktop that is a direct link to the app. You can also drag the new icon to your Dock if you want.

10. To access Facebook from the icon, just double-click on it.

Note: If you are using MAC OS X 10.5 or later, you can use Facebook Desktop 1.9 to enhance your experience with your Facebook Mac integration.

Check Your Security Options

Now that you are on your way with Facebook on your Mac, its time to make sure your computer and data are still private and secure. Facebook is notorious for privacy and account security issues, which puts your private information at risk.

You have a few ways for checking your security options. Using locations services for Facebook means you should also check your privacy options to make sure they are what you prefer. Check your privacy settings by following these steps.

1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab

2. Review your privacy options for Facebook.

3. If you like, you can change your privacy settings

Contact Apple Support

If you were not able to integrate Facebook to your Mac using these steps; or, if you are having security issues during the process, you can contact Facebook, Apple Support, or the Genius Bar for more help.