Having the ability to schedule reminders with Google Home makes life a lot easier to handle. When you have a hundred things going on at once, it can be a chore to remember every single errand you have to carry out for the day. By setting reminders with Google Home, you can alleviate some of that pressure and streamline your schedule.

With Google Home, you have two choices for settings reminders: with your voice or typing the reminder yourself. Either one works just fine and is solely for preference. On top of that, you can create time-based reminders or location-based reminders. Whether you’re using the Google app or the Google Home speaker, setting reminders has never been easier.

Setting a Timed Reminder with Google Home

1. Find and open the Google app.

2. In the bottom right corner of the screen, select More, which is represented by three horizontal dots.

3. In the menu, tap Reminders. In the bottom right corner of the Reminders page, select Add Reminder, indicated by the addition sign.

4. Tap “Add a Reminder” and type in a message for yourself with the virtual keyboard, preferably a message that pertains to the reminder.

5. Type in a Title, and then choose the Time. Additionally, you can add a Location, however, the reminder works slightly different. You can read all about it in the section “Setting a Reminder for a Location” down below.

6. Now decide if you want the reminder to be put on repeat or none at all. You can go by specific weeks and weekdays or forever. Simply tap the day you want the reminder to repeat on, then select DONE.

7. When you’re finished creating your Reminder, tap the checkmark in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Using Your Voice to Set Reminders

For those of you looking for a more hands free approach, you can use your voice to set reminders instead. Before you can use voice commands, you’ll need to allow the Google app to actually take your commands. That can be done by simply saying “Ok Google.” It will then walk you through the process of giving it permission.

1. With Google Home ready to go, you can start the process by saying “Ok Google” or, alternatively, locate and launch the Google app.

2. When Google is ready to listen, tell the assistant “Set reminder for [time and date].”

3. Next, Google will ask you what the reminder should be. You can voice the reminder or type it, but it should be a message that pertains to the event.

Setting a Reminder for a Location

Using Google Home to set a reminder for a specific location is a neat feature that only reminds you when you’ve reached said destination. For example, if you’re heading to the grocery store, you can let Google know to grab bread when you reach said store.

The conversation goes something like this:

You: “Okay, Google. Remind me to pick up bread at Wal-Mart.”

Depending on your location, Google will search nearby areas for the store you’re referring to. In the example above, Google will search for the nearest Wal-Mart (or you can specify a different location) and ask if that’s the one you meant.

Google: “You have several options. Your first option is [address]. Do you mean this place?”

You: “Yes.”

Google: “Okay. I’ll remind you when you get to [store’s location].”

The reminder can be time-based, too, but reminders for specific locations generally go into effect when you reach the specified address.