How to Send a Snap to Everyone

How to Send a Snap to Everyone

Users of the application will find that any pictures, video, or message that they send is only available to view for a certain amount of time. This sense of urgency is what draws people to Snapchat and is what makes it fun for users of the app.

The method to send a Snapchat is relatively straightforward but it can be confusing when trying to send a Snap to everyone on your friends’ list. This guide helps break down the ways that you can send a Snap to everyone on your friend’s list or multiple people.

1. Select Everyone’s Name When Snapchat Asks Who You Want to Send it to

One of the simplest ways to send a message to multiple or all of your friends on Snapchat is to just select all of their names when prompted for a recipient of the message you are sending.

This can be troublesome for those with extremely long friends lists but is still a viable method for sending a Snap to many different users at once. You will have to check all of the users you would like to send the Snap to manually, which can be time-consuming and tedious.

If you are an Android user, you will have more options available to you that can make the process of selecting a large number of friends on Snapchat easier. On Android devices, you have the option to install Xposed Framework, which allows additional addons to be installed on your device.

Using Xposed Framework, you can install the popular SnapAll module. SnapAll adds a new select all people button to your Snapchat application, allowing you to send messages quickly and easily to your whole friend’s list.

The steps to install SnapAll on your Android device are as follows:

Step One: Install Xposed Framework

The first step is to install the Xposed Framework software on your device. This will allow you to install the SnapAll module on your phone. Before you begin, there are some preemptive measures that you should take.

1. Back Up Your Device

When installing Xposed Framework, it is possible to run into errors that could potentially render your device unusable. Because of this, you should back up any critical data that is currently housed on your device.

2. Check Your Version of Android

You should check the software and firmware version of your Android device to be sure that it is compatible with Xposed Framework. This will also determine which download link you should choose.

3. Identify Your Device’s CPU Information

You should properly identify your Android device’s CPU architecture. There are several applications that you can download like, Droid Hardware Info that will reveal this information to you.

4. Root Your Device

You must have first rooted your Android device, which is the process that allows for users to access settings that are originally restricted. These settings involve installing and uninstalling whatever software you want on your phone.

A google search for rooting your android device will provide many different guides to help you complete this task. Once you have finished that process, resume this installation guide.

5. Install Android Debug Bridge and Fastboot on your PC or Mac

Now that you have the preemptive steps out of the way, you should find and install Android Debug Bridge and Fastboot on your PC or Mac. These software applications come packaged in a bundle called Platform Tools, released by Google. You can find them at

These applications are command-line tools that will let you customize your phone’s internal programming using your computer. These tools will be necessary for a proper installation of the Xposed Framework software.

6. Install TWRP

TWRP, or Team Win Recovery Project, is a software application for Android devices that allows users to install third-party applications like Xposed Framework. This will be necessary to complete the installation properly.

7. Download the Proper Xposed Installation Package To Your PC

Using your version of Android and your device’s CPU architecture to identify the proper installation package, find and download the proper file. You must match up your version with the proper download, or else your risk damaging your device.

8. Connect Your Phone To Transfer the Download

After you have downloaded the proper files, simply connect your phone to your PC and enable file transfers to transfer the relevant files over for use on your device. These files include the entire installation package that you downloaded in the previous step.

Using the command-line tools that you installed in the previous steps, execute the command “ADB reboot recovery”. When prompted, tap Install from the TWRP menu. From the TWRP application, find the installation package that you have downloaded and then swipe on the “Swipe to Confirm Flash” option.

After that, you will be prompted to reboot your system. When your phone reboots, go to and download the APK file located there. When the download is complete, open the file, and when asked to install the application, click Install to confirm and begin the installation.

You can now open Xposed Framework and install modules like SnapAll.

Step Two: Find SnapAll in the Xposed Framework Software

To find and download modules for use in Xposed Framework, simply tap into the Download tab from the main menu. There you can search for SnapAll and have Xposed Framework install the application for you automatically.

It will then be available for you to enable for use with your standard Snapchat application. You must enable your modules in Xposed Framework for them to take effect.

Now you can easily select all of your friends on your friends’ lists at once to send a message on Snapchat.

2. Use The Create Short Cut Feature

create shortcut

You can use the Short Cut feature on Snapchat to easily message users that you frequently message. You will see the shortcut options available to you when you are getting your Snap ready to send.

The shortcuts icon is located in the top right corner of a Snap that you are currently creating. Tapping into this icon will give you the option to create a new shortcut.

You will need to identify your Short Cut with an emoji or a name, then you can add people to your Short Cut list.

You will still have to add all of the names one by one, but only this once, as in the future you will be able to select this Short Cut and have the message automatically sent to all the users in the Short Cut group.

3. Create A Snapchat Group and Send It There

Similar to the Short Cut method, you could by the same token create a Snapchat group and add multiple of all of your friends.

You will still have to manually add people one by one the first time, but in the future, you will be able to select the Snapchat group and have your message automatically sent to everyone in the group.

To create a Snapchat group, you should first swipe over to the “Take A Snap” screen. From there, enter into the friends’ menu and create a new chat. There you can choose the people you wish to include in the group. The max amount of people you can add to a group is 31 people, so you might need multiple groups if you have a large friends list.

You now have a group that you can use to send Snaps to multiple users at once.

4. Make A Private Snapchat Story And Send It There

You could also make a private Snapchat story, which allows you to add specific users with permission to view your story.

You can permit as many accounts as you would like to view your private Snapchat story, but you will have to go and add all the names manually, which could be tedious if you have a large friends list.

This method also does not send a message directly to a user, rather it simply notifies them of a Snapchat story that you have posted. They may decide to skip over it for some reason, so if you want to ensure a message is seen you should use one of the methods above.

5. Post to Your Snapchat Story Normally Using Custom Settings

In the “Who Can View My Story” section of the application, you can edit your story settings to allow them to be viewed by more people. These settings can also be used to block certain users from viewing your Snapchat stories.

Snapchat stories, as opposed to messages, are posted for all of your friend’s lists to see. This can help increase the amount of exposure that your story is getting. Using custom settings can increase your overall Snapchat story visibility exponentially.

6. Go Through Your Recent Conversations and Send the Message One By One

This is a rather tedious method, but it is one that you can consider when trying to send Snaps to all of your friends list. You could simply go through all of your recent messages and send the message one by one. This is a more viable method if you have a relatively small friends list.

How To Fix Problems Sending A Snap To All Of Your Friends List

If you are experiencing problems sending Snaps to some or all of your friends on the application, there are a few troubleshooting methods you can try to resolve this issue.

The methods listed below have been proven to solve issues that users commonly experience when using the Snapchat application, including Snap messages not sending correctly.

1. Restart Your Snapchat App

Most times all you need to do to fix your issues with Snapchat messaging is restart the app. Restarting the app gives Snapchat a chance to end any erroneous functions that might have caused your Snap to not send correctly.

If you find that your Snap has not been sent correctly, restarting the application can also force an update of your Snap message status. Simply log in to Snapchat after restarting and the app will begin the process of updating your message data.

2. Restart Your Phone

Sometimes simply restarting your phone will solve a multitude of issues that you could be experiencing, including problems with Snapchat messaging. Restarting your phone will give your device the chance to consolidate any run-time errors that could be causing you to have issues sending Snaps to all of your friend’s list.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

Snapchat depends on a stable internet connection to function as intended. If you find that you are in an area with an unstable internet connection, or your internet is down, then you can expect some problems while using Snapchat messaging.

Always be sure that your internet is working correctly before trying to use the Snapchat messaging feature.

4. Give Snapchat More Time to Update Message Status

Although Snaps are usually sent instantly, there can be some lag in between when a message is sent and processed.

It can take a few minutes for a message status to change to show in your messages, so if you feel like you are seeing an inaccurate representation of your messages, simply allow some time to pass.

If after a little while the problem is resolved, Snapchat most likely had just not had time to update your messages.

5. Update the Snapchat App

If you are having issues, it could be because the version of Snapchat you are using is out of date. Snapchat releases periodic updates that improve functionality and user experience on the app. The updates also serve to fix bugs and glitches that they have been made aware of.

Keeping your Snapchat application up to date is vital for an optimal experience. If you let your application fall behind on updates, you run the risk of encountering errors and bugs with your Snapchat messaging functions more frequently.

6. Update Your Phone

Your Snapchat messaging issues could be caused by using an outdated version of your phone’s software. Similar to updating the Snapchat app, this troubleshooting method would serve to ensure that you have all the latest bug fixes and features released for your model of phone.

Since Snapchat’s messaging functions rely heavily on your phone’s software, keeping it up to date and functioning properly is vital to optimal functionality. Consider setting your phone to download and apply updates automatically so you never fall behind.

7. Contact Snapchat Support

If you are having a serious problem regarding your Snapchat location, you can contact Snapchat support to get help with your issues. Your problem will be forwarded to their technical support team who will listen to your problem and suggest a course of action to solve it.

This should be considered as a last resort after exhausting all of the troubleshooting methods previously listed here. It can be frustrating dealing with technical support over the phone but be patient. The technical support team at Snapchat can often help solve any problems that the typical user might encounter.

Final Thoughts

This guide has broken down many of the ways that you can circumvent the limitations that Snapchat puts on users that limit the number of people they can send a Snap to at once.

While it is possible to send a Snap to all of your friends, there is no native option to select all of the users in your friends’ list.

This can lead to frustrations as users will be forced to select names one by one, which can be extremely time-consuming for users with a large friends list.

Using this guide, you can work your way around this by utilizing third-party applications or Snapchat’s built-in groups and shortcuts. If you are interested in ways to control your Android device more directly and in-depth, then you should consider downloading Xposed Framework and utilizing the SnapAll application.

This will give you some experience modifying the internals of your device’s software while also adding an extremely beneficial feature to your native Snapchat experience.

If third-party software is not your thing, then you should consider using the Snapchat Short Cut function, which allows users to add as many friends as they like to a group and use that to send mass Snaps all at once.

The Snapchat group function acts similarly, but only allows 31 users to be added. This can be a better option for someone who has a relatively small friend list.

No matter which method you choose, this guide offers detailed explanations of the different methods that you can use to send Snaps to everyone on your friend list.

Using the information in this guide you can now effectively send Snaps to your whole friends’ list as well as troubleshoot any potential issue that you might encounter while using the Snapchat application.

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