How to Send Snap From Camera Roll As Streak

How to Send Snap From Camera Roll As Streak

The problem with the Snapchat app and sending photos and videos is that they have to be sent live.

This means that you only have one shot to capture that person or yourself before you send it to someone. It’s also a nuisance when you want to send someone something as a red snap, as a streak when it was taken a while back in your camera roll. You may be tired of sending the same type of selfie to someone, and rather than having to get out of your bed to send one again, you can just upload a snap from your camera roll.

This means that you don’t have to take live photos and videos to send as a normal snap and not as a chat, you can just go back in your camera roll and look for images and videos there to send them as a normal snap.

It is possible to send a snap from your camera roll or memories as a streak rather than an blue chat message. Pictures from your memories can be sent as a normal picture using filters, third-party apps, and stickers. To the recipient, it’ll look like you took the snap with your Snapchat camera rather than grabbing it from your camera roll. If you want to send videos from your camera roll or memories as a snap and not as a chat, you can also do this using Snapchat filters and third-party apps.

How to Send a Picture From Camera Roll As a Snap, Not a Chat

1. Using A Snapchat Filter

The best way to send a photo or video from your camera as a live red or purple snap to one of your friends on Snapchat is by using a Snapchat filter. As weird as it sounds, there are a lot of filters on Snapchat that allow you to send a picture from your camera roll as if it was just taken.

1. You need to make sure that you have the photo that you want to send a normal snap in your camera roll. This is because the filter will pull up your camera roll or gallery so that you can choose the picture that you want to send as a normal snap.

2. Go to Snapchat chat and select the smiley face icon next to the take a photo button. This will allow you to pull up filters and search for the camera roll filter that’ll allow you to send snaps from your memories as if they’re a normal snap.

3. Click on the explore button on the bottom right that has a search icon. From here, you want to search for camera roll and this will bring up a bunch of filters that’ll allow you to upload a snap like a normal snap from your camera roll.

4. Search for camera roll and select one of the filters. From here, your gallery will be pulled up and you’ll be prompted to select a photo from your camera roll.

5. Once you’ve selected a picture, it’ll show up as if you’ve just taken a live snap and from here, you’ll be able to edit it like any normal snap that you take.

6. Once you’re done, you can choose who you want to send the snap to.

7. When the person receives the snap, it’ll look like you’ve just taken the snap using Snapchat like normal.

The downside of using this method is that at the bottom right of the snap, the icon of the filter will say from camera roll and people who are very familiar with snap will know that you’ve sent that using a live photo and it’s not something that you just took now using the snap app. When they click on the filter icon at the bottom right of the snap that you just sent them, it’ll pull up the filter that you just used and it’ll allow them to use it and select a photo from their gallery.

If you want to post a picture on Snapchat without it saying from camera roll, you need to use a third-party app or use a sticker. Using either method will send snaps to people from your camera roll without saying it’s from the camera roll so they’ll never know.

2. Using A Sticker

Another way that you can send a picture from your camera roll as a normal snap is by using the sticker app. The downside of using the sticker method is that it blurs the picture slightly so that’s something you have to be fine with. However, it means that it actually looks like you took the snap now and there’s no filter icon in the bottom right of the snap.

1. Go to the Snapchat app and select the memories icon > then select camera roll and select the picture you want to send as a normal snap.

2. In the bottom left, select the pen tool to allow you to edit the picture and make a sticker using it.

3. Select the scissor tool and draw around the edge of the picture to create a sticker from it. Once you’re done, the sticker that you just make should be a rectangle of the picture. It’ll be automatically saved into your stickers.

4. Get off the memories section and take a snap as you would normally.

5. From here, you want to click on the stickers icon which is the icon of a piece of paper with a fold in the corner. Tap on the scissor icon at the top row to pull up stickers you’ve previously made.

6. Once the sticker is selected, drag it with two fingers and make sure that it fits all corners of the screen.

7. Send the snap to your friends like you would a normal snap.

3. Using The LMK App

LMK is a social app and it can allow you to post snaps from your camera roll as a snap, not a chat. To use it:

1. Open Snapchat and tap on the camera icon in the middle of the bottom navigation bar to open up the viewfinder.

2. Swipe up from the bottom to access your Snapchat memories.

3. In your memories, tap on the Camera Roll tab to open your photo gallery.

4. Select the photo/video that you want to send as a snap for streaks and not a normal chat.  You don’t have to be cautious about the photo or video that you select because any photo and video will work so you don’t have to worry about your choice of media. The age of the photo or video is also irrelevant.

5. This photo or video is what will send as a snap that you can use for streaks and it won’t just send as a chat. From here, if you just send the snap to your friends like normal, it’ll be sent as a blue chat and not as a normal snap you can use for streaks. To send it as a snap, you need to edit it.

6. To edit the photo, tap and hold the photo for a few seconds. A menu with 5 different options: Export Photo, Delete Photo, My Eyes Only, Edit Photo, and Send Photo.

7. Select Edit Photo. This will take you to the editing screen.

8. On the editing screen, you’ll see two black bars on the photo. one on the top, and one on the bottom. When you edit the photo, it’ll get rid of the black bars. If you don’t edit the photo, sending the photo as a snap will contain the two black bars which will make it unrealistic.

9. Tap on the Share at the bottom left.

10. Select Save image to save the image to your camera roll. This will make it seem like you took the photo from Snapchat and not your phone’s camera roll or gallery.

11. Download the LMK app. It’s available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. The app allows you to make friends by asking questions or polls via stickers and t can also be used to send snaps from your camera roll as a normal snap.

12. Once downloaded, open it and tap on Sign in with Snapchat to connect your Snapchat.

13. Once you’ve logged in, select the + icon and select post. This is where you can send a photo or a video from your camera roll as a normal snap.

14. Select Post to upload a photo/video from your camera roll to the app.

15. Select the camera icon on the left corner of the screen. After you selected the camera icon, your camera roll will be opened.

16. Select your previously saved photo/video. Make sure that it is just one video as you can’t select more than one photo or video at once. If you want to send several snaps from your camera roll as a normal snap, you have to do them one at a time.

17. Tap on Post to Snapchat to post it to Snapchat. Selecting Post to Snapchat will open the Snapchat app and your previously saved photo will be in the background.

18. As LMK is a Q&A app, there will be a Q&A sticker on top of your photo which might indicate to others that this wasn’t truly taken from your Snapchat camera. To avoid people thinking this, you’ll want to delete the sticker and the attachment that came from the LMK app.

19. Drag and drop it on the trash bin and remove the attachment by tapping on the Paper clip icon > Remove Attachment. Deleting the sticker and the attachment will make it look as if it was taken live on your camera roll.

20. To remove the attachment, Select Paper clip on the left of your screen. Once you tapped on the Paper clip icon, it’ll open the LMK app.

21. Next, tap on Remove Attachment to remove the attachment from your photo or video you want to send as a normal snap. Now, the photo/video looks like you’ve just taken it from the Snapchat app as if you were going to send a normal snap.

22. Lastly, tap on the arrow icon to send it to your friends. Doing this will bring up your Snapchat friends list.

23. After you’ve sent the picture from the LMK app, it will be sent as a normal snap and it’ll be able to send as a streak, not an in-chat message. It’ll be marked as Delivered and Received instead of appearing in chat.

4. Take A Picture Of The Picture

If you want to send a picture or video as a red or purple snap from your camera roll, you can use the phone you have Snapchat installed on and film the photo or video you want to send as a normal snap. Doing this is quick and it’ll allow you to send red or purple snaps without any hassle.

However, the downside is that taking it from another phone might look obvious and the other phone’s pixels may show. You can use Snapchat’s native filters to edit your snap so that it doesn’t look like you’ve taken a picture or video of another phone.

5. Casper APK For Android

Another way to send a red snap from your camera roll is to use third-party apps for Android like Casper APK. You should be aware that using any Third-Party applications to access Snapchat is against its terms of use and you risk getting your Snapchat account banned because of the use of third-party apps that aren’t available in your phone’s native app store.

If you have an Android and you have an older version of Android, you can use an app called Casper. This will allow you to upload pictures to Snapchat as a red snap from the phone’s gallery.

1. Download the Casper.apk file  and install it. Your Android will prompt you saying that you might be downloading potentially harmful software for your phone.

2. To install the Casper.apk, go to settings and turn the unknown sources on. This will allow you to download third party apps that aren’t in Google play.

3. Log out of your Snapchat Account.

4. Open Casper and login into your Snapchat account.

5. On the home screen, tap on the plus icon. This will bring up different options to send snaps as a normal snap.

6. Select Choose from gallery and select a photo or a video. Once you’ve selected a photo, do all of the edits that you want to do.

7. On the bottom-right, tap the send icon and choose the friend you want to send the snap as a red snap to. Your photo or video will now be sent as a normal snap and it’ll be able to send as a streak, not an in-chat message. It’ll be marked as Delivered and Received instead of appearing in chat.

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