When a loved one or a potential date isn’t next to you to show affection, you can always make your love or interest known by sending a kiss. It can turn a conversation flirty or simply sending some of your love to a family member. Naturally, that leaves one question open: how do you send a kiss?

There’s a surprising number of ways to send a kiss, some of which are admittedly old school methods. Let’s take a look at all the options you have.

How to Send a Kiss Text Emoji

A text emoji is an emoji created with characters from your keyboard. Before graphic-style emojis were widespread, text emojis were the dominant method for expressing different emotions in chat rooms and messaging platforms. People still do use text emojis, but it isn’t like it once was.

As for kiss text emojis, there are several different kinds for just about any occasion.

Kiss Text Emoji Characters Used
Basic Kiss Emoji :* or :-*
Winky Face with Kiss Emoji ;* or ;-*
Big Kiss Emoji :X or :-X
Blowing a Kiss Emoji :{} or :-{} or :{|} or :-{|}
French Kiss Emoji :@ or :[email protected]
Flirtatious French Kiss Emoji :)~~(: or :-)~~(-:
Old School Kiss XOXO

(X represents hugs and O represents kisses)

Spell it out *kiss* or :kiss:

Send a Kiss with an Emoji

Let’s move away from text emojis and move onto graphics. Just about every handheld device has access to a library of emojis. From smiley faces to, yes, kissing emojis, there’s an emoji for just about every situation. And with it being a little cartoon, it can better illustrate intentions or add content than smashing a few characters together.

Whenever you send a message, your keyboard is equipped with a small library of emojis. In fact, it has its own emoji option you can tap on. If you don’t see it, don’t forget to check in the other pages of characters your keyboard is equipped with.

However, in the rare chance that you don’t have one at all, Google’s Gboard can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Send a Kiss with Stickers

Stickers are like next level emojis, and with all the various cartoons and pop culture content available, people make stickers for all kinds of intellectual properties. However, they usually aren’t a native feature.

The Google Play Store and iOS’ App Store are the best places to search for apps and keyboards that support stickers. Generally speaking, they may pull from a server or you download packs as you go. Facebook, for example, supports stickers.

Send a Kiss with GIFs

Context matters when you send a message, and GIFs, like stickers and emojis, can help add to the context of your intentions. By using the facial expressions in a GIF, you can help convey a message a lot better than you can with a text emoji or sticker.

If you’re messaging on, say, Facebook Messenger, you can easily send a GIF—it’s a native feature. And if you’re using an Android device, GIFs are a part of Gboard. Of course, the Google Play Store and App Store are home to keyboards and apps that provide more GIFs, especially if you’re looking for something more explicit.

Send a Kiss with Your Bitmoji

Bitmojis are basically a combination of stickers and emojis. The unique characters you create on Bitmoji—your avatar—help the imagination by sending a kiss with your lookalike. And what’s great about Bitmoji is its support on both Facebook and Snapchat. If you have either, you can integrate them and access a library of stickers showcasing your own Bitmoji.

Bitmoji can be downloaded and installed on both Android and iOS. Once it’s downloaded on your phone, you can access the stickers from your keyboard.

Send a Kiss with a Selfie

Feeling flirty? Send a kiss with a selfie. Open your camera app and take a picture with your lips shaped in a way as if you’re ready to accept a kiss. To take a really good selfie, set yourself up near natural lighting, like a window. Keep your camera in portrait mode and take as many as you can until you get the best picture. Also, don’t overdo it. Make it look natural.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, sending a kiss via a text or from a messaging platform is easy. And with all the options available, there’s something for everyone and for every situation. If you’re feeling flirty, send a GIF or selfie. If you’re being affectionate towards family, throw a sticker or Bitmoji at them.