Are you betraying your Android brothers and sisters and switching over to an iOS device, like an iPad? Or maybe you have one alongside your beloved Android. Whatever the reason is, transferring videos from an Android device to an iPad is actually relatively easy.

What makes it so easy is that Apple has a handy app, developed by Apple, to help transfer all kinds of data from photos and videos to your contacts. In other words, you do not have to rely on some third-party app that would sooner swipe your data than transfer it over. You can make this happen with the Move to iOS application. Look at that, it says it right on the box.

How to Use ‘Move to iOS’ App

As the name says, ‘Move to iOS’ will help you easily migrate over data from an Android device to an iOS device, which includes iPad. You can move over your contact information, bookmarks, messages, but more importantly, your videos. And since this is done over Wi-Fi, you can make the switch over a secure network, provided it’s your network and it’s protected. Do not, by any means, use a public network to transfer your Android data.

Here’s what you do:

1. First, plug both the Android device and iPad onto the charger. Depending on how large the transfer is, you don’t want either device dying in the process nor will you be able to either device until the process is complete.

2. Speaking of storage, make sure that your iPad can handle the influx of new data.

3. Enable Wi-Fi on your Android device and iPad.

move date from android

4. On your new iPad choose Move Data from Android.

5. Launch the Move to iOS application. You can download it off the Google Play Store if you haven’t installed it already.

6. Tap Continue and read the terms and conditions. If you agree with them, tap Agree.

7. Now tap Next in the top right corner. You will be asked to enter a code. Go over to your iPad.

8. After choosing ‘Move Data from Android,’ on the following page tap Continue. In doing so, you should get a 6-digit or 10-digit code.

9. On your Android device, punch in the 6-digit and or 10-digit code you received. When successful, the Transfer Data screen will appear.

10. Choose the content you want to share. In this case, Camera Roll is fine, but the others can be ignored. Camera Roll will contain your videos. Tap Next in the top right corner to start the transfer.

11. When the transfer is complete, you can finish setting up your iPad without your Android device.

It’s best to start this process before you go to bed. Depending on how much content is being moved over, it could very well take awhile. Not only that, the strength of your Wi-Fi is also a factor; the better it is, the faster the process takes. However, the downside to this method is that it works best for iOS devices that you have not set up yet.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you plan on making the switch from Android to iOS, Apple makes it very convenient and easy with their Move to iOS application. It makes the process of transferring data painless. On top of that, it’s an application you can trust.