How to Send A Message to All Instagram Followers

How to Send A Message to All Instagram Followers

Can You Send A Message to All Instagram Followers?

No. Instagram is not conducive to businesses mass messaging their followers without some adjustments being made. Keep in mind that Instagram was originally created as a way for personal accounts to stay connected with other people. The platform was not designed to include features like mass messaging followers.

How to Send a Message to All Instagram Followers

Whether Instagram’s reasons for this decision were because they wanted to prevent users from accidently sending mass messages that were not meant for everyone to see or because they have just yet to update their features.

When you are only posting your content on your Instagram, you run the risk of not necessarily being able to reach everyone that you are hoping your post targets.

If you are sending out important content, there is a chance that some people may not see it. Your followers could also be following hundreds or thousands of other accounts, meaning their feed is varied and they could miss something that you are trying to share.

Currently, there is not an easy method to send a mass message through Instagram DMs to every follower you have.

You can certainly send single messages through Instagram DM, and there are some ways you can do mass messaging within Instagram DMs; however, there are limitations to mass messaging.

Below are a few ways that you could use to accomplish the task of sending mass messages to your Instagram followers:

1. Create a Group Chat

The first way you can send a mass message through Instagram DMs is by creating a group chat.

If you are sending a message through Instagram DMs, open your Instagram app or access it on their website.

Then, click on the paper airplane icon located at the top-right corner of your homepage. This will take you to your DM inbox. Tap on the plus sign logo in the top right corner to start a new chat.

You can then search through your list of followers and select the followers that you want your message to reach. Remember that you will be limited to only the people that you follow through this method.

Further, if you are using this method, keep in mind that everyone within the group chat can see everything you send, as well as everything that is said, regardless of follower status.

If you are using Instagram DM to send messages to all of your followers, you do not want them to feel like their privacy has been compromised. Consider that members inside of an Instagram DM group chat can see everyone else in the chat.

Though Instagram and Instagram DMs does not provide a set limit for the number of DMs that you can send per hour, understand that too many DMs may result in your account being flagged for spam and will prevent your message from being delivered.

Even if the message is not spam, randomly adding your followers into one group could cause them to become angry. The consequences of that could be bad for business and cause you to lose needed followers.

It could also result in your messages being reported as spam even if it technically is not. Your delivery method is important to keep in consideration.

2. Put It on Your Story

If you do not think that a group chat is a good option, you can also send information and post updates using your Instagram Story feature.

Instagram stories appear for 24 hours to your followers on the top of the screen whenever they access their Instagram homepage. Your story can be a video or a picture, and you will have the ability to add text and the other features that Instagram Story provides, including drawings, stickers, and widgets.

There are both pros and cons to using your Instagram Story to send out information to your followers:


  • Your information is visible for 24 hours to anyone who accesses their Instagram Stories from their Instagram homepage.
  • Followers have the opportunity to respond with comments or emojis, which will increase your engagement.
  • You can see who saw your post, allowing you to gauge your information’s reach.


  • Not everyone checks their Instagram Stories daily, or even at all. If it is the only method that you have used, your followers could miss the information.
  • It disappears after 24 hours, meaning that you might have to continuously post it for it to stay current.
  • If your follower is following hundreds to thousands of other accounts, there is a good chance that they will never see the post.

Using your Instagram Story to spread awareness or send information is certainly a method that can prove effective in reaching your followers; however, there are circumstances that will not work in your favor.

If you are going to use Instagram Stories, you should also consider using other features like posting to your page or reaching out to your followers through DMs to ensure the message is received.

3. Send It to Everyone Individually

One way that you can try to mass message your Instagram followers is to send out the information to your followers individually, through direct messaging.

To do this, you would need to go to your Instagram DMs, and click on the paper airplane icon. Once on your DM page, click on the plus sign logo to create a new message.

You will then select the person that you want to send the message to, and then type out your message. If you know that you are going to be sending the same message to multiple people, you can go ahead and copy and paste your message before you send it, or even after it has been sent.

That way, when you go to send the same message to a different follower, you will not have to type it out every single time.

If you only have a few followers that you are trying to reach out to, sending an individual Instagram DM gives your message a personal feel; however, depending on how many followers you have, it may not be the most efficient use of your time, especially if you are sending the same message to multiple followers.

If, however, you have hundreds or thousands of followers that you are trying to communicate with, sending a DM to each and every one of them is going to get exhausting.

Instagram DMs does not include a specific mass message feature, nor does it allow you to forward a DM that you have already sent to one follower to a different follower.

Though Instagram DMs does not specify a specific limit on the number of messages you can send per day, you can expect that you may run into trouble if you send more than 50 to 100 DMs within a day.

After you have met the limit, you will need to wait around 24 hours before you will be able to resume sending Instagram DMs. Depending on what information you were trying to send out and whether or not it was time-sensitive, this could prevent you from achieving your goal.

4. Use Automation Tools

If finding a way to mass message all your followers on Instagram is your goal, the most likely way to accomplish this and make sure that your followers see the information is to use an automation tool, especially until Instagram offers the option through their Instagram DM platform. Automation tools function outside of the Instagram platform, but allow you to send out mass messages through an Instagram DM.

One available automation tool that you can use for mass messaging is Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a third-party app that boasts the ability to extend your reach with your social media followers and potential followers for business purposes.

Users are offered a free, 30-day trial to try out their service. After that, a subscription is required. Below are the subscription details:

  • Professional Account- $49 per month. This option is for one user and applies to up to 10 social media accounts.
  • Team Account- $129 per month. This option is for up to 3 users and applies to up to 20 social media accounts.
  • Business Account- $739 per month. This option is for up to 5 users and applies to up to 35 social media accounts.

Once an account with Hootsuite is created, you can create a list of the people that you want to send and message to and then add them to your Hootsuite campaign. After they accept, you can create and schedule messages that will go to all of your followers.

Instagram Messaging bots also exist, and can help you if you are trying to mass message Instagram followers. There are numerous to choose from, including 9Plus Mass DM.

Another automation tool that you can use to mass message your Instagram followers is DMpro.

DMpro offers the ability to mass message from your PC and also offers additional features like being able to schedule DMs to be sent automatically, filters that will arrange your DM inbox, targeted DMs to particular accounts or hashtags, automated DM replies using custom preset messages, the ability to connect multiple Instagram accounts, unlimited users, sending your DM information to your email, and the ability to include multiple links within your Instagram bio.

Unlike Hootsuite, DMpro does have a free version that you can use. If the availability of the free version does not meet your needs, there are also subscriptions that can be purchased. Below are the subscription details:

  • Free Account- 20 automated DMs per month, 20 DMs sent to your email per month, and 300 bulk DMs per month.
  • DM-Pro Account- $48 per month. 250 automated DMs per month, 1,000 DMs sent to your email per month, and 1,000 bulk DMs per month.
  • DM-Advanced Account- $123 per month. Unlimited DMs per month, unlimited DMs sent to your email per month, and 1,000 bulk DMs per month.

It is fairly easy and user-friendly if you decide to give DMpro a try to mass message your Instagram followers. You will need to create your account, go to your DMpro dashboard, and then add and confirm your Instagram account information.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to start sending mass messages to your Instagram followers. The number of mass messages you are able to send will depend on which subscription you use.

Instagram’s Terms of Use prohibit using tools like bots to mass message your Instagram followers.

If you choose to use a bot service and the Instagram algorithm notices any type of unusual communication, you may find your Instagram account’s actions have been limited, your Instagram account has been suspended, or your ability to use the Instagram DM feature has been revoked.

If you are trying to bulk message your Instagram followers, you have to stay within Instagram DM’s requirements. DMpro advertises that their platform will allow you to avoid being limited or banned on your business’ Instagram account for sending mass messages.

Using bots or third-party services to mass message your followers on Instagram may make it easier, but it is not always recommended.

Depending on how reputable the platform you choose to use it, you could put your Instagram account at risk of being hacked, placing your account security at risk, and potentially promoting a breach of data, which could lead to the consequence of losing your valued customers.

If Instagram notices that these suspicious types of activities are happening with your account, you risk losing your ability to use Instagram, which could hurt your business.

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