Multiple monitor set ups are now pretty commonplace in both work and school settings. Having another display can be useful no matter what you’re doing. If you need multiple screens for viewing different media at the same time without minimizing one or the other, then you can have that. Coding becomes tons easier with another screen to help you. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, if you have multiple screens, then you’ll want to customize each one for individuality. One of the easiest forms of customization is having a unique wallpaper. You can now have a wallpaper for each of your monitors with the Windows 10 update without downloading a third party tool. Here’s what you have to do.

Setting a Different Wallpaper on Each Monitor

1. Go to your desktop.


2. On your desktop, right click on an empty space and a menu will appear.

3. On the menu, select “Personalize” which will usually be at the bottom of the menu. You’ll be navigated to a new screen.


4. You’ll now be in the section where you can choose your background. At the top of the screen is how your background currently looks. If you have a picture in your files that you want to use, select “Browse” in the middle of the screen so you can sort through your file manager and choose a picture.

5. Right click on your picture and select which monitor you want it to be for.

6. Look at the top of the screen and see if the background looks the way that you wanted it to. If it does, then that’s all you have to do.

7. Repeat the fourth step and select the other picture that you want for that monitor, only this time right click on that picture and select the other monitor.

That’s all you have to do. Everything is much simpler now with the update.