WhatsApp has this annoying habit of reducing the resolution of the photos you send when speaking with someone on WhatsApp. When viewing on a computer, you’ll notice that many details have been blurred, a sign of its resolution being altered.

Is there any possible solution for sending full resolution photos in WhatsApp? Two, in fact. Look below for the answers to your question.

Send Your Photo as a Document

By choosing to send it as a Document, you are actively freezing the size of the photo, thereby freezing the resolution of your photo. Since it treats it as a document rather than a phoot, your photo stays intact and keeps its original resolution. Neat trick, right?

Here’s what you do:

1. Locate and open WhatsApp.

2. Now select the Chats tab located in the top left corner of your screen or, if you’re an iOS user, you’ll find the Chats tab in the lower left corner of your screen.

3. Select a conversation you would like to send a full resolution photo to. Simply tap on their name to open your chat log with them.

4. At the bottom of your screen you’ll see your text box and a few icons. Tap the paperclip icon, that’s your Attachments button.


5. Now, when the menu appears to choose the kind of file, select Document. If you pull a photo from your gallery, then you’ll end up losing precious resolution by way of WhatsApp.

Browse other docs…

6. Now browse your device’s storage for the photo you would like to send. In order to reveal your photos, tap “Browse other docs…” and, when redirected, choose Images in the left hand panel.

7. Find you the photo you want to send, select it with your finger and choose Send. This will immediately redirect you back to the WhatsApp and immediately send your attached photo with its full resolution intact.

Send Your Photo as a Zip File

So, what about sending multiple photos? You could send them individually or in bulk, but that’s going to be a hassle for the person on the other end, with them having to select each photo individually and download them. It would be way easier for you, but more importantly the other person, if you send your photos as a .ZIP file.

Now, before you try this method, you will need a way of archiving your photos into a .ZIP file. Using a file manager like Solid Explorer File Manager will allow you to compile a group of photos, send them on their way with their full resolutions intact.

1. Install Solid Explorer File Manager or an equal application that can archive your photos as a .ZIP file. For the sake of this guide, Solid Explorer File Manager will be used from here on out.

2. Locate and open the Solid Explorer File Manager app. You can find the Solid Explorer File Manager app by checking on one of your home screens, swiping back and forth to reveal more than one.

[NOTE]: If you can’t find the Solid Explorer File Manager app there, open your App Drawer. Any and all apps currently installed make their home in your App Drawer. For those of you using an iOS device, no such App Drawer exists. All of your apps are housed on your home screen.

3. Start by pressing and holding your finger on a single image. This will select that photo and allow you to simply tap on additional photos.


4. Select More, the three vertical dots located in the bottom right corner of your screen. In the drop down menu, choose Archive.


5. Now, name your archive. Then tap Type and choose .ZIP or 7ZIP. It doesn’t matter which one you choose. For Compression, you can change that as you see fit, but Default is fine.

6. When you’re ready, tap Create.

7. When the ZIP file is complete, locate and open WhatsApp. Its app icon is a white phone within a green and white speech bubble. You can find WhatsApp by checking on one of your home screens, swiping back and forth to reveal more than one.

8. Perform the same steps you would when sending a single pictures, showcased in the previous section.