Google Home devices can do all sorts of things with your smart devices around the house. They can play music, lock your doors, control your light, and many other things.Google Home devices also allow you to set alarms using voice commands.

You can also set alarms that go off on set days of the week, like everyday for work, you can name the alarms, ask what alarms you already have set, or set your alarm to go off with music and have a snooze button as well.

How to Set Alarms with Google Home

1. First, you need to say “OK Google” to make your Google Home device listen. If you have the Google Home, Google Home Mini, or the Google Max speaker, you can also say “Hey, Google” to wake your device up if you want

If you happen to be using Google Assistant on your phone you might have to unlock the screen before saying this phrase

On iPhone you need to open your Google Assistant App before you say this phrase also

2. To set a one time alarm, Say “OK Google, set an alarm for 8 AM(whatever time you would like) this will set an alarm that will go off one time at the time you said. You can also say “OK Google, set an alarm” and wait for Google to ask what time you want the alarm set, then say what time you want the alarm and you wont have to say “OK Google” again

3. To set a recurring alarm using Google Home, say “OK Google, set an alarm for Thursdays at 4 PM” and Google will set an alarm that will go off every Thursday at that time. You can also say “OK Google, set a recurring alarm” and then your Google Home device will ask what time and what day you would like your alarm to repeat on

To set an alarm for every day of the week, just say “OK Google, set an alarm for 7:30 AM every day. Google will set an alarm that goes off every day at the time you told it to

4. If you want to name your alarm you can. Naming alarms is good so you can remember why the alarm is set. Say you take medicine every day at the same time, you can just say “OK Google, set an alarm for 12 PM everyday called medicine”. Google won’t announce what alarm is going off when it starts, but you can ask it “OK Google, what alarm is this?” and Google will tell you which alarm is going off right now

5. If you want your alarm to play a specific song, artist, or genre of music, you can do this too. Just say “OK Google, set an alarm for 10AM that plays Rock music”. You have to have some kind of music streaming service linked with your Google Home device to use this feature, and you can only pull from music that is accessible through your streaming app.

6. To find out what all the alarms you have set currently are, you can ask a few different things.

  • You can ask “OK Google, what alarms are set?” this will tell you all about what alarms you have active and when they are set for
  • You can ask “OK Google, what time is my Medicine alarm?” which will tell you the specifics of that exact alarm
  • You can also ask what alarms you have set for a certain day by saying “OK Google, what time is my alarm on Thursday?” and this will tell you what alarms you have set and what time for that day

7. If you want to stop an alarm that is going off, you can snooze the alarm by saying “OK Google, Snooze.” It will automatically snooze the alarm for five minutes, but you can snooze it for a specific time by saying, “OK Google, snooze for “X” minutes.” You can also turn the alarm all the way off by saying “OK Google, stop.” Or you can tap the controls on the top of your Google Home speaker.

8. To cancel alarms, you can ask Google to cancel them by name like “OK Google, cancel my medicine alarm” or you can say “Ok Google, cancel my alarm” and Google will then list off your current active alarms and then ask you which one you would like to cancel. If you want to cancel all of your alarms just say, “OK Google, cancel all the alarms” and this will clear your set of alarms and start you from scratch.